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  1. *Nikolai holds the PTT button* I am here in Berezino. I wish to turn myself in to the CLF as requested. *The PTT button is released*
  2. My POV: While on patrol with @Sgttater and @Ducky. I hear gunshots coming from the direction of the police station in berezino. We investigate and I see two men, one with their hands up and the other standing idle. These men were @Kordruga and @AndreyQ. We ask them to face the wall and put their hands up so we can search them. They comply, we found Illegal weapons about their person and put both of them in cuffs. When I began to ask them to move towards the police station I am shot dead by an unknown shooter. After the situation it was found out that @Kordruga was in fact the one taking out a rifle and shooting in the air before putting it back into his backpack.
  3. Some great roleplay last night! Well done to the rest of the Politsiya, I had a great time even if I did get killed by some violent protestors!
  4. Looking cool! Love how this new lore is turning out!
  5. Nikolai was born into the soviet union in 1980. His Childhood would see the collapse of his people's communist empire and the death of his father. At age 10 his father died in a fishing accident in the baltic sea. Nikolai was very close to his father and became a rebellious punk, he would continue this way for the rest of his youth until he came met a man that would change him forever. Nikolai was out with his gang of youths, being menaces when after one or two many drinks the police showed up. After a short fight and flee in and from the scene Nikolai found himself in the back of a police van wearing cuffs. When he was being questioned by an officer he broke down and told the officer his story. The officer felt moved by it and let Nikolai go on the condition he came to see the officer at the weekend. The officer would teach Nikolai how to be a man. Eventually Nikolai with his new instilled morals and discipline would join the police force with this man. Nikolai was no longer the punk he used to be. He was a functioning member of society. After years Nikolai rose through the ranks in his department where eventually he would be sent on a training assignment to the newly annexed Republic of Chernarus and well I think you know what happened after that...
  6. Ah mate i think that was me. In the white suit outside of the pub in berezino? oh nvm
  7. AugustGaiusKeogh


  8. Good Luck you guys! I'm Interested In joining!
  9. Thanks! We have a concept fully thought out however right now I'm just trying to edit it on the page I'll be saving it and continuously editing it if you want to track my progress!
  10. RES PUBLICA ROMANA "Long Live the Republic!" The Story Following the 2008 Economic Crisis multiple varying political parties awoke amongst the states of Europe. Some called for Ethno Nationalist states, Other die hard Communists. One however called for the rebirth and reunification of the former Roman Republic and her Territories. For 5 long years the Party simply called the Roman Senate campaigned hard with Inspiring speeches of the peace and glory the new state would bring. The followers were fanatic. Forming mock civilian legions and trying to militarise and organise themselves. Clashes with other political parties were often, when the communists or fascists would try to stage a revolution the legions were there with their own counter revolution.The party and it's legions came to be seen as protectors amongst the population which would eventually boost their numbers. The legions eventually in 2010 began mirroring the Roman military and diplomatic strategy of old. They would forcibly engage settlements into the growing Roman community of sovereign states, demanding they contribute to the party with manpower,food and weapons. In late 2011 the party would be confident enough in strength and munitions they would proclaim the Third Roman Republic. Like a phoenix from the ashes the Roman state breath air for its first time in two thousand years. Immediately the old states of Europe entered into a state of conflict with the Romans. The Roman civilian legions proved ineffective against most European armies however with the fever and lust for glory, through sole determination of it's legionaries Rome had some astonishing victories. Rome was no match for it's enemies it was faced up against and eventually faded into obscurity with the capture of it's capital in Ravenna. The legions decimated, the states power faded, and its leaders exiled. Rome was dead. One of those leaders Augustus Gaius Keogh, a politician involved within the legions was exiled along with his cohort in Moscow. The party still determined continued their work of recruiting organising and trying to reclaim the glory of Rome. Augustus was having speeches in chernarus when one day the trains stopped coming. It was the beginning of the apocalypse. Not so long after people began to turn and the infected roamed the country. Augustus and his small cohort now decimated by the infection began as every other survivor had. They still held their dream of a Roman Republic with them. Now after establishing a small community in the north the republic has been proclaimed once again. LONG LIVE THE REPUBLIC. The Roster Magistar Equitum: Augustus Gaius Keogh Consul: Augustus Gaius Keogh Co-consul: Reece hammond Senators:Augustus Gaius Keogh Patricians: Plebs: Dimitri(RedFox),Apollo Slaves: In character Goals To establish a New Rome (200 days,Incomplete) To Recruit manpower to build a new legion(500 days,Incomplete) To maintain democratic elections and votes within the republic(Indefinite,incomplete) To expand and establish Rome as a recognised power(Indefinite,Partially complete) To trade and scavange for weaponry to refresh the current cohorts(20 days,Partially complete) Reach out the settlements in the south for trade and diplomatic alliancs(500 days,partially complete) Out of character Goals Provide goverment roleplay for players Provide military roleplay for players Provide slave roleplay for players Improve this thread before the time limit given Try to form an actual nation and safe zone for players to engage and trade with in various cities. Engage with other groups of players engaging in government roleplay.
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