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  1. DrCrazyGamer


    I am attending this
  2. DrCrazyGamer

    Soup Kitchen rumours ? ( Open Frequency )

    *a young mans voice breaks over the radio, a cough coming with it* does this soup kitchen have anyone that can remove bullets? I need a doc bad *as the coughing gets worse the radio cuts out*
  3. *Jack, coughing and weak presses the PPT* h-hey Drew, this is jack....I'm at redwood...I dont have much stuff anymore, sorta lost most of it. I should be here for a little *as the coughing picks up the radio returns to static*
  4. *through the static an injured American man takes over the radio* Break Break Break Any station on this net, This is Specialist Jack Morgan Combat medic assigned to 1st Recon Bn, Ohio national guard that was station at chernogorsk during the initial UN intervention in July of 2017. I have civilians with me who are injured including myself. We could use some help. The last officer I know off got gunned down in zelenogorsk 3 weeks ago, A Colonel Eric Michael. I need immediate assistance, location is near Gorka. Heavy bandit activity. *loud coughing can be heard* This is Specialist Morgan Out *the static returns shortly after*
  5. *the radio static breaks with the sound of Jack's voice, with some pain to it, coming over the radio* Doctor Drew this is jack, I helped fix your leg. I might need some help. I'm shot up pretty bad, I think I still have bullets in me. Also I'm working on a medical wasteland journal and could use a co-author. Radio me if you can please *jack coughs loudly* F-fuck that's blood... *the radio snaps off soon after*
  6. Understandable, do you know who I can contact?
  7. I know that but now it makes multiple of the replys make no sense, thus the reason I want to start again Sorta looks weird when all the comments are on certain mistakes in a broadcast and said mistakes are nowhere to be found
  8. I made a post on the radio forum that looking back doesnt quiet make sense and overall I just want to wipe and retype from the beginning. How do I delete the post?
  9. *all the radios of Chenarus light up with a broadcast coming in loud and clear, an American accented man comes on the airways* Good Evening Everyone of Chernarus! Just a little random broadcast I'm calling "Med-Pack News" to help fill the empty channels for a few minutes. So on that note... *The young man pauses as he lights a cigarette and takes a few puffs* Let's get started! So first off is the weather, while the everyone can see it and feel it, it's good to hear it out loud to jolt those thinking caps. Winter is coming, and while the snow isnt here now it could fall overnight. Recommend thick clothing, so put down those ballistic Helmats and combat fatigues and pick up some hunters jackets and quilted coats and some radar caps and ushankas. I recommend hiking boots for the snow, make sure to check your treads. *he pauses to puff his cigarette before continuing* Now let's move onto some news. For the past two weeks I've taken the kill counts of infected from myself and who ever can give a good idea. Numbers should be taken with a grain of salt but I've got a count of 2,100ish infected killed. Gotta keep those numbers up and the undead down so maybe shoot a little more. Sho knows maybe boris the undead shambler has a bottle of vodka in his coat. Now lets see, standard survival stuff should be stressed for the local communities, stock up on food and medical supplies and fire wood for this winter, as a doctor I've seen more people die to sickness and cold than I have to bullets and zombies. *he finished his cigarette and then lights another* Let's move onto some rumors and reports. Word is that various individuals have attempted to attack the corporation on their prison island and have been brutally beaten back. Now remember folks an attacker usually needs to outnumber a defender 3 to 1 and expect to lose 2 of those 3 to pull off a win. I don't see any airforce or navy to attack that island so maybe you should leave it be and wait for spring. *he puffs some more before shuffling some papers* now onto some medical information that might save a life. O- blood is the universal donor and AB+ blood is the universal receiver, always check blood types. Ibuprofen you can take a day is 2400mg, so that's 4 pills every 24 hours. It's a common pain killer. Codeine can help coughs but us addictive in high quantities, if you find a doctor consult them. fluoxetine is a antidepressant, take one per day in the morning if you are depressed. Saline bags help with blood loss and dehydration but take to many and it can over hydrate you. And try to refrain from using morphine except for major bodily pain, surgeries, broken limbs. That's most of the medical bits I have on mind, remember to always read what info you can find and talk to doctors and medics, they could save your life. *The young man pauses and finishes his cig before continuing* Now I know im not from here and some of you may want me dead for that, but while I'm here I want to help those who are in need. Be kind to others and maybe humanity can survive this new plague. Rest well people of Chenarus. *The broadcast would end and return to static*
  10. *Jack sits back, using Alice for support and warmth. The cold autumn wind blows against them as he starts to write.* Wednesday Nov. 27th, 2019 It's been a few weeks since I decided to write, so much has been happening that I just lost track. Well I guess I should get some semblance of organized writing again. The flight from zelenogorsk and Redwood Radio About a week or two ago myself and some friends had to leave zelenogorsk, it was too violent and after the death of the colonel we didnt want to stay. Spidy went to the coast, lew went to the Wolfpack and i...I found redwood radio. Plenty of kind faces. Cem, poppy, a dead girl named Maggie. Jimmy who I'm trying to help with his pain killer addiction (and bullet wounds thanks to the colton brothers.) Josh is still with me and theres one who is my favorite. Alice, the "Größte Blume Deutschlands." My german is still shit. I've been loving my time with her mostly, being taken hostage twice sorta ruins the mood sadly. Damn colton brothers. A few days ago we climbed the massive radio tower and watched the sun rise. It was a beautiful sight. Last week we all had a campfire. Alice read some poetry and jan played the guitar. Today was a mixed bag. Anarchy is back and had a "weapon search," they didnt rake anything but it was still a tad unsettling. Although later I was able to read a poem that I think she liked. She read a poem to me in German and I actually know the jist of it, just my luck. *jack would stop writing for a minute looking at the starry night and then back at Alice, watching the wind blow the strands of her hair sticking out* Part of me says I need to run, get someplace more dependable with more people. But I'm not going to listen to that. These people are my family now and I need to stand by them. I hope things In the coming days are better. I like redwood, I feel alive without having to get shot at. *jack would fold the paper up and stick it in his pocket before carefully laying down next to Alice again and slowly drifting off to sleep*
  11. DrCrazyGamer

    Freq. 86.9

    *a young man presses his PPT* Come to redwood radio, alter hill Ask for the medic. *the radio goes to static just as quick as the transmission started*
  12. DrCrazyGamer

    Men for hire

    *a young mans voice breaks over the radio coming from alter station, a small shake to it with the puff of a cigarette every few seconds* morning gents, I heard you were some men for hire. I might have a job for you gentlemen and maybe some more after that. If possible can we make this a private matter? *the young man pauses to take a long drag of a cigarette* if we can meet in person I got some smokes and a Moscow mule to share. Get in touch so we can iron out details *the radio turns to static shortly after*
  13. @Daisy @SynO @speirs @Soap @ScreenedAbrown you guys all did a great rp last night. I stayed up till 430am just to be able to be apart of it, very fun!!
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