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  1. Link to the situation: N/A Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback: I've only had a few interactions (all over text) with Hofer, but he has always been extremely polite and quick to reply-- not rude or condescending as others have been and instead very friendly, straight to the point and factual, resulting in quickly solved questions/issues. Thank you! Suggestions for improvement: N/A
  2. It was?! Oh shit you're Teddy?! I hope so too-- second one I've experienced in Livonia in the short time I've been and it's always good to see folks band together. Hope to see you around again!
  3. It was super fun and intense-- I had an actual 'oh shit' moment in real life when one of the players dived down, looking like he tripped and sprayed behind him while laying down.
  4. I think server wise, a big reset isn't an issue. I do think resetting lore may be an issue, especially for people who have been here a long time-- it's a bit of a badge of honour (I'm not one of them, I'm pretty fresh in comparison) to wear but not only that.. characters who actually survived this long have such an extended experience, they can develop through actual roleplay and not just some background. People who saw the rise and fall of groups, wars and more-- it adds so much more to roleplay with a character like that. Chernarus & Livonia Edit: While I also get why neighbouring Livonia and Chernarus would be interesting, it would also force people to be in all one region-- with how it is, it's nice to be able to be closer in Europe and not just Russia or lower parts of it. I think all around putting Livonia next to Chernarus has more potentional though. Settlement The staff run settlement is something that sounds really awesome, just be able to trade in supplies-- a trading outpost in general is a really cool idea. That is something that can still be done though-- an old military place that was left standing or something, who knows. Day Zero One thing I could find VERY interesting is if you start it off closer to the apocalypse date-- people aren't experienced, badass survivors yet and people will be scared, low on supplies, running amock-- there'll be more military and police around. That would be my only reason to vote yes to a lore wipe. The start of an apocalypse is hectic, interesting, fun to follow. This would play well into the staff settlements, it allows people who roleplay military to actually have a good reason to be there as stated above and military factions would be more powerful and make more sense. Conclusion My vote would only be yes if it was from day one with some big changes to gameplay-- weaker zombies, lots and lots of loot to represent it being unlooted (including rarer stuff) and govermental groups being there, especially staff ran that is just basicly a bunker nobody would be dumb enough to fuck with. Most of me feels it'd be bad as the experienced, long living characters won't have their tales to tell at campfires, in hostile situations, when you're just hiding.. That feeling would lack.
  5. Link to the situation: N/A Any supporting evidence or notes: Feedback: Always really eager and quick to help out in Discord and in answering any question one has, super polite and friendly too! Suggestions for improvement: N/A
  6. Link to the situation: N/A Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback: A really good example of a person being totally different to their character, showing good roleplay and really neutral staff work. He's been sympathetic and helpful in a few situations so far and it's extremely appreciated to see somebody down to earth and neutral on staff. Suggestions for improvement: N/A
  7. Please remove myself and @LittleBibi as we have left the group over a week ago. Thank you for your good times, Samaritans!
  8. I can't even think of the people today-- it's been a really intense RP today. From the people of the Community I interacted with to the people of the Soup Kitchen, and heading around with Doctor Jack and @Zenn near the end-- it was an absolute blast. Thanks!
  9. Militus

    Livonia.. A new life.

    Chernarus became a shithole.. Idiots left and right, murderers and rapists on the lose-- it was a good time to move. The snow was thawing, we could go-- and we found a new home. A good home.
  10. I can definitely understand the rope part, even as somebody who uses rope on a pretty regular basis I know it's tough to learn how to tie it properly at the start in a way that means they can't just get out-- let alone doing so to yourself. It's hard to enforce stuff like that, though. Sometimes it's just surrendering a few bits of realism for a better experience. As to the text RP-- generally I like seeing SOME of it, but some people are very slow typers and it can effect the outcome of a situation or people could delay.
  11. Amazing RP all throughout the day. I'm geniunely giddy to play on Livonia because of all you lovely people! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I can't even get over how much fun I'm having. @Palatheio @ViperTCA @Popet @Atrix17 @Havikar Buckley, @God , @NiceLime and all the others I don't know the tag of!
  12. They shouldn't be allowed to start a war about this, there's no IC knowledge you guys did this. Yeah, sorry just saw you said that. I write as I read.
  13. Seeing this shows me you guys had no malicious intend and didn't throw (much) on the ground. Thank you very much for showing me the screenshots! That settles this in a lot less ugly way. I would like to say to @Lucas Ossas that while I had a suspicion it was you, it was not to find out who it was. With how many items there were, most people wouldn't a) have the space b) want to take the effort of getting all of the items there. That's why I'm grateful you guys decided to show me that you have most of it. If you want to push for a false report, by my guest-- I'm not going to try and stop you. If you geniunely believe I did this to harrass you, that's up to you. You were there, you know the gates disapear into the wall and look like they were gone. After Speirs' screenshots I'm comfortable dropping the report.
  14. I've heard conflicting reports from staff whether it's against the rules or not to take everything and drop it on the ground. Is there any sort of logging when items are dropped onto the floor, or maybe you guys can provide a screenshot of all the items you took? Then I'll gladly close the report too. The gate's were a mistake, though-- so not pushing that naturally.
  15. I would like to clarify that I already retracted my accusation of them breaking the gates, I never said they broke the walls. Thank you for posting your POVs! I also was speaking with @Peril during me investigating this and I told him I was wrong in my accusation, so it probably wasn't griefing after all-- so not sure on what grounds this 'false report' would be.
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