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  1. Hey, I appreciate your response! Yeah I was definitely only speaking from my perspective which was completely one sided. It is nice to see acknowledgements and also hear the other side of things. I won't even bother to counter post on each individual statement 'cause we'd be here all damn day. I appreciate your candidness. Forgive my ignorance on these matters. I haven't watched much of your streams as of late. I watched more when I first joined so I could get a feel for how the server did things. I'm definitely relieved to hear that there's more than meets the eye. I will remain open minded and definitely don't look forward to running into you guys in the future (ICly).
  2. Oh I don't doubt that. In an apocalypse like this death is as common as air. But the loss of a life is still impactful. I can understand a couple people being so desensitized it doesn't matter. Especially if you don't know them. It's just that the entire group was giggling about one of their members killing themselves. It was just weak IMO. If every single person there is just so immune to death that it makes no difference then sure! But that kind of stretches reality. Not everyone is a full blown sociopath.
  3. Based on current events I'm going to leave some of my views on this group. Note: I'm only speaking for myself and I'm not representing Nox An Victorum's views or feelings. Purely my own. To be frank, I don't think I understand the group. I haven't had too many interactions so I'm mostly going off of things I've seen is Riz's and Phoenyx's streams. You have a command structure and yet your members ICly do as they wish. I'm mostly implying someone saying "I want their guns let's just rob them." I have heard both Riz and Phoenyx reprimand their members for stepping out of line so respect to them. If I had a nickel for every time a Wolfpack member called someone a 'cringy cunt' or 'edgy' I could literally buy out Hot Topic. There was a video posted by a Nox member here on the forum where you can see them walking toward a group of Wolfpack members and Wolfpack just start shouting at how edgy and cringy they are. Because they're walking instead of sprinting up to them while carrying pounds of gear. I guess if that's your guys' characters and you all have that as a catch phrase then sure but it just adds nothing to RP for me and it just seems watered down. I've also witnessed on Riz's stream a member of yours kill himself in front of everyone. (You were in east of Novy at the fairground area). Nobody took it seriously. Everyone began laughing and a member of the staff team there went along with it. I think she eventually even cut up the body and just started throwing body parts at each other? I feel like even Joe Metheny would raise an eyebrow to that one. To be fair if you guys are all just in your own group some light RP happens as everyone's just having a good time but it was honestly disheartening to see. That could have been a really cool story driven moment but it was just glossed over. I personally feel as though nobody in the group truly asks themselves "Does this make sense in a replicated real life scenario?". Wolfpack has so many members, you have such an influence it would be awesome if everyone took every opportunity they could to show some real serious, character developing, story building RP. But maybe that's too edgy & cringy? (That's a joke.) Some of the mystery about you guys is gone for me. Everyone I've run into that mentions Wolfpack just talks about how 8 people jumped them and left them with nothing just because. So I expect when I see a large group it's probably going to be you guys and I already know what's about to happen which is a bummer. I have seen you be friendly to people as well, I guess it just depends on which way the wind blows for that particular person. It's not my place to tell anyone how to run their stream or community. But in my opinion it would be more interesting to watch a group dig into their characters and really get a story going as opposed to running around base raiding and being hostile toward people. Give the viewers what they want, and unfortunately from what I've seen from Riz's chat it's blood but y'know. Some tear jerking heartfelt moments are pretty engaging to watch whether your into it or not. As mentioned before,I mean no disrespect to the member's of this group and I'm not trying to insult or cause aggravation. If something I wrote seems hostile it's simply because I'm an illiterate dipshit who can't formulate my thoughts into sentences that truly reflect my feelings. None of the things I said are to discredit the roleplay your group does either. None of us are perfect and we're always learning and evolving. I do hope that the things I've mentioned above will not be taken as flaming and will just be food for thought.
  4. From my perspective. Random gunfire erupted from the prefab. Several minutes later my leader Daegon stumbled out down the road, meeting a member of ours and claiming to being beaten up before he passes out. I see people on the rooftop of the prefab as well as the windows and begin shooting at them as they had hostile action toward my leader. I returned the favor. It seems none of us can confirm there was a third party group there, so I can only assume the initial shooting was bait in order for us to open up on you guys to give you an excuse to report. There seems to be some OOC grudges from Wolfpack toward Nox clearly evident with the slander their members post about us throughout this forum board which is what makes me believe this. I hope I am wrong. @ImNovaaaI kindly ask that you cease your infatuation with the thought that all Nox members do is lie and meta. We are here for serious long-term RP and do our best to evolve others stories on top of our own. Daegon pulls his pistol constantly to make you uncomfortable. That's his character. -User was warned for this portion of their post- Never the less, he went in to talk peace. We heard gunshots. He left hobbling. Ever since your landmine incident you seem hellbent on proving some fantasy you told yourself about us breaking rules to have an advantage over you. We just want roleplay and could care less if we ever shoot our guns or not. All this being said, I would appreciate if you keep your post concise so we can figure out exactly what happened. I'll gladly talk to you through PM's to help ease your anguish about all the extra stuff that has you riled up. But for now, let's talk about what DID happen last night and not what you speculate happened. EDIT: @ImNovaaa After seeing your edit I can see why you feel that way about Daegon. I'm pretty upset since he's supposed to represent us. His love for alcohol clearly doesn't help him shine a good light on himself. Also very cool on that third person peeking through an entire ceiling. My statements remain. I don't know who all the shooting was previously as Daegon was the only one inside your compound and was in there for 20-30 minutes alone. His escorts left when he went in. If it wasn't you, and it wasn't us then whoever owns that prefab needs to pull some tighter reigns on all those people you have that run around there 'cause it seems they got a bunch of you killed for nothing.
  5. Awesome video. With each new video you post the quality improves. It really showcases the deep RP that happens in the nooks and crannies. The ending when you ran into the group was painful to watch though. It seemed like they were all just doing light RP while you guys were actually developing your stories. Never the less can't wait to watch the next one!
  6. My previous two replies literally explain my reasons. In my character's perspective you sound just like someone who attacked an ally. That ally's character confirmed that you were him by your voice. Whether or not that's actually true our characters believed it to be true. So we're in this gray area between what the rules are and what character roleplay is. I understand the rules. I've double checked them since I started replying and I don't entirely disagree with what you've said. I'm trying to get you to see from my perspective the situation we had. If our scenario took place in a real life situation I believe the same events would have taken place in order for you to not have the ability to spread the intel you gathered of the layout of Jonah's base or the fact that Nox is allied with them etc. That being said, I'm sorry we did execute you to our own ruling rather than considering the server's rules and just letting you go do you thing and worrying about the in character repercussions later. As mentioned previously, none of us were proud of what happened directly after it happened. It wasn't up to our own standards and we assure you we'll absolutely handle future situations with more obedience. Is there anything I can personally do for you to help resolve this issue and help you feel less cheated or would you rather the admins handle it? (I won't take it personally if you just want the admins to handle it lol.)
  7. I suppose if you want to nit-pick, you're right. The rules don't explicitly allow execution of a prisoner under reasons of suspicion. But in terms of Roleplay reasons I personally believe we had a right to kill you in order to avenge your alleged bullying of Hans and to erase the sketchy-ratty-mouthiness of your character. (Talking about your character here, not your actual person.) Until you wake up in the woods that is. If you really want to make this all about the rules then so be it. The admins will make their decision one way or another inevitably but I'd rather we could come to an amicable conclusion without them. It was just bad circumstances. I do hope we come across each other in a better setting where we can just hang out around a fire and tell bad jokes or have a rap battle or something. None of what happened was a vendetta or to attack you personally in any way, I hope you understand.
  8. Unrequested but my POV may be helpful. We heard gunshots at Jonah's base. I radioed him asking if they needed assistance. We get there and I stay out of the camp to keep look out. @Squillium shows up and I hear over radio that he's being really squirrelly checking all of the tents etc. The gates are opened and Nox members and Squill leave. I cut off Squill in the woods to interrogate him about why he's snooping directly after a gunfight and just find out if he's hiding anything. It then comes to our attention that he sounds just like someone who held up one of our guys. As for that segment. I last heard radio of Hans seeing people breaking down the wall in our base (Could have been our architect building) so he mentioned he was gonna go double check to make sure it was a friendly. I hadn't heard any 'Okay clear' so I went over there to make sure everything was okay. When I arrived I could hear a group of people name calling Hans and our group so I backed off. During the event that this report is in regards to, Hans recognizes Squill's voice as one of the kids who were raiding the Nox base and confronted him. As I was there with Hans, this was enough for our characters to understand that Sqill had to die so he wouldn't go and Squiil to any of his bandit friends. Here is a video showing Hans approaching Squill about what had happened. The next clip is my perspective of Hans being held up inside the Nox base with either @Squilliumor someone who sounds identical to him talking. As a bonus, the final clip in this short video is a response to when people were clearly crashing around you. You will see @Rookie52coming down the hill from the bushes where he was on Radio with Jonah hence why you hear me unmute discord when he shows up. I had it muted so I couldn't hear them communicating while I dealt with the forefront issue of someone being tied up in front of me. https://streamable.com/bx3wc All in all, we had several reasons but never announced a concrete one pre-execution since someone preemptively fired. We would have liked to make it more interesting but our head in command was busy and to help numb the awkward silence all of us took turns asking questions to help keep it engaging which may have watered things down and just made it confusing. Edit: I should note, that all of us agreed you should not have died the way you did and regretted the shaky effort that was put into it. We learned from the experience and will handle similar situations with more grace in the future if we're confronted with any.
  9. I agree. There should be a Casus Belli between groups in order for there to be raiding. There's currently a PVP group going around with very minimal RP raiding everything they come across. It's sucking the life of RP out of the air. If base raiding could only be done through war it would give factions the time to build a base that fits their motif. In turn this would build the larger story for everyone and keep this roleplay server a roleplay server. There's plenty of base raiding and PVP to be had on community modded servers where you don't even have to talk to anyone.
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