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  1. * tunes the radio to frequency * Dmitri, Nikolai, can you hear me? This is Retry, from the other day. I came by your place today and the walls are gone. Please get in touch with me. * after a brief pause * I think I know where to get more vodka! Over and out. * radio goes silent *
  2. Oh, man, I'll make sure to not be carrying any fruit loops or cinniminies with me. LOL Thanks for the welcome everyone
  3. Hi All, New player here. Been playing a few hours since last week already, thought I'd come and say hi. Server looks really nice and quite active with RP. Looking forward to meeting the folks here. Preferably the not-murderous types first. Cheers MM
  4. * A male voice comes through the radio * (ahem) Hello there trader. We haven't met, but I have a question. What currency do people use in this country? I'm curious as to what I should be looking for while I try to make my way out of here, and might eventually need to trade. I haven't seen a single money bill out there yet. * Radio goes off *
  5. * Radio clicks in * Oh God, you can hear me! Hello there Hector. I've managed to cure myself of a nasty stomach disease and found some goat on the way. I am now fully fed and clothed. I'm quite excited to hear a friendly voice. And hello there... other person? I have no idea where those places are. Shak.. vodka? Or Grishino? Did I hear that correctly? * Pauses for some 10 seconds to think for a while * I have a compass and have made my way generally NE. I hope I'm going in the right direction. Retry over and out. * Radio clicks off * * After 30 minutes the radio comes back to life * OK, I don't understand this language here. Is it Russian? Darn it... anyways, I have just got to this town called... Ay... six... pob... kah. I think that's how it reads. * Radio clicks off *
  6. I'll apologize for sorta necroing this post, but I think your idea is brilliant. I've been trying to figure out a system myself, but this is it. Thank you for contributing with this. I'll be using this system from now on. Cheers
  7. * A day later the same voice comes back on the radio. The man on the radio repeats a message 3 times * May day, may day. Calling the research vessel Bravo November Sierra Hotel Three Six, designation Taurus. Do you copy? * After the repeating messages, a brief pause goes on before the transmission continues * Taurus, if you can hear me, I've managed to find some food and survive... for now. I was forced to leave the coast and move inland to avoid the infected. My radio battery is running low and I don't know how much longer I can monitor the frequencies. I have heard gunshots far away several times, which means I am not alone here. Be advised, there are potential hostiles here. I repeat, potentially hostile natives. Retry, over and out. * Radio clicks off *
  8. *a ragged and tired voice crackles through the radio* Anyone there? I need help. If you can hear me, I don't know how much longer I have. *small pause ensues as the speaker catches his breath* I've been stranded here... I'm starving, the world is getting blurry. If you have food, I have gear that we can trade. Anyone, please, help me. *radio clicks off*
  9. a biological scientist, originally from South America, that was on a research vessel when the outbreak happened. Back home he was a member of a research team at a Bayer laboratory specialized in DNA/RNA strains from new species of plants and animals that appear/disappear every year in the Amazon forest. Dedicated to his career, he ended up never getting married and so applied all his time into studying new codex of life. One year before this story began, he had obtained funding to stage a seafaring expedition that would expand his research into the depths of the oceans, looking for new lifeforms that appear and disappear. His research was motivated by findings of new cellular organelles in certain animals that changed their nervous system and produced highly mutant phenotype changes over the period of a few days. "New" organisms tended to be aggressive towards their biological counterparts, often feeding on them. The seafaring expedition departed prepared to spend many months at sea and would stop at nearby ports to resupply as needed. Research equipment was usually shipped to the ports preemptively. Their last destination was a sea trench in the Mediterranean Sea. Shortly after departing from a resupply in Japan, the crew lost radio contact with everyone. No answers to any radio messages were coming in. After days at sea doing research near the trench, the crew of his vessel picked up an SOS transmission coming from nearby and headed that way. By the time they arrived, most of the crew was already sick or too weakened, so they decided to send him to the shore on a row boat to search for food, medicine, and water. While searching the coastal line, a group of infected appeared and he was cut off from the boat while trying to hide inside a house. The crew on his research vessel assumed he'd not survive and, given the circumstances, left in an urge to search for supplies elsewhere. Peering out through the house windows, Gus "Retry" Heath studied for the first time in person the infected, realizing that the reports of strange happenings in other parts of the world were not mere tales of fantasy. His main mission had been to obtain proof and biological samples of the existence of such a catastrophe, but now he realized his hopes of going back home were probably lost, while he watched the research vessel sail away from Chernarus. Another sudden realization came to mind: he had left all his research equipment on the boat. Despite having some basic survival training, thoughts about what he'd have to learn next started coming to mind. Run? Hide? Find a gun? Look for other people, survivors perhaps? Abandon all hope of going back home and start to settle? "Food and water first. Survive with what you have today, not with what you may have tomorrow," where the thoughts that came to mind. With that, he decided to wait for the strange "people" outside to go away since they were behaving like rabid animals, and later he'd go back to doing what he had gone on shore to do: get food, water, medicine, and survive! Gus, or Retry as his crew called him (because he'd never quit), is of a calm demeanor and quite friendly. Curious about things around him at all times, and eager to learn. Although many times working as a loner, he understands that some endeavors require a good team. He is a man of average build, more on the lean nonathletic side, with long black hair and a beard. He has no favorite colors or food, just takes whatever is available.
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