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  1. @KOT @Spencerlb @ScarlettLR Great RP with you all as usual, sorry I don't put much here but I hope you all know that I enjoy all of it!!
  2. Great RP with @K2U and @Spencerlb and Aleskey Kawok (sorry I dont know your site name), lots of great, adrenaline pumping Medical RP, cant wait for more to come!!
  3. November 18th, 2020 "Bad omens with F13" Day like 3 and I have to pick up my rifle for my country once more. CLF show up and talk about Russian convoy with F13 gas, we drive through 6 ambushes. Have a helicopter drop the stuff into Zelenogorsk, get a massive hoard and then have to fight through forests north of GM to secure a shipment of the f13, which we got after some injured... Private Aleskey pulled me behind some rocks and got me to the field medic when I had gotten shot and was with me when the gas was secured. He then was gunned down by Cerberus after all this, severe injuries. Hes only 20 years old, a boy....I helped Deebs ( @K2U ) through an hour long event...God the poor kid, poor deebs, having to sow me up and then pull this boy from the brink of death as I preached to him.... I just want things to improve, I'm trying so so hard.... Anna please, I need you, I need your smile and your mind, so so much. I will be with everyone one day but I am needed here..... "We were only boys...."
  4. Really enjoyed the RP you gave @ShroudKN, hostile RP is a tough sell sometimes and I feel like your example was very well done! And @KOT and @Kermie I enjoyed being next to you both
  5. November 16th, 2020 "Slava Chernarus!" Secretary of Labor, for the Ministry of Civil Service. Never thought I would be a politician but my friend Josef needed help and gave me the job then Marie became the head doctor! I hope she likes it and well, I made my decision. Sadly my first day had a climax of being a hostage of the mercenary fucks, lost most of our gear but our lives are safe and that's what matters, Marie, Deebs, Artyom, all safe and myself and Josef made it through as brothers. Apparently they want a cease fire these mercs so hopefully peace will come. AJ lines left too so hopefully the drug situation goes away. It's been a long day but the skyline looks lovely and I feel like this is the better option for the future. Anna I hope to God you are watching me and smiling...
  6. November 10th, 2020 "A man of your talents, FARMING?!" Well much has happened in 2 days. Multiple people infected with this weird R strain, some doctor trying to cure them and my new friend Artyom is very likely going to die. I sat down with him, and we told our sins. He was speaking to me and I may have been speaking back but I felt like I was confessing before God. Some of the County Lines took exception to my CDF past and many crimes. They made me leave and I feel it's best I leave that part for a few days. I'm now with the "hunters" helping them set up their little community. I spent the day building chicken coops and playing chess. These are some good people. Anna you would love it hear, lots of trees, good land, fresh water and even a lake to fish in, hunting I plentiful. I miss you Anna, so much, but I'm surviving like I promised and hopefully I'm helping our land in one way or another. May God smile on our flock for we travel freely and give good Grace's to the land.
  7. November 8th, 2020 "New leaf" Sweet jesus my head hurts and it isnt just the bear gashes. Alcohol and the town bicycle do mix I guess but fuck!! This hang over isnt helped from the bloody bandages on my head shoulder and hip. I did finally make a bear claw necklace though, gotta show deebs next time I see her....after shes done yelling at me though. Context, for the journal. Two days agomyself and deebs were walking through the woods after our car died. Engine gave out on rough terrain. Anywho we hit one of the highways and a FUCKING BEAR comes out of the trees. Obviously I'm loaded down with salvage from the car so I hit the fucker with the mosin and then empty the 74 into it and "FUCK" it isnt dead. As I'm running around she swipes me on the back of the head down my shoulder and then my hip, tough shite, luckily not enough to kill me or need major surgery, some stitches on my hip and shoulder, the back of the head I was just grazed. Deebs helps me out and we share the bear kill, now I got this necklace. Last night, Anna forgive me, but I took the first steps to moving on as well...walked my ass all the way to the bar, had some drinks and now I'm penciling this entry down as I'm next to Eliot who looks just as hungover as I am. I domt recall much but I do recall enough to know, it happened. Maybe it's for the best? ---- Aleš
  8. November 3rd - 5th, 2020 "New World, Old Troubles" Well apparently I blacked out....bad, like very bad. I woke up this morning with Atryom in front of me. I was covered in blood and had a necklace of fucking fingers!! I hope they were just infected... I guess I had a panic attack? Flash back? I domt fucking now but all of a sudden I dont have my armor or RPK and like 400 rounds missing... I need help but where can I fucking get it?
  9. October 27th, 2020 "Study study study" 9 days I've been going through these papers trying to put things together, lots of scientist talk, trying to circle and note what looks to be important. Supplies getting low again, will have to travel once more for food and water, I just cant stay here long term. Ammo is good for now. God what am I doing alive still.... Anna, thank God you arent alive to see our home like this. Keep the spirits happy with your smile. I will see you again one day...
  10. October 18th, 2020 "The Numbers Mason!?" By the grace of God almighty the things on prison island I havent seen since the civil war. Mass graves, hordes, human experiments... Myself and about 20 others from cherno and the pub went to prison island to investigate rumors of scientific testing. Crossing the water went fine although freezing. We searched the barracks to find only small amounts of Infected. Crossing the bridge we alerted a horde of about 60. A firing line toppled them all but we came across 3 "tanks" which took about 100 rifle caliber rounds each to take down. God damn they were tough. We then found a mass grave with...children. the infected and the dead were numbered. Being tested on. Then came the tunnel. Myself and Artyom, former RAC, swept for mines...we found some which were timed and second time through my palm went down on a makeshift one. He saved my life. We searched the center part of the prison and I found a LOT of papers i still need to read proper. There as almost 600 people here on record. I estimate only 400 accounted for... Anyway, second tunnel had gas traps and a horde of about 80 waiting for us. Closing the gate made it easy. Back area, the court yard, had about 6 mass graves, children in all of them... We burnt it all. Apon leaving we came across Mason and a horde of about....100 infected. He just walked through it all and threw gas at us. He got away by swimming....fast bastard... Also we found equipment with POV markings... I need to try and piece this all together ---- Aleš Morgan, Chernarussian Survivor
  11. *a voiced, muffled by some object, breaks the silence* Berizino you will find some civility, but the world has changed my friend, I suggest you change with it * a small chuckle is heard before silence*
  12. October 15th, 2020 "Old Body, New Man" Wolves again, heard the howl about 20 meters to my rear just as I was entering the perimeter. Fuckers must have been tracking me for 2 or 3 kilometers at least. Now I just gotta wait then out, thank the gods they cant open doors. Good old Military bunk beds, how I have not missed you. The ribs are still healing but not entirely broken now, just under a month since I got shot. Breathing is better but long distance runs leave me winded more than usual. I entered the region through the south west and hit Zelenogorsk first, my old home is the usual hell, found enough supplies though, not much but a rifle and a mask is better than nothing. I'm working my way to cherno, gotta see what happened there. Just need to wait out the wolves. This new age will be weird. But I will survive...
  13. Hey all,

    So I am finally home from my overseas deployment circa today and will be taking an extended leave of absence. Multiple issues are full blast from pay issues to family health. Expect 2 weeks+ of me being gone. To those who I played with during the last year thank you for all the great roleplay.

    I hope to be back eventually.

    1. ScarlettLR


      Take all the time you need. Irl always comes first.

  14. Dmitry Anatoly DOB: 6 July, 1968 Age: 54 Place of Birth: Moscow, Russian Federation (Formally the Soviet Union) Childhood: (1 - 17) Born in the Height of the cold war, Young Dmitry live with a poor family. Growing up in the concrete jungle of soviet apartments he would spend most of his young life either at school and running through the Soviet Capital. His mother worked at the local school and his father after his mandatory service with the Soviet Army worked at a steel mill. Cold winters and stale bread for dinner was not uncommon for Dmitry and it made him a tough young boy. By 15 he worked various odd jobs, usually small item delivery after he got an old bike, which he fought others who tried to steal it constantly. By 16 he worked at a corner store, he had dropped out by 17 and dedicated himself to not only his family but his Apartment complex, feeding the older and the sick with what meager earnings he gained. Mandatory Blood: (18 - 20) As what was common for able bodied men of the Ages of 18 - 27 in the Soviet Union per the 1967 Law on Universal Military Service, Dmitry was called for his two years of service during the height of the Soviet - Afghan War (1979 - 1989) Completing his Basic and Advanced Training he was assigned to the 24th Guards Tank Paris Regiment of the 40th Army, serving from 1986 - 1988. During his time in the regiment he was a Driver for a T-72 tank. One day in 1988 when his crew was in camp for the night, Private Anatoly was Shot by a Sniper, the bullet grazing along the right side of his skull. He would be evacuated out and would be discharged from service at the usual two year mark, luckier thank most. Dmitry was troubled by his experiences from the combat he saw to his injury. Loud sounds would make him dive for cover and he would have restless nights. Being the poor man he was his way of helping himself was smoking and drinking. He is still troubled at night decades later. The Russian Plains: (21 - 54) Dmitry, left troubled by the war and tired of Moscow, sets out to different parts of Soviet Lands, he moved to Kolomna, a rural town about 100 KM outside Moscow. Here he lived in a small cabin in the Russian woods. he would hunt and have his own Garden. This Rural living did bring him some peace and when the Soviet Union Fell in 1991 he was relatively unaffected by it all. Far from the instability but close enough to survive. He would live like this to the present day, farming, hunting, heading to the local town to drink and smoke with his friends. Dmitry never found love, although he did find women. For what ever reason he never married or had kids (that he knew of). This was probably from his war time experiences. People you knew could be gone in mere minutes, attachment doesn't last against bombs and bullets. Likes: Vodka, Russian State Cigarettes, Venison and vegetables (pan seared with salt, pepper, minced garlic and onions. Diced peppers and Potatoes, gown by himself). Sitting under his apple tree in summer eating the fresh fruit. Anna, a girl in town who sells flowers. Like a granddaughter to him. Dislikes: War, it has no place for civilized men. Big Cities, they smell bad and are worse for the soul. Littering, rudeness, weeds. they infest his garden.
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