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  1. Militus

    A teď přišel soudný čas (109.3hz)

    A crackle is heard as the man presses the PTT "I thought these guys were meant to be the good guys, from what I heard..? Should I avoid them? Is there -anybody- good in these lands? Keeping my radio on to hear an answer." The PTT is released.
  2. Nah, it isn't a VAC ban as I said. I saw what he said in the dayzRP Discord and I imagine he won't be back, so no worries about that!
  3. Thank you. I think he did appeal, I'm not sure though. Bit of a shame. Thanks all for the replies!
  4. Hey guys, First of all-- I love the server so far. I've had a few interactions and - while very nervous about voice RP at first - I had a blast. Everybody was helpful and it was so good to RP in DayZ without fearing KoS. So a few questions.: - Is streaming allowed on the server, or is that a preffered or definite 'no' due to streamsnipers and metagaming problems it could cause? - Is there also text RP? Besides emotes, I mean! I've only seen some voice RP thus far and my girlfriend is planning on getting the game to join us but she's very nervous about RPing in voice as she never has before. - One of our friends tried to join and was automaticaly blacklisted (not due to a VAC ban). He says he talked to somebody and was told he couldn't apply for a whitelist for three months, though he claimed to have apologized for any wrongdoings. Is this definite, or is there some other way to appeal this? Just wondering if I can get another friend in the server and maybe find him in the world one day! - Is there rules on basebuilding? I saw some around the world but don't know if there was any rules about it, I checked the FAQ. Thank you for your time and help! Hope to see y'all ingame! With kind regards, Militus.
  5. Ken was not unlike any other person in his lifetime for most of his life.. Born in a hospital, raised in a middle class family, struggling at school until the point of dropping out. His work enthusiasm wasn't exactly great, either. He played video games for most of his time until his mid-twenties, where he took an interest in politics ontop of his very, very small streaming carreer. He followed the events of Chernarus and many other political situations before it very closely, often being frustrated at how things were handled. This was all, in hindsight, meaningless to everything that happened afterwards. After all, watching the news did nothing to prepare him for what was about to come. Even before the infection Ken and his online gaming friends had teased and joked about backup plans in an apocalypse, no matter what kind it would be.. A nuclear one like Fallout, a Zombie apocalypse like The Walking Dead or The Last Of Us, or even something like a natural disaster. They had all joked and made up plans on what to do if this ever happened. None of them would know they would ever apply this to reality, however. When the infection reached his own country of Belgium, Ken attempted to do what he had set out in all of his 'jokes' -- secure his own neighbourhood and build up defences to protect his family and people and slowly secure the country in the long run, yet this did not come to be.. Amongst the first casualties he knew about was his family. When his brother came home sickly they all figured it was 'it', yet they did not take drastic matters. How could they, after all? It was their brother, their son. Unable to stop the infection, Ken's brother succumbed and infected his elder brother and parents too, attacking one another in the midst of night. Ken was able to escape home. Disoriented, panicked and full of grief he did not even attempt his plans to secure his home-- he fled, he fled and fled and fled, from one disaster to another. He wasn't as brave as he thought he would be, it wasn't 'cool' like in the movies or games.. It was a living, terrifying nightmare. Ken - over the course of two years - managed to meet up with a few of his online friends and met other people along the way too, their group stayed together in the nations of Central Europe, primarily Germany and the Czech Republic. After a few months of this they decided to flee more East, away from the larger cities in a bid to avoid most of the infected. Taking a small boat his group of about a dozen people set out to Chernarus, after all-- it started there, surely nobody was left. It was going to be much safer there than anywhere else, right? Surely the infected had starved and survivors had left by now. It was the safest place to be, as he did not know if he was immune or not. Yet, as always, nothing went as planned. The boat ended up upside down during a storm, causing Ken to go under and lose conscience. Even if he hadn't unable to swim (or barely) he would've not managed to keep up in that storm.. Yet lady luck was on his side, he knew, as he awoke on a coastline-- wherever he may be.. He was alone now. Alone without any of his supplies, his weapons, his friends.. Alone in a foreign land. He was worse off than ever. (Arrival in DayZ)
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