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  1. Paul Burns born in 1989 in Canada, had a good child hood and pretty interesting life. Pauls parents were both medics in the military and they wanted young Paul to join, as he just wanted a simple life in the mountains. His parents taught him how to save people and gave him a kit incase something does go wrong on his hikes. Paul is friendly man that does the best he can, he supports people and helps people. Paul worked as a tour guide in the rocky mountains. Paul has changed and helped a lot of peoples lifes. He was not really a party person and like to go on a lot of hikes. One day Paul decided to visit a beautiful place called Chernarus, just a place on his bucket list, since the outbreak Paul could not fly back home and is fighting for his life to survive. Paul is desperately trying to find new people, because out here alone it is very hard to survive. Paul wants to build a nice home for the group of people he will eventually meet and farm. Paul knows how to survive as he was in one situation when he was out on a hike and got lost for a couple days.
  2. I was vac banned 1348 days ago do i need to submit a thing
  3. Hello mr moon got me back into and, I have known day z rp for a couple years and have decided to finally join with my great rp skills
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