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  1. *a man with an American accent comes over the radio, he sounds sick and coughs before speaking* Gentlemen is anyone set up in elektro I need a check out, I just need reassurance that my weapons wont be stolen... *he coughs again before letting the radio fall silent*
  2. None of the 3 in front of me initiated They raised their rifles about 2 seconds - ish after the guy to my left initiated and fired.
  3. DrCrazyGamer (Jack Morgan) POV: I met up with the rest of the guys wearing purple armbands a few hours before olsha and went with them there. I helped with some of the weapons training and decided to stay, especially after the word spread of one of the olsha people being chased. After bunkering down in the town for half an hour about we headed up to the radio tower to get a good position. During this time I mostly looked at trees and eventually I was told people were coming up to us. As I moved to from the cliff face to the side of the tower I saw myself close to 3 of them. I tried making some small talk getting "hey how are you guys" before i heard the initiation. In that time I looked left, saw one guy without an armband raising his rifle and I looked back to the three while backing up saying "hey what's going on." A second later they started to raise their rifles and I did the same, believing we had the numbers and that my ballistic vest might keep me alive, I decided to engage. I didnt get many shots off before I died. ---- I will be back to revise I'm about to head to my guard shift for a few hours --Edit-- On the issue of the individual in the zebra shirt, I had passed him multiple times while he was on the cliff and he made no comment at all during those times, not to us or on the radio.
  4. William A. Sherman Businessman, Stock Investor, Minor Millionaire, Travel Agency CEO - Illegal Arms salesmen - Drug Salesmen Mr. Sherman is a younger man in his late 20's who is accustomed to the high life of New York City. His Family are wealthy individuals in New York and have raised him to carry on the family business of Money. Interested in many things from a fine Drink to the smell of fresh profits Mr. Sherman enjoys his life. At 22 he took up the CEO position of a travel agency owned by his parents and used this steady income to make good gains in the stock market. Being a millionaire by 2006 he looked to expand markets, supplying easy travel to most of the world. Come 2009 he would see an opportunity in Chernarus as it burst into civil war. With the tourism in the region dead he decided to take a risk and started selling arms to both sides of the war. In this time we became accustomed to the finer points of shooting for the purpose of demonstration although he never enjoyed getting tactical. To him weapons were things to sell and he mearly learned how to shoot to allow him to sell more. By 2020 he was trying to build up the tourism and had made multiple trips in Europe before having to be stopped in Chernarus where the infection ended his travel. Now he awaits to be found and returned home most likely from family hired individuals. In the mean time he tries to maintain his fine dress and dining, staying in his lavish suits and trying to find a good drink. with the world going crazy he may have to take up a gun to protect himself, ironic considering his illegal activities. Mr. Sherman believes in being polite while maintaining a statues of wealth because its deemed at the "Gentlemen standard". Generally found in high end bars with varying women hes one to try to find a good party with good drink. With his minor statues in the upper crust he can get away with many things from federal investigation as most of the eyes of the world look above him. Many time shes middleman that most forget about. Education: Being of the upper crust he is educated, been to college for business with a minor in medicine, mostly to understand the drug market truth be told. He definately views himself better educated than many he may meet but is able to hide that little fact quite well. Chernarus 2020: With his connections offline and inside the ground Zero of the third wave Mr. Sherman looks to find a safe place to lay low and enjoy food and drink, if his many or checks wont work then we will find some other form of payment to get his fix. in the end though his failure to adapt might just be the death of him. But at least he will be in a rather dashing suit when he is shot. Or maybe he wont be shot and will be able to escape back to his luxury home in New York City.
  5. DrCrazyGamer

    Jack Ales Morgan

    Pictures of his travels
  6. Make me ya discount onion peel
  7. Job has always been kind, fair and helpful and would be the most qualified to be an Admin. As a member of the Diamond Aristocracy I put my money behind the Godfull spirit of Job Signed with Honor, Dr. Crazy D. Gamer V
  8. *one early morning the radio lights up. A cheerful man with an American-chernarussian accent starts to speak* Dobry Den people of Chernarus, I hope everyone is doing their best to survive. Sadly I know many are struggling whether it's food and water or medicine and ammo. This is why I bring this message to you all today. *he pauses briefly to puff on a cigarette* If you find yourself in need of help, make your way to the area of zelenogorsk or green mountain and listen to the radio every so often. My self and my associates travel down there and either hand out supplies or maybe even give an offer for you to live at our little community. Keep an ear open for Jack or Jacob on the radio. Oh and I will mention it here, if you try to rob us, dont waste our time and your ammo, what we have is basic supplies we give away. I mean of you want to try and hold us up for a pair of Jean's and a kitchen knife then you must have free time. Stay safe people of Chernarus... *the radio message would repeat on all channels for a little while*
  9. June 14th, 2020 "Bug out" It's been a few days but I can finally write another page. Lots to recall so.... Russians in Novo got bombed twice and had a massive gunfight. Whole place went to shit, I grabbed my stuff and dipped when I could. Came back the next day and it was empty. Took a trip to Berizino and found the RAC and other civilians. Stupid bastards didnt want to let us in despite having the ability to do the swabs. Was there over night and decided to leave. I traveled a good distance once more, big ole bag of gear and some civilian stuff. Whole military gear is dangerous so I stashed it. Eventually found myself north of zelenogorsk by a good amount and came across this dutch dude keeping a local castle maintained despite being a miner? Geologist? Doesnt make sense. But I'm here now and I'm just watching the radio hoping theres some other place I can go...maybe I will set up here though. I'm tired though and I can write more later...
  10. *A man with a messy Chernarussian - American Accent comes across the radio, the sound of a match strike and a cigarette sizzle is heard before he speaks* Ahoj. You have heard me on this frequency before and sadly I have found no one. So in hoping I can pass off enough info to make it worth a meet up. *he puffs the cig before continuing* As you can hear I dont sound Chernarussian, my accent sounds American and my Czech is shit. I have however been in this great country for over 14 years now. My mother was Chernarussian, father American and he helped her escape during soviet times. I came back when I was 18 in 2006 and joined the CDF... *the sound of the cigarette and a beer opening is heard briefly* By the time of the civil war I was a Seržant in the CDF. Aco, 1st Battalion, 34th infantry Regiment. Myself and other Chernarussian half breeds made up a recon squad in South Zagoria. We fought hard and when the war was lost we refused to disarm and continued our own little resistance for the past 10 years. I want to serve Chernarus in a more official capacity again and I hope you would be willing to give this linguistically challenged half breed a chance... *he snuffs the cigarette out and signs* Slava Chernarus....and please, liberate our homeland with the great fist of the people... *the radio cuts out shortly after*
  11. *A man with a messy American-Chernarussian accent comes on over the radio* Hello locals and Foriegners alike, im just a survivor trying to pass off info from my travels. This tide bit today is about major locations in South Zagoria from what I have seen. The Following cities have been "overrun" or otherwise lacks any government infrastructure or hard points Chernogorsk (Черногорск), Elektrozavodsk (Электрозаводск), Solnichniy (Солнечный), Zelenogorsk (Зеленогорск), Vybor (Выбор). The Russian Federation is currently holding onto the town center of Novodmitrovsk (Новодмитровск), although the majority of the city is outside the safe zone. Be wary of others that arent sick for as society crumbles, evil will come out. I saw the civil war, lived it, and people then resorted to theft and murder and much worse. Help others of you can and be prepared to defend yourself with tooth and claw. Slava Chernarus! *The radio cuts out shortly later*
  12. *the radio crackles to life, in the background you hear many trucks and the laughter of russian soldiers before a voice whispers over the radio* Mám informace o ruském táboře v Novo. pozorování shromážděná během několika posledních dnů. požádat o schůzku v budoucnu... (-translation- I have intel of the russian camp in Novo. observations collected over the past few days. request meeting in the future.) Slava Chernarus... *the radio would abruptly cut out as the sound of a truck grows closer*
  13. June 9th, 2020 "New home?" I made it to Novo yesterday and today I would say it was uneventful but normal, at least as normal as it can be. Made some small trades with the russians, one lad bought some vodka with a pack of nails, definately a good trade since I took the bottle from one of their trucks, should not leave it on the back boys, this old dog knows his way around a military post. Quatermaster is a good man, clearly stressed but is willing to work with me, needs 7.62x39 in bulk so hopefully I can get some. The Chef is someone I think I can get some good civilian stuff from, made a donation of Carp. Hopefully he gets it. At this point I'm a trader and a fisherman. I did meet a trader that will be setting up a shop, Alexander is his name. I think this will be a good start to a new life. I was hoping to meet the CLF but if they want to be silent and the russians want to be nice then they get my efforts. They really need to step up their game.
  14. *the mixed accent man comes over the radio with a yawn and the sound of trucks in the background* Good bar in Berizino I hear, do ya take trades, money is sorta useless now. I got a good old SKS and ammo I'm looking to pawn off because the russians only let you have 2. Also what's the selection of drinks? *a gunshot is heard in the distance as the call ends*
  15. June 7th - 8th, 2020 "From Russia with love" I think I've hiked enough for the next few days. I had gotten drunk on three bottles of vodka and woke up in Berizino of all places. Hungover and unable to just go to the pharmacy for some aspirin I ended up following the coast with little contact until pavlovo military base where I met a polish man. Good guy, we looted the place for supplies and watched each others back. Headed to zelenogorsk to get some water but various people decided to cause a war and a horde of the sick was all over. I sadly lost my new friend. I ended up heading to Vybor only to find it empty. Word was they pulled out and I decided to hike to Novo to see the russians. A whole day later I come across a trader and a female soldier who is a "russian" local. We headed to town and the trader held onto my extra Weapon for me, stupid military restrictions. While inside it seems safe but I did notice a lot. Plenty of trucks unguarded and some blind spots, could snag a box or something while walking by. Secondary gate seems unguarded at times. Until I can find the CLF this is better than the woods. Even if there is Russians here...
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