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  1. I love my characters life... so...confusing with my native language might bring some conflicts But what about my lastname... i think it´s beautiful... Putin
  2. Thanks for the very warm welcome here I think i dare to connect and give roleplay in the foreign language a try.
  3. Heya guys... I´m not new to roleplay, but new to roleplay in a foreign language. So maybe you´ll be kind of patient with me, if we meet each other ingame. Probably i´ll ask for a repeat, an explanation, what you want from me, or something else, because my english speaking experience is limited to what i´ve learned in school decades ago :D. I wrote my character as a chernarussian girl with migration background of my rl country, and hope i will not slow down the roleplay So far, i´m curious about what will happen in this big roleplay-community. Have fun with me and my character. Yours Froschi
  4. Her parents were german immigrants, moved with her fathers family to Chernarus, while she was a baby. Her grandpa, who died due to an accident a year later, and her father were owners of a construction company. She was raised in Novodmitrovsk, her first native language, she learned at home, was german, so the first experience with the foreign country language were in school. Her childhood was a good one, until the politics forced her family to leave to Miroslav, outside of South Zagoria. There she gets the chance to learn and practise for being a good nurse at the end. The following years she and her parents followed every news from her old homeland, until the outbreak. Because her mother was sick about what can happen to her grandma, who still lives in the north part of Novomitrovsk, they decided to send Irina back, searching and rescuing the old woman. With lots of trouble, even parrying every larger amount of people, she accomplished to stay alive all the time. Hiding mostly in single abandoned houses she survived with only being sneaky all the time. But after she recognizes, that her grandma, whoms house was empty, maybe ravaged by alived, probably is dead. So she wandered around, not sure, what to do, and all she offers to people she met, is help. Medical help and sharing food that she found. Medical help is kind of hard, since she left her parents, while she often has to improvise with everything, she finds. --- Her character is shy, except to friends. Only when there are conflict situations, mainly with foreigners, she seems to be more self-confident. And in all Situations, where she has to be a nurse, her voice raises up, if her "patient" or other "helpers" does not listen to her.
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