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  1. Thank you all for the warm welcome
  2. Hey everyone! My name is Dan / Smuggs, I am 26 years old and from the UK. I just got Whitelisted so I am a fresh newbie haha, but I am really looking forward to jumping into the server and RPing with you all! - Smuggs
  3. Hi, So I just linked my Discord to my account but realised it was the wrong Discord account. I tried following a guide posted on the forums from 2 years ago but I do not have a "sign out" button next to my Discord settings. I attached an image to this post. I was wondering what can I do to unlink this account and join with another one. *Edit* A few things I forgot to mention, I have left the server on this account using the Chrome browser and signed out of it and am now signed in on the account I intend to use. I have signed out of my DayZRP account and back in again.
  4. Finn Kelly is a 26 year old sports photographer from the Isle of Man (United Kingdom). He was raised in his family home by his mother and father (Joan and Arthur, respectfully) with his two siblings Florence and Liam. Coming from an Irish family, Finn never really wanted to learn Gaelic when growing up like his father wanted him too. Instead he wanted to travel and learn from other cultures around the world. Growing up the three siblings were always close, Liam being one of the better football players in his Sunday League team. Florence being a superb gymnast, Finn loved photography and decided to take photos of his siblings when in tournaments / matches. When Finn was 16 his brother Liam tragically was killed while on a night out with his football team. Stabbed after trying to stop a fight between his friend and a stranger at a bar.... Finn took this harder than anyone else in his family. Liam was his idol, his role-model, someone he always wanted to become. After the death of Liam the family stopped behaving like a family. Florence dropped out of gymnastics, Joan and Arthur wouldn't talk as much anymore. Like the life and soul of the household was sucked away with a snap of a finger. Liam always wanted Finn to pursue his dreams of travelling and passion for photography, so Finn did just that. He backed his bags and went out travelling into the world. After seeing news about the wars breaking out, Finn found it in himself to go out there and help people just like Liam would have done. *Additional Notes* Finn was in the boy scouts as a young kid. Arthur was a book keeper / repairman. Joan was a tailor, an expert in turning old fashion into new. Liam is 4 years older than Finn. Florence is 2 years younger than Finn.
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