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  1. I was promoted to Leader about 3 weeks ago. I enjoyed my time leading these boys and also enjoyed my time in game meeting the other groups as The Bridgewaters. But I see how things are, so I request the archival of this group.
  2. Yo welcome to the community. Have fun! A few tips from me 1. No OOC. OOC bad. 2. Have fun and make light of any situation you are in. It makes it more enjoyable. 3. Be patient with other RPers. If you don't enjoy their RP just give em a chance im sure they're trying their best. Thank you that is all
  3. (Last one before I reach 300 beans) 195
  4. Thank you for the positive feedback and giving us a chance ICly. It truly means a lot to us! We'll continue to show people that the addition of Bridgewaters can be both fun and entertaining! Hope to see you more in game! Also wanted to say it was enjoyable having you boys around to rp with! As well as you preacher. Your RP always delivers a good performance and I hope to see more from you! Thank you for the positive feedback and have a wonderful day!
  5. People who don't enjoy others hostile RP is the same people that play/like characters that are like "yeah, I'm a badass, I served 7 tours in Iraq and have over 300 confirmed kills. Oh my name? That's confidential sir." That's why I wanted to make a Bridgewater because it was different in my opinion. They're just stand your ground American farmers. Nothing "badass" about it. Honestly kinda over the edgy characters as well. I do however like the Transporters. Its just something new in terms of groups and how they handle things. I liked how our actions affected us when doing business w
  6. Glad to see this kick off! Good luck to you boys and thank you for setting these events up! (also that broadcast was pretty fucking cool)
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      Dance Dancing GIF by Staatsloterij

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      i prefer homebase


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      A true bop

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  7. image.png.c8519f43d121a6063f028123bb0d0672.png221100_20210317225755_1.png

    Concept art for Bridgewater & Co. Shirts. What do yall think? Also thanks for putting the logo on the shirt @Colt

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      Bridgewater 4 Lyfe feller

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      that looks pretty fucking cool. Is it on the back aswell?

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