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  1. Victor Andersson, a 19 year old boy grown up in Sweden together with his parents. His mother was swedish and his father was Russian. In Victor's young days he usually went out hunting with his father because the father had been doing the same when he was a little boy back when he used to live in the north parts of Russia. Victor's father Vilem learned him survival tips and how to adapt in the nature, when the father and son arrived home late Victor's mother always greeted them with a hot meal in front of the fireplace. When victor grew up he also grew away from the moments he used to have with his father out in the wild and focused on school and other stuff that a teenager usually do in their spare time. As soon as Victor turned 17 he moved to Moscov since his father wanted him to continue his studies there, said and done he continued his studying in Moscov and the studies went well, he passed every test with top grades and everything was just perfect. Just imagine a 17 year old boy living without his parents in an apartment, the freedom is endless and he felt like a King. The University Victor went too had an anual field trip to this part of Russia called Chernarus. Victor had never heard of Chernarus before but when he searched it up he saw that it was situated in the south west parts of Russia, the best thing about it was that it was close to the ocean. After packning his bags and awaiting the day the busses finally left Moscov and started heading towards Chernarus. The bus ride was long and exhausting and when the finally arrivered at the camp they were staying at Victor went to sleep. The days went on and Victor had a good time with his friends, they went to Chernogosk and also to the beach and it was generelly a good field trip. One night Victor woke up from a loud scream which chocked him, he didn’t bother that much tho since the camp was filled with teenagers staying up late and having fun with their friends. He went to sleep again just to get woken up by what now sounded like absoloute chaos. He put on his clothes and grabbed his backpack, he left his tent and he was meet with panic and fear. Victor just stood there looking around when he noticed someone running towards him, it was one of his best friends Jimmy. But Jimmy wasn’t there it was like someone had taken over Jimmy and just left the body as an empty shell. His eyes were colorless and skin bruised up. His face was coverd in blood and he just kept running towards Victor. Then he realized that he had to run. He ran through the camp filled with people laying all bloody on the ground and people that had been normal the other day biting and scratching into people while still getting chansed by Jimmy. The chase went on through out the woods until Victor tripped, Jimmy came flying over Victor trying to bite and hurt him. Eventually Victor spotted a sharp stick that he shower through the eye of Jimmy. Victor now kept running until he was as far away from civilization as possible. He found an abandoned cabin that he decided to hide in until he knew what was going on. Victor has now been staying in a wooden cabin in the woods since the night at the camp trying to survive the elements of the apocalypse, he is always carrying his pocket knife that he got from his father as a kid and a photo of the family. Fortunately for Victor he had some equipment and extra clothes in his backpack. Victor's only goal now is to survive and get together with his family again.
  2. Making a character right now thanks for the help!
  3. Do I have to redo my character story?
  4. Whenever I try joining the server from the shortcut on the website everything is normal but when my DayZ is finished loaded it says ''connection failed unknown error.
  5. I got acceptet! Hope I meet you ingame.
  6. Thank you everyone for the kind greetings!
  7. Hello! I just joined the community and submitted my character story etc. I am looking forward to meeting new people and being part of the community since I have heard a lot of good stuff about the community and it's members! Best regards, JetRP
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