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  1. Gah damn, Turned out great, very well done!
  2. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THIS MONTH'S THEME IS..... To qualify for this month's contest, you must submit a screenshot that has something to do with Industrial. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If there are enough entries and people show enough interest, the screenshot of the month contest will stay a regular thing. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We ask community members to send in their best screenshot matching the theme. Community members are asked to submit their screenshots on this thread until the 30th at which point submissions will be closed. You have 10 days to submit a screenshot. The voting thread will open on the 1st of October and will close on the 3rd. Here community members can vote for their favorite screenshot, voting on yourself will not be counted of course. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We ask that people only submit one entry. Only your first picture will count if you submit more than one. Snip the previous or edit your post to change your entry. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you have any suggestions for a theme or suggestions for improvement, please post it on the thread as well as we are always looking to improve any future editions. Editing of screenshots IS allowed this month. We are looking forward to all of your submissions!
  3. Group page looks great, had some good interactions with you guys in sin city. Graphics looks amazing too. Good Luck!
  4. My favorite screenshots from the most recent events
  5. Here's where I post my screenshots, videos, graphics, etc. I'm the screenshot king
  6. Cool concept but it just doesn't work in DayZ -1
  7. That color doesn't look good on you 😕 should have been red. But can't wait for young up and coming editor Krullix to make this place look nice

    1. Krullix


      +5 warning points flame bait lol ur bad +10 because I dont like you

  8. lol

    1. Krullix



  9. I, Krullix hereby agree to follow the DayZRP Staff Agreement Version 5 in its current form.
  10. Hope this is a better version @Inferno

    1. KonoSimp



    2. ImPurge


      Jolly good show!

    3. SHIESTY Dongle

      SHIESTY Dongle

      Quite stupendous!

    4. Atrix


      exquisite shooting my fellow fragger.

    5. ImDingo


      Ah yes good sir rather splendid gaming thy have commiteth in this lovely video in which you display stupendous ability to make fellow human beings cease their living. 
      Jolly good i absolutely cannot dare exhibit the amount of enjoyment i received from observing this fine art

    6. ImChips


      This compellation of clips compiled into one video in this manner, is rather magnificent and splendid!

    7. Inferno



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