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  1. felix Guerra

    photograph diary

    All moments worth to save and share
  2. So first time on the server. I started gearing up about 2-3h, keeps crashing (2 or 3 times a think), at one time the server goes dark. So came on, and Lost all my gear. Is there anyway get my gear back or just move on? For first experience is quite sad to be honest .
  3. Hello i am Felix Guerra, i was born in 1990 now 29 years old. I am military official from portugal, send of mission from ONU as part of CBRN unit. The goal was fast lecture on the soviet troops to combat a unknown disease, couple days pass and UN and CDF forces where send to help to evacuate major city's and fight infected. After the second week was clear that was to late still my unit decided to stay and helped the evacuation, the fools got them self killed and failed, at this moment 80% of CBRN unit where KIA or MIA. Me and rest of surviving unit where hiding, waiting for extraction, waiting for a message, all we got from Portugal there will be no extraction, Portugal was to hit by infection, the world stooped for couple of minutes, infection was worldwide, i could see it... its was the end of humanity as we know it. The moral was extremely low, some even think about suicide, with unit like i was aware that if got to fight with the infected that we where gonna die, so i talked with some close friends in the unit to give up and just run, but of course, they just say no, i know for the fact ego was to big and wanted revenge, only thing i cared was surviving at the moment. It was only me then, the next night i became AWOL. run north to rural areas, that was util i run out supplies, then i come back to the hideout. Wrong fuc**** idea, all dead that moment i felt disgusted of my self, i run away just to let then die. Inside i known if i stayed i probably be dead to, its was there where i got my survivor guilt, took the remain water, food and some lose ammo. I didnt have time for a proper burial, so simple take the dog tags of then so could carry lives with me, at least was what i though... Chernarus was a **** show, survivors killing other fellow survivors over canned of beans and infected everywhere, decide to stay away big city best i could and help survivors. My skills as former military where very helpful now, not only in combat but also as combat life saver very few medics remain in alive in chernarus. That was the best i could do, save lifes and keep i high hope that one day this will end. But one day bandits got me, steal from me. I fought back, in the end was badly bruised, lost my rifle, gear all i was left with me was bullet in my arm and the dog tags of my dead friends. With a nice scar on my arm and notice i was on the coast near all the big city's. This is where my adventure begins.
  4. Already was accept , in process of making a character
  5. Hello guys, new here not yet on whitelist but really hope to play RP with everyone
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