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  1. Skinny will not stand for plitks actions
  2. Welcome back to the staff team Staff member @Elmoglad to see you back. Congratulations as well @ElmoHopefully you will have fun on the staff team with all the staff doing staff things. Good luck on your adventure as a staff member once again @Elmo

    1. Elmo


      hey thanks final skinny

    2. Final Krullix

      Final Krullix

      absolutely staff member @Elmo

  3. Skinny's POV: Skinny was talking to this lovely man when all the sudden Skinny's grandson (Rudy) came to him in distress saying "They took my brother, my own blood" Skinny then responded where and who? Rudy still panicking replies with "I over heard on the radio him getting taken we need to help him" Skinny springs into action and says "AYEEEEEE GET IN THE CAR" Skinny quickly puts in the spark plug and puts the car into third gear. He skids out of there and starts driving. Rudy said "They are headed north they haven't took his radio" skinny high tailed it north and pulled up to the building at
  4. Good shit boys! Also thank you for the fantastic feedback we appreciate it!
  5. Johnathan was born inside the walls but was fun and adventurous. He was a skinny kid so that's where he got the Nick name skinny. There was always a rebellious side to skinny as well, being the wild child he was. He started doing cocaine at the young age of 22 which fueled more of his wild side. Skinny was also an explorer so he liked going outside the walls. As time speeds up so does skinny at the age of 40 we was still doing cocaine and causing havoc. Skinny told wild stories to the kids of his story in his wild travels. He told them how life was before the biters stared roaming around. Skin
  6. How is everyone's experience on the new map?

  7. Jakob was born in the main city of Nyheim where he learned two of his main languages English, and Norwegian. Jakob grew up a some what normal life but was taught at an early age the horrors this earth holds. He also was raised on Norse Paganism and the gods always interested him. Jakob is an adventurous kind out going kid. Hes also determined which is an important trait of his. If he wants to accomplish something no matter how long it takes him he will get it done. Jakob was always interested in history and what it was like before the earth fell. What's beyond the walls? This is where Jakobs c
  8. o7 Thank you for the good times boys. C block will always be one of my favorite groups. Thank you to all that participated and stayed till the end. Much love to all yall.
  9. This new map bussin 😩


  10. o7 see you soon brother @The Preacher

  11. The return of the McCoomers
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