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  1. Medardus


    dont focus on the shadows. concentrate on the light and the peace you can find in it
  2. Medardus

    Early Morning

    luv it
  3. Medardus


    there is one question i have in mind: How do you explain that your character does kill people on sight in the zones, but doesn't do it everywhere else. This (for me) would be a lack in RP-imersion.
  4. Medardus


    i think its hard to fit a KoS-Zone into the Lore and even into the characters. I am definitely against it
  5. Medardus

    Stitched Up

    looks like great RP!
  6. Medardus


    at least you got your Win
  7. Medardus


    ..before I got robbed
  8. Medardus

    the prank

    It was quite an interessting time meeting you guys
  9. Medardus

    Berlin wall

    the fall of the Berlin wall with Roy, Kurt, Buddy and Alien-Frank
  10. Medardus

    the prank

    Kurt puts some Ammo into the fire to prank everyone around that there is a firefight going on but it didn't work... "Roy, you should go and check it out" ... "What if Roy gets shoot" ... "What if the Campfire acts innocent?"
  11. Medardus


    Thats right. thanks
  12. Medardus


    Day is rising...so does a friendship?
  13. Frank Maurer is the only child of Marta and Bernd Maurer. He was born and raised in a typical middle class flat in the center of Cologne. His father worked in a local Brewery and his mother was a teacher in Kindergarden. Frank was a good Student and went to university after school. He startet studying Economy but changed his mind after the first 2 semesters. It did not seem to be the right thing for him to do in life. To get a clear mind he decided to travel around for one year. During his adventure he visted different countries like for example the USA, UK, Brazil, Hungary and Turkey. After the expirience he chose to not study anymore but to start an apprenticeship as a seaman and moved to Kiel in northern Germany. Here he met Wilhelm Sturmkranz, an interesting Charakter and later a good friend. In the year 2017 Wilhelm asked Frank to join him on his trip to Chernarus, to help the people in need. Frank was absolutly excited about this idea and to have a sencefull task for his future life. He accepted. The situation in Turky was very chaotic and brutal. One night he got separated from the group. Despretly he know had to make his way to chernarus by his own trying to find Wilhelm and his sister. He spent about 2 years searching them and a way to chernarus and finaly landet at its borders. Hope was growing to finaly find Wilhelm and Sahra....
  14. Medardus

    Just arrived

    thanks I'm really looking forward to meet someone
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