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  1. About those dms. Im the one that sent them to Jacob and they had already been checking for bases at towers and what not. They showed me on the map their next few spots to check, Jacob's base was one of them, and I panicked because I had promised not to tell anyone where it was. Plus I was sure that they’d say i ratted them out so I was trying to get any dirt off my back. It was my bad, and should’ve just let it be. They had IC reasons to go around that area anyways. I would also like to bring up the fact that Wynn posted those dms without my consent and not of my knowledge. Out of respect she should have at least contacted me before doing so.
  2. Krullix

    Baiting Sitnik

    My POV: I was with the boys and we traveled to Sitnik and we jumped over the wall and they started shouting and I threw my hands up and complied to everything and had some hostage roleplay and was later released and me and Tony left the situation.
  3. That's what @ImMason said is that were taking a speed boat. So I told you the same thing.
  4. I met up with callahan and I told him that Red was being held up in chernarus and I told callahan that I was making my way to chernarus.
  5. Finn was born in a small town in South Carolina. He was always used to doing work around the house and always being there for his little sister. He had to walk his sister to school everyday because his mom didn't have time to drive them to school. She was too busy working 2 shifts and trying to provide food for the family. Finn's Dad left him when he was 3 and his Mom has been a single mother ever since. Fast forward to when the outbreak happened. They book the first flight to Chernarus to help family members out when they heard rumors of the outbreak. When the plane goes to land the front tire malfunctioned and the plane flips on its side. Finn goes unconscious and it takes him a little bit to wake up. He looks around and sees his Mom dead and unresponsive. He looks down at his body to check for wounds and sees a metal scrap in his side. He looks around and tries to maneuver through the broken plane to see if there are any survivors. At this point Finn is loosing a lot of blood and to his surprise he sees his sister crying. He falls unconscious from all the blood loss and his sister attempts to move his body towards the paramedics. Finn finally comes to and looks around. Hes in a hospital with his sister to the right of him. After being released 3 days go by and the out break happens. Finn does everything to keep his sister alive and fed. One day Finn and his sister goes on a supply run and his sister didn't see the infected coming toward her and it manages to scratch her. Finn blows the brains of the infected and grabs his sister up and runs. He holds up in a barn for 4 days and his sister his showing signs of being infected. With the heart breaking choice he has to put his sister down but he decides to finish her favorite book. He reaches into his bag and pulls out to kill a mocking bird and finishes the last 3 sentences. Finn reads "Scout takes Boo upstairs to say goodnight to Jem and then walks him home. He goes inside his house, and she never sees him again. But, for just a moment, she imagines the world from his perspective. She returns home and finds Atticus sitting in Jem’s room. He reads one of Jem’s books to her until she falls asleep." His sister looks away facing the sun set and in the distance you hear a silent bang. After surviving for months he finds a group called "The New Haven" and decides to help bring back part of the world.
  6. They are both 3 mins exactly. They are clips that I got while playing.
  7. What was said in discord was not used for in game knowledge to the person I was speaking to. All that was said was spoken ooc-ly. Im not going to respond to anymore questions unless called in by staff.
  8. So next time im talking ooc-ly to someone you want me to double mic?
  9. Of course! It was Andrew I was talking to but he wasn't playing and I was sharing my screen letting him watch. I had accidentally pressed down the mic button a couple times as well. I was talking to him ooc-ly asking him what I should do in this situation. I was also taking out my aggression saying to Andrew that this is ridiculous.
  10. I feel like the BadRP was when they were continuously hitting me with a bat and the end of their gun without telling me it was an interrogation or without them properly initiating. I also think it was power gaming when the other person came up to me and started speaking Spanish to see if I was a real Mexican or not (57:50). Also Callahan says "Your accent implies that you speak Spanish." (59:00) which is wrong because people role play as a Russian and they dont speak a word of Russian. I aslo wanna bring up the metagaming part which there was a couple times when I think it personally happened. So the first time was at 16:15 where she was relaying ic information through her radio without double mic-ing. And secondly, I think personally Callahan and some others were trying everything to get me to type into chat and right after I do they started questioning me if I was who I say I am (42:29 you can see in chat| 47:02 they are trying to get me to write down what I said and I said it clearly| 53:04 she asked for my frequency this part maybe not so much | Also when she was standing outside they where talking about Dr. Red (which is my in game adoptive father) and they where sharing other information about my character that I never told them 55:39.) I want to bring up the bear trap situation as well which is in my second clip. I didnt really feel like that made sense or fit into what was going on I feel like they just wanted to mess with me and kinda troll me a little. After beating me and torturing me they ask pk rights and then they just drive me to the prison like nothing happened and were good friends. This is all my personal opinion and this is why I reported it.
  11. Tommy comes from Brooklyn New York. His Parents owned the Amato Pizza place downtown. Every Tuesday at 11:00 pm his Parents would have strange meetings in the back. They talked about drugs and other sorts of business. When Tommy turned 15 his Dad gave him a pound of cocaine to deliver to back alley down town. Tommy waits there for about 14 minuets when he gets jumped by a group of people and one had a knife and he cut Tommy across his face. Tommy comes home full of anger and covered in blood. From that day forward he decided to toughen up and take nothing from nobody. When someone talked behind his back Tommy confronts them and settles it like men with a fist fight. He becomes feared across his school and he became more popular. Spring break comes around and Tommy and his friend Paul goes to visit his Uncle Danny in upper Jersey. From there Tommy does business with the family. Tommy goes with his Uncle on a business trip to Chernarus, south zagoria. Tommy then finds out that someone stole a shipment and he starts to look for these people with his Uncle. Tommy from here understands he has to do what he has to do if he wants to get stuff in life. In order to get that shipment back he has to do what he has to do.
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