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  1. I am a bit curious if there is a way to change my forum username/display name and my display name in discord, don't want to have my leet speak username and shtuff any help is most appreciated ?
  2. *Some notes would be strewn about, detailing the information about someone referring to themselves as Harald* "So you found one of my notes eh? If you have any interest in knowing about this mystery person.. Do by all means continue reading. So, to begin first, My name is Harald Ulfenheim, badass name huh? I was on the large cargo ship that was beached in the Chenarussian waters, me and some of my mates loaded up with some smaller supplies and began heading towards Chernarus, just a lonesome swede whom ended up in Chernarus out of all places. Unfortunately three of the four people ended up getting turned, I lost my fourth friend during a rainstorm.. I just hope he's well, and that he hasn't turned into one of the infected, if he has.. If I happen to stumble across his shambling corpse, i'll make sure he'll finally get the rest he deserves.. That's the worst thing about the infected, them shambling around in the hollow husks of their former selves. I was a humanitarian before all of this, traveling across the world to help whoever's in need then and there, not a doctor or anything mind you. Someone that took tabs on supplies, making sure the supplies are good with no holes or anything like that. Don't get me wrong, I loved it. Though being nothing less then a peddler, it was boring.. Made me wish I could do more, I began practicing stitching, blood transfusions, how to remove bullets. Never realized how vital it is to remove shrapnel now that the world has turned to... This. As i'm writing this i'm actually smoking one of my mates cigar's. Makes me feel like a posh brit wandering around in his mansion, just puffing away.. This is the last one i've got however, thought I should take one after I had to outrun a horde. Gotta tell ya, i'm glad I was an athlete. I've never understood why it is that I have not gotten infected yet.. I suppose I've gotten lucky on that front as well. Having been here for a year.. It's been a struggle to say the least, been trying to survive and avoid as much contact as possible, just been moving from house to house, no contact with people whatsoever.. Boredom got the best of me and now I've decided to strike out and get going. Maybe make some friends, hopefully not encountering those racist assholes who enjoys killing anyone that doesn't have a russian accent, probably should work on one to ensure my safety. The world has shit the bed and we're all stuck in it. Seriously, Fuck wars. I'm gonna find myself a nice drink.. See if the ones in this little house here enjoyed themselves a nice brew now and then. PS: I found the drink, potato vodka though.. Better then nothing. Harald out."
  3. Alright, so I was a bit of a dumbarse for not writing down my character's backstory on a notepad or anything, is there a way for me to go back to that application and copy and paste what I wrote to a notepad or is that not possible?
  4. Noted Samaritan And yes x.x meant first shadow
  5. *As you walk along a road in the north you almost trip on what appears to be a tape recorder. The tape recorder has a tape inside of it and you decide to listen to what has been recorded* *Just as you flick the recorded message on there is quite a bit of distortion as a man with a gritty voice is heard.* "Well, this has gotta be one of the worse vacations in history, me and my family decided to visit chernarus to just slip away from sweden for a bit.. To just spend some quality time with eachothers without any damn neighbours bothering us with brunches and dumb things such as that. I've been recording quite a few of these messages for some time now, according to my therapist it's good for me to just 'open my heart'. This has not really worked at all, I still have issues with my anger. The only thing the therapist wants from me are probably my money, ah well. Fuck him. Anyways, We have been in chernarus about three days now and my family is well and healthy but they are terrified, I just wish that the things happening in chernarus is not happening in sweden, knowing my parents they would probably just try and tame one of the zeds claiming that they are simply 'misunderstood creatures' I do miss them though.. They've always been there to help me out of a shallow grave. I should really try and stay quiet seeing how the zeds tend to react to sounds, though I have not seen them for some time now. The main reason why I am recording this is to let whoever listens to this that not everything is hopeless.. Just enjoy the small things in a world like this. Keep on going strong, things may suck now but it is probably gonna suck less in the future, or suck more. *Groans slowly start getting heard followed by some thuds and scratches against a wall* Damnit! They are here *Three people talking in swedish would be heard in the background, one voice seems to be from a teenage boy, another from a small girl and the third being from what appears to be his wife. Noises seeming to be wood breaking is then heard followed by the small girl screaming. The recording ends there.*
  6. Huzzah! *Lifts up an epic hammer to clink it with the second Shadow*
  7. Hello everybody! I have not really written an application yet but will do so eventually.. Just thought to peak in here and just see how things are with this community and what not But yes! Brand new here and hopefully I am gonna be here for a really long time.
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