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  1. I was chalking up my hands for the sickest hardcore Parkour run with CJ. Did have a GoPro on at the time but forgot to smash that record button, making me unable to record all of CJ’s insane flips. We start to parkour over their AOGM gates (some we was unable to) CJ being too confident parkours on a snowy roof, and as Adidas and Ice seem to not go together as a couple he slipped and was killed by gravity it self. I managed to then go back to the lobby to get CJ’s stuff I was unable to grab anything that belonged to him, and was now trapped in the base. So I whipped out my radio and asked the boys to come to the base to help me escape and continue to the raid. Eventually after breaking a fence I was able to get out and the boys was able to get in and continue the raid. From my knowledge no one griefing occurred, I pretty much just took some pliers to replace my limited edition Gucci ones that broke during the raid. And let the boys take over.
  2. We spot people wearing yellow armbands on the Airfield. We talk to them for a bit and I decided to walk away behind a small hill all of a sudden we hear shots in the distance. I hear on the radio my guys being initiated on, I continue to relay the information through the radio as heard on the video to the everyone else, I was not in range or could see the initiation happen so I cannot comment, all I heard was a lot of shots, I then proceeded to run to cover and scouted around for 10 mins, I was then killed by "Izak Dvorak" with Kivaari .338
  3. First of, I apologise for your inconvenience Pavot, The two people you had seen up there with you had just initiated on me minutes before from the hills, I assume they were defenders of the Berizino school. I dont think they did fall back as I was still taking shots from that area, But when I noticed someone crouched and running down the hill, from there position, it looked suspicious. There was an active gun fight going on over your head and you kept coming. I can only recommend putting you hands up as a clear distinction that your not hostile, I cant remember what you had in you hands at the time so cant comment on that, However coming into an attack like that comes with lots of risks and misunderstanding can happen. I hope you can realise this.
  4. Since the Apocalypse chris has developed a slight cynical view on the world as one would in the given situation, however despite this, he cant turn a blind eye to banditry or the needs of someone in desperation, so tends to find himself going against his better judgement. He was fresh out of military training in the UK and with his new comrades, he went on a trip to Chernarus but when the outbreak hit he was ill prepared and all but him survived out of his small group, so therefore he found himself alone in a foreign country surrounded by chaos and mayhem. He has turned into a scavenger. Trying to make a living through picking the bones of whats left of a forgotten civilisation. He doesn't settle in one place because the resources in any given area run out fast. He stocks up as best he can but with little room he tends to live hand to mouth. Overtime he may become open to something greater a civilisation maybe? His roots from coming from a military house hold gives him great pride however scrounging over rumble and ruins soils what little pride he has left.
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