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  1. Good morning everyone, I’m new to the community and looking forward to swapping stories and assisting anyone and everyone with their food, medical needs. One problem, I can’t seem to figure this active character issue out. I’ve made a character in game and on the site but still isn’t registering that I have an active character. Can anyone help? I apologize if this post isn’t allowed in this section. Thank you.
  2. hola, como estas? The name's Doc Spaulding, people call me Doc. I'm from Memphis, TN. I was an EMT and believe or not i actually had a family, before all of "THIS". Once the outbreak happen it wasn't long before everyone i ever loved or cared about started to turn.Days, Weeks,months went by. Food, water and medical supplies were scarce and we had was my hunting rifle the clothes we left town in. My wife, daughter and I traveled the country in search of a better tomorrow, We knew there were others out there trying to survive day to day and we were destine to find/help them. For months we would scour the land in search of medical supplies and colonies in need of medical attention and medical supplies. long story short my wife and daughter were murdered, i spent years searching for my families murderer and killing anyone i came across. I had lost sight of what my family and i were trying to accomplish. I decided it was time to let go and move forward. I hopped on a cargo ship to chernarus to continue my quest to help others thrive and survive. now i run my own mobile clinic traveling from city to city in search of people and groups scouring the land who need medical supplies/attention or anyone in need of a helping hand. I don't Choose sides i help anyone and everyone in need.
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