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  1. Spazz1313

    S1 - Invalid Execution

    My previous two replies literally explain my reasons. In my character's perspective you sound just like someone who attacked an ally. That ally's character confirmed that you were him by your voice. Whether or not that's actually true our characters believed it to be true. So we're in this gray area between what the rules are and what character roleplay is. I understand the rules. I've double checked them since I started replying and I don't entirely disagree with what you've said. I'm trying to get you to see from my perspective the situation we had. If our scenario took place in a real life situation I believe the same events would have taken place in order for you to not have the ability to spread the intel you gathered of the layout of Jonah's base or the fact that Nox is allied with them etc. That being said, I'm sorry we did execute you to our own ruling rather than considering the server's rules and just letting you go do you thing and worrying about the in character repercussions later. As mentioned previously, none of us were proud of what happened directly after it happened. It wasn't up to our own standards and we assure you we'll absolutely handle future situations with more obedience. Is there anything I can personally do for you to help resolve this issue and help you feel less cheated or would you rather the admins handle it? (I won't take it personally if you just want the admins to handle it lol.)
  2. Spazz1313

    S1 - Invalid Execution

    I suppose if you want to nit-pick, you're right. The rules don't explicitly allow execution of a prisoner under reasons of suspicion. But in terms of Roleplay reasons I personally believe we had a right to kill you in order to avenge your alleged bullying of Hans and to erase the sketchy-ratty-mouthiness of your character. (Talking about your character here, not your actual person.) Until you wake up in the woods that is. If you really want to make this all about the rules then so be it. The admins will make their decision one way or another inevitably but I'd rather we could come to an amicable conclusion without them. It was just bad circumstances. I do hope we come across each other in a better setting where we can just hang out around a fire and tell bad jokes or have a rap battle or something. None of what happened was a vendetta or to attack you personally in any way, I hope you understand.
  3. Spazz1313

    S1 - Invalid Execution

    Unrequested but my POV may be helpful. We heard gunshots at Jonah's base. I radioed him asking if they needed assistance. We get there and I stay out of the camp to keep look out. @Squillium shows up and I hear over radio that he's being really squirrelly checking all of the tents etc. The gates are opened and Nox members and Squill leave. I cut off Squill in the woods to interrogate him about why he's snooping directly after a gunfight and just find out if he's hiding anything. It then comes to our attention that he sounds just like someone who held up one of our guys. As for that segment. I last heard radio of Hans seeing people breaking down the wall in our base (Could have been our architect building) so he mentioned he was gonna go double check to make sure it was a friendly. I hadn't heard any 'Okay clear' so I went over there to make sure everything was okay. When I arrived I could hear a group of people name calling Hans and our group so I backed off. During the event that this report is in regards to, Hans recognizes Squill's voice as one of the kids who were raiding the Nox base and confronted him. As I was there with Hans, this was enough for our characters to understand that Sqill had to die so he wouldn't go and Squiil to any of his bandit friends. Here is a video showing Hans approaching Squill about what had happened. The next clip is my perspective of Hans being held up inside the Nox base with either @Squilliumor someone who sounds identical to him talking. As a bonus, the final clip in this short video is a response to when people were clearly crashing around you. You will see @Rookie52coming down the hill from the bushes where he was on Radio with Jonah hence why you hear me unmute discord when he shows up. I had it muted so I couldn't hear them communicating while I dealt with the forefront issue of someone being tied up in front of me. https://streamable.com/bx3wc All in all, we had several reasons but never announced a concrete one pre-execution since someone preemptively fired. We would have liked to make it more interesting but our head in command was busy and to help numb the awkward silence all of us took turns asking questions to help keep it engaging which may have watered things down and just made it confusing. Edit: I should note, that all of us agreed you should not have died the way you did and regretted the shaky effort that was put into it. We learned from the experience and will handle similar situations with more grace in the future if we're confronted with any.
  4. Spazz1313

    Initiation before raiding

    I agree. There should be a Casus Belli between groups in order for there to be raiding. There's currently a PVP group going around with very minimal RP raiding everything they come across. It's sucking the life of RP out of the air. If base raiding could only be done through war it would give factions the time to build a base that fits their motif. In turn this would build the larger story for everyone and keep this roleplay server a roleplay server. There's plenty of base raiding and PVP to be had on community modded servers where you don't even have to talk to anyone.
  5. Did poorly throughout school never taking it very seriously. Tinkered with cars in his spare time never fully investing himself into learning but getting by well enough to keep his truck running. Kept to himself mostly due to not getting along with most people in his younger years but liked to go out with friends from time to time. Occasional hunter and general outdoorsman. Idolized old Cowboy Western lifestyle. Now living in the wilderness as a wanderer in Chernarus, Henry has learned and been able to practice quite a bit of the survival skills he wanted before the outbreak.
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