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  1. I would love to see this! To be honest it would be a great addition and a small detail that goes a long way! Especially if it doesn't cause lag!
  2. rap ice GIF Im back, what the fuck going on?

    1. TZ


      Missing you 😞 

      glad you bac

    2. ImKrullix


      @TZ Miss you too bro. Ben coming back dw ❤️

  3. Good Luck cant wait to see this ingame!
  4. congrats cant wait to see more from you guys
  6. I'm not going back and forth. Ill only post if asked by staff.
  7. POV: I was riding in a car with @Phoenyxx when a UAZ almost had a head on collision with him. 30:15 Time stamp in the VOD. I get out the car for server restart and attempt to continue RP, and he decides to drive off, I would consider this avoiding RP since I got no interaction out of it. In Berezino we saw him and decided to initiate do to some interrogation RP regarding him driving away and risking our lives as well as his life. As well as him running away with are interaction at 1:16:28. Again, avoiding RP. Then my official group initiates at which the point he runs and goes non compliant pulling out a weapon with 8+ people. The only reason he complied was because he was on red blinking health. Our group gives him more than enough warning and initiation giving him a chance at furthering his and our RP. I start to question him in which he denies and my allies begin to strip him of his weapons, Armour, and radios for our safety. He starts complaining about us doing so and which I tell him to shut up and stop talking and on my screen I say that and he says "Fuck you" which I believe there is a voice delay on both sides. So I shoot him because on my side I gave him the demand before he said that. This can be considered to some NVFL because he is shit talking his hostage takers. Also I want to bring up this: https://clips.twitch.tv/RespectfulUglyGoblinKappaClaus This in my eyes is considered OOC hate / Flame bait. I'm willing to talk out this report @Jake Runner if you are. Just let me know. End of POV
  8. Of course! Good Luck with the group
  9. @cas @Banshee @Ilikelettuce @Poster @UniiLR @AlkisLR @Atrix @Millie @Havikar @Maybelele @Burak @Methias @Taidhg @TZ @Frequency @Jacob Elmes @Trijim @Drbeans @Angel @UwU Monke @cjackson821 And whoever else was in the video! Also a side note you can take this as IC info as well like you saw it on twitter or YouTube etc.
  10. This sounds really good and I would personally like to see it in game just to add more to rp.
  11. @Elrod @UwU Monke @cas @Banshee @Millie @Duke @Drbeans @Trijim @Methias @Dan @GrimLR @Jacob Elmes @Havikar
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