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  1. Maja is sitting in front of an abandoned small house, seems watching birds flying above her head in the sky. Nobody can tell, which thoughts are sourrounding in her mind, but there are plenty of. And some of them are blaming for the tears running out of her eyes. Short story about the past: She met friends of her parents for a pupils exchange. It was the last year for her going to school and even if she does not speak much foreign languages, she really needs to see more than only the sheltered home she had. When the lockdown starts, she was not able to return back home, but with her parents friends, she was not afraid about anything. So far. But a couple of weeks later, her personal nightmare has begun. Both elderly became sick, Karen, the female, gets weak very fast and finally she was taken to a hospital by Gregory, who also was sick of some signs of cold. She was fine, no symptoms so far, so she waits several days inside the small house for the adults to return. But nobody shows up. What happened... and... (how) can she get back home to her family?
  2. I love my characters life... so...confusing with my native language might bring some conflicts But what about my lastname... i think it´s beautiful... Putin
  3. Thanks for the very warm welcome here I think i dare to connect and give roleplay in the foreign language a try.
  4. Heya guys... I´m not new to roleplay, but new to roleplay in a foreign language. So maybe you´ll be kind of patient with me, if we meet each other ingame. Probably i´ll ask for a repeat, an explanation, what you want from me, or something else, because my english speaking experience is limited to what i´ve learned in school decades ago :D. I wrote my character as a chernarussian girl with migration background of my rl country, and hope i will not slow down the roleplay So far, i´m curious about what will happen in this big roleplay-community. Have fun with me and my character. Yours Froschi
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