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  1. Jay Harris is (was) a researcher working with NATO investigating the outbreak. He arrived in Zagoria on the second week with the first wave of NATO ships that arrived in Chernarus. Accompanied by a division of troops from the Utes garrison and members of the controversial private military company, Blackdrop Security, Jay made his way to the facilities in which the virus began, however his company was attacked by a conglomeration of extremists. Attracted by the copious amounts of rounds being fired on both sides, hundreds of infected made their way to the area in which the firefight began, infecting many of the extremists and eventually claiming the lives of most of the men in the transport operation. After escaping the violence with a small group of PMC members, Harris lost all communications with the NATO flotilla and was unable to return to the safety of the water, thus leaving him stranded in a vast wasteland, surrounded by the infected with no one but a few security officers with him. It didn't take long for the officers to get greedy, essentially becoming highway men, stealing from those who had nothing to give. Jay separated himself, and has since been struggling to keep his head above ground, patiently waiting for the opportunity to escape his nightmare turned reality.
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