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  1. Metro vibes. But, I like it. In general, I feel like the most valuable stuff shouldn't be the weapons. Being able to give payments and whatnot would be a cool aspect to add to the server. Food and medication should be at the top always, ammunition coming afterwards. Guns should be rare, but ammo should be even rarer. At one point, after 2 years I think we kinda emptied the shelves of the buildings we keep visiting. Weapons can be reused so it kinda makes sense to find them everywhere. But, resorting to buy ammo, food and medication because there is no other option would be something..
  2. The Survivor's Currency I only joined a month ago (aH! wHiTeNaMe!11!). But, I noticed something was missing on this server that would bring something different to the table of RP. It's the presence of a currency. Knowing this from experience on other RP communities, an in-game currency would bring much more interactions and it would maybe divert loot hoarders from hoarding gear to hoarding loads of that money instead. Here's my reasoning, concept and ideas. After 2 years of surviving, the ones still alive start to know each other a little better. Trading is mostly out of what gear you can provide on you, but what if the buyer or seller didn't need any gear and it would only take up space in his inventory? Or better yet, you want to pay your slaves in some way, but don't want to give them good gear and food because it's all you have. This is where the currency could come in, trading the gear the buyer wants for a type of token the seller could use for way more things. This currency could be used for numerous aspects, like paying employees/security, paying your slaves or even forced payments and taxes. There's a lot of RP opportunities the currency could be used for, it's only a matter of imagination at this point. I've thought about a few ideas for the token object, because Rubles is kind of the classic but not really Post-Apocalyptic. So, inspired from Fallout, we could use the top of Food Cans we cut out when opening for the inside, food is scarce, especially canned food. Having a lot of tops would mean you are rich in food, which then means you are financially rich also. The tops could all be the same value, 1 top = 1 token, or we could go detailed and have let's say the Canned Beans being like the Dollar, Canned Beans Top = 1 token. Canned Spaghetti Top = 5 Token. Canned Bacon Top = 15 Token. Something in the genre. To earn money, people would need to go around and find canned food, eat the can completely and they would get 1 Can Top after. I've also noticed Zombies don't drop anything 80% of the time, maybe put it in their loot tables also, would incite people to fight zombies again with a goal. I can see people on the street getting robbed for their Tops or Chernies (or whatever the currency could be called) or gang controlled cities/towns demanding taxes to the residents living in that region. I can also, definitely see public/private banks opening up for survivors. Communities like the Green Mountain Charity could get funded Tops to go buy supplies. Trading posts holding a big amount of tops for buying cheap gear and reselling it for more Tops, mega profitz$$. No AI Traders, the community is well able to setup everything themselves without the need of robotrons. The player-made trading posts are something I've never quite seen in other games without the need of crazy custom plugins and mods or being in the core game itself. Anyways, I'm high as fuck right now. I tried putting this idea up front as well as I can. Feel free to flame me for being a white name and ignore completely my suggestion. REFERENCE PICTURES:
  3. *Inserts a brand new battery in his worn-out radio* *cycles through the frequencies and randomly choses one* *clicks the PPT down* ''...Hello?...I am Jacob...(inaudible)...a traveller. I need...(inaudible)...anybody out there?...(inaudible) on top of these apartment...(inaudible) in Novaya. There's people...(inaudible)...asked to stay...(inaudible)...hope...(inaudible)...build here...(inaudible)...need help...(inaudible)...'' *The transmission crackles and stops for a moment then becomes clearer for a couple seconds* ''...I'll be out here collecting parts for cars and other few things. So far, my time out of the woods has been okay. Kenny, if you are listening, just letting you know I'm still out there, I'll be making a trip to Balota, but I'll be back.'' *releases the PPT* *The transmission stops* *puts the radio back on his pack*
  4. Jacob Lafleur's Second Notebook. I forgot my first notebook at Paul's camp, I'd have to go retrieve it. If it's still there standing, I haven't broke my promise yet. Page 6 and 7 out of ?? Transcript: Printed Picture:
  5. RP communities like this one feeling like there's a split, no good RP anymore and people complaining about the left and right. Every god damn community of RP I've been in is like this, this one ain't much different. Just play the fucking game and have fun.
  6. Oof, I didn't even play a second on the server yet and I keep reading these kind of posts, I just joined this community and created my character a few hours ago. But, I do have something to say. If the community/poll voted a ''No'', for both these mods. It speaks for the rest of the player base. Most DayZ/Arma players have already fully experienced TP and safezones and they responded negative to add it on this server, mainly because of RP/IC reasons. Also, the RP is always 100% better and more pure when you don't try to guide players into more RP interactions, they come like in real life. Unexpected. Speaking from many past RP communities experience and this one ain't much different. ''There is a split in our community'', ''Everyone is complaining against each other'', ''PVP Chads ruin the fun for RP chads'' and the whole blah blah. Trying things is fun, and a change is always needed in time, but listen to your community. They are the ones playing every day and filling up the queue to have fun on your server. This can be irrelevant, but like they say : ''the customer is always right.''
  7. Hello there, I am Jey. I am new to this server, but not to this game and RP. I have been on a buzz for some DayZ recently and people on other modded servers recommended me to come here, DayZRP. Lurked around the forums a bit and realized this is definitely the place I want to play in. I'm eager to do interactions in-game, carve my path in the high grass and make some great friends along the way, like I did on so many other RP communities. I look forward to see y'all in Chernarus! P.S: You will find me under the name of Jacob Lafleur (I will make a character and post some stories of him on here soon.)
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