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  1. Don't worry boys, your neighborhood RP'er is back in town


  2. Finally got off my lazy ass and updated Aydyn's profile.

    shout out to all the boys who made my first couple of months on the server fucking amazing 💓

    @ImNovaaa @ImhAwkzyy @ImTommy152 @RoverBeast @ImBlisna@ImS8tn @ImMason

    Thanks for puttin' up with my shit, boys. Sorry if i missed any of y'all, here's to a great 2019 and hopefully a great 2020!

  3. Finally got Emerald so i can have an actual profile

    time to nerdify my profile with star wars shit don't judge me

    1. Mademoiselle


      Your gif is disgusting... I will fix it for you n00b

    2. ImMhm


      true, but saddening

    3. Mademoiselle


      You know I gotchu 😘 

  4. 1. Skyrim (Legit one of my favorite games of all time, my old xbox gamertag when i was like, 9 or 10 was SkyrimPro) 2. For Honor 3. Minecraft (started playing in beta, 2010) 4. Fallout: New Vegas 5. Modern Warfare 3 (Back with the boys in 5th grade, i miss em D:) Honorable Mentions Hearts of Iron IV Fallout 4 Kerbal Space Program Planetary Annihilation: Titans Worlds Adrift (Shutdown too early D:) Wish i could put EVE Online and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic up here, but they came out in 2003. I only played both of them for the first time back in 2017 and 16 respectively. KOTOR is one of the best story driven RPG's to ever exist. Period. And EVE Online is one of the best open universe MMO's on the market.
  5. Thanks for having me mate, gonna be a lotta fun
  6. If i'm to be honest, i'm a very unobservant person. I was more focused on not being shot to look at my food. I noticed my food after they let me go, so that one is on me. But the encounter was very short anyway. I was held up for maybe at most 4 minutes? They didn't ask me anything really, nor did i ask anything. Also, i had no food, most i had was a bottle of water that i had just found.
  7. May i just also note, i was extremely lucky when i found that gun. A little while after they told me to run, i found a helicopter crash that wasn't looted. At the crash i found an SVDS that just so happened to take Mosin ammo, the gun they had stripped me of
  8. In the video you can see the guy didn't move at all, he stood still
  9. Aira POV: @ZombieSniper picked me up in Radacz after dying to a group of infected. He picks me up and we start driving back down to where he came from, since we were going to go loot military bases so i can hopefully get back some of the stuff i lost. On the road towards Topolin three people were running along the road, @ZombieSniper then screamed for them to get out of the way, one guy on the left hand side turns around, and walks out in front of our car. I made the decision for @ZombieSniper to stop the car, and get out to talk to them. As you can hear I totally saw the initiation coming, but i still want to talk to them to see if we can work something out. We talk back and forth until they drop the initiation, i put my hands up, @ZombieSniper doesn't and OP also puts his hands up. After a short firefight, they kill @ZombieSniperand then turn and execute OP, they tie my hands up, take away my knife and my guns, drive me in our car away from the scene and force me to walk away from the car. I don't know if this is relevant, but they never asked me if i was thirsty or hungry, then took my knife so i couldn't open any cans or anything. I almost died of starvation
  10. This is the most untruthful statement i have ever seen
  11. Born into a Japanese-American family, Aira was given an American name by his family in an attempt to fit in better in their new home. His parents pushed him hard during his school days, making him learn Japanese and English, as well as pushing him to excel in his studies. By the time he graduated High School he had signed on with the United States Army, and began training at Fort Benning, Georgia. After earning his blue chords, he was admitted into jump school. It was a hard 3 weeks for him, but he endured the training and was awarded his wings. After training, he was assigned to the 173rd Airborne and deployed to Italy -WIP, waiting for Livonia lore to come out-
  12. as far as i'm aware, none of us were recording or streaming. So its a no from me
  13. My POV: While out walking around we hear a bunch of gunshots erupt from VMC, we all decided to head there while Bands runs ahead to Vybor. We get to VMC to find dead bodies while bands calls out over the radio that two people were heading to the industrial section of vybor, so we all turned to run out twords bands and talk to these people to see if they were the ones shooting. Once we reached them, we noticed a man wearing a juggernaut vest had our armband on. Obviously we took offense to this as he was just in the area with shooting going on, and he wasn't in Wolf Pack. We stop him and talked to him about where he got this armband from and why he has it on in the first place. Eventually someone iniates on him, not sure who, and when I hear his voice i instantly recognize it's CJ. Our groups have had quite a few run-in's in the past and we are normally hostile towards one another, so we decide it would be best to take him into Vybor to question him. At this point I kept my distance from the house in order to keep an eye out for anyone who might try to attack us and rescue CJ. I don't know what happened in the house so i can't really comment on it.
  14. POV: Me and @Mademoiselle are walking around in the dark looking for stuff to cook with, tripods, ect... When out of nowhere a man wearing all black comes out of the dark and shouts at us to put out hands up. We both comply as i can't see what gun he has, so i decide not to risk not complying. When putting our hands up, he asks me to put my hands down and turn off a flashlight, i comply and put my hands back up. At this point someone shouts behind us for the guy holding us up to put his hands up, to which point he runs off behind a tree and invalidly kills Madem. She, along with myself, had her hands up and was complying with his commands. I don't even believe that he tried shooting at the man who initiated on him, he just shot Madem twice and then died.
  15. He is right, the server did restart/crash. I just forgot about it. My apologies
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