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  1. Yeah, I was stripped to underwear, I felt like going back would've made the situation worse so I'm not sure what was actually taken, but I didn't have anything on me when released. I managed to find everything but shoes nearby so it's just unfortunate luck there.
  2. Hey, Lily Kelly. Basically that description is accurate but I lost connection after a little while of him first saying "I see you" which I didn't realize was weird initially. We emoted to stay silent in case he passed, and I assumed they just saw my arm through the wall, and hadn't considered third person camera since I play in first person constantly, so I wasn't sure if it was something to go off of anyway or if he was just bluffing. Around there is where I lost connection briefly. I rejoined a second or two later to Rose telling him to leave, which resulted in them saying it sounded aggressive, and firing. After that I was robbed and taken hostage as normal. I got let go a little while later after being stripped, but ended up cutting my feet on a rock and bleeding out before I was able to patch myself up or find shoes, though I did nearly survive. Basically it did feel weird that the scene happened with knowledge we were in there and it wasn't just a locked door (especially when they called out that they saw us despite there being a wall and locked door in the way), plus being left with little chance of survival after being let go, which did feel okay given the context, but does go against rule 4.6? I know rules 3.1 and 4.4 states to not ignore RP or be passive as victims, but I'm not sure how else to have handled the situation given that we were hiding and shouldn't have been able to be spotted from a character perspective (plus the unfortunate timing of the ping kick) and can't find any mention of camera perspective in the rules from my reading.
  3. Lily Kelly was born in a small Irish village, on January 4th, 2000, to Tomas Kelly and Helga Kelly. She has one older sister. In 2013, she began working as an assistant in her mother's mechanic business part-time after school. In July of 2017, the outbreak swept the eastern country of Chernarus. The news cycle was focused on updates pretty much 24/7, but in November, it stopped becoming distant news off to the east, as the virus finally started becoming a very real problem across the country. Lily, her sister, and her mother managed to escape to a safe zone in the Alps, but not before Tomas was unfortunately killed by the infection. In February 2018, the area gradually became less and less safe. Lily set off east, hoping to find a safer place for her and her family to stay. Her mother and her sister stayed behind, with Lily intending to send word or make the trip back to lead them to any potential safe places. This journey eventually lead to the country of Chernarus, with Lily arriving in October of 2019.
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