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  1. Hey Everyone this is my first video ever.. hope yall enjoy and thx for watching..
  2. Im New here.. but in my opinion if this was to be implemented I think it should come with some standards.. civilians could not kill other civilians.. but could kill official groups on site along with official groups being able to lock down there territory and kill anyone who enter.. Taking an RP style approach.. and having a huge rebellious war going once or twice a day.. just an idea this could also allow official groups with allies to call in those allies to help secure there position if its getting attacked.. I think this would be fair and give dynamic groups an opportunity for shared attacker rights that they don't get.. that's my opinion good hunting all..
  3. Tainted

    The Rat Pack Random

    Random shit we do..
  4. Tainted


    Ay was a good meet today boys.. good hangin with you guys..lol my weed was better haha Ill try to bring some boos next time thanks for the drink.. The Rat Pack
  5. Sure does make you laugh every time huh lol.. Great read buddy..
  6. Welcome Beany.. I am the same as you and so far.. its been a great experience.. the interactions can be just as intense as a fire fight.. and no guns have even been fired.. some of the characters you meet are truly unique.. have fun
  7. Tainted

    Hello Yall

    Yeah bro, it is fantastic man.. I have read it a few times still trying to soak it all in, if ya feel me..
  8. Tainted

    Hello Yall

    Sweet.. Its a great experience so far.. ngl
  9. Hello Everyone.. Bo "Tainted" Davis here.. Hope everyone is enjoying their dayz
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