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  1. Once a former Postman from England, watched as the world changed and found himself somewhere in Russia, some years later! His normal life was completely turned onto its head as he watched the death of his best customer "Margaret Hill" by a man, covered in blood and what looked like, chunks of the neighbors dog! Where is he now, how did he get here, so many questions but not enough answers! Peter has since trained to kill, any way he can and to scavenge the lands for food and water! Peter is a head strong guy and feels like he can get through anything... The problem is, he's not met another living person for a very long time. How will he interact? can he interact?
  2. Hey folks, I just wanted to pop by and let you know that my white-list just got accepted, so i will be seeing you all very soon! P.S, i am super excited! Chio for now
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