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  1. Hal Thomas began his life growing up in an all religious family just outside of Dallas, Texas. His family always pressed religion onto Hal. Forcing him to abide by the lifestyle. Growing up on a distant ranch in 1970's Texas, Hal was always busy. He was either working around the ranch with his Father, or had his head in a Bible. Hal became very passionate with his religion. Growing up through the 70's and 80's culture he became disgusted with the world. The older he got, the more Hal worked with the church. He would always talk to the pastor about the worlds issues, and how it can be fixed. The pastor always told Hal "They will be cleansed in the fire. When the Father comes, we will be saved.". Hal didn't want the Father to have to cleanse the world himself, he wanted to do it for him. Though, his form of cleansing.. wasn't what you'd think. Hal began hosting youth groups, and after hours church events. He would take children one on one in a room below the church. He would take wooden sticks to them, beating them until they knew every word of the Bible. He did his best to ensure that they were cleansed and ready for Judgement. Hal made sure after every session, that he would tell the child "Now show me that smile!". After his "success" in the church, Hal was named Pastor of the Church. Hal took upon himself to claim the title "Reverend", or Red for short. Reverend had control of the church and began taking control of the community around it. Cleansing it all, and essentially brainwashing them to thinking the world must be purified. After roughly 15 years of running the community, he was named Mayor. He still kept the name Reverend. All of this movement caught attention of local news in Dallas. The attention put Reverend on a platform, where he announced his new charity "Smiles World Wide". A charity where Reverend would travel to low income countries to "cleanse" them. This landed Reverend in Chernarus just as the infection began.
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