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  1. sanddoggo

    HAM Radio licences - 102.5 (open frequency)

    *A half-broken walkie-talkie is booted up, somewhere in Chernarus.* "I have half a mind to come over to Redwood Radio and get involved with that HAM radio course you got going. Could really help start up The Gerbil again and you folks have been good to us. Hope to see you then."
  2. sanddoggo

    S1 - KOS with possible Ruleplay

    Hi, I was at Green Mountain as a new member and hours earlier we had a little altercation. @Squillium and his group of Jackals went into Green Mountain with heavy intent to provoke. After they were blasting extremely loud music over my radio broadcast and slinging insults, on orders, I was told that if they came up the radio tower they were to be shot. I fired one warning shot in their general direction after Miller attempted to climb the radio tower after being told to stop and that had escalated to threats from the Jackals of throwing toxic gas grenades, and Miller constantly following me in an attempt to bait me. After about ten minutes of him wandering about the radio tower (I was ordered to stand down and let him do what he wanted) trying to provoke me, Squillium/Miller punched me and proceeded to hurl insults. I did nothing as I was told if I retaliated I would be kicked out of the group. This happened regardless as GM had feared my character would cause too much trouble and the Jackals would raid the place looking for him and thus kicked him from the group and left him in the rain, my ties being severed with that group despite me thinking I did everything right. ICly, my character had lost everything he worked so hard to achieve and the sacrifices that were made to get to green mountain, he tried to commit suicide with Ibuprofen pills and after a failed attempt he was out for blood. I fully believe I was justified in killing him as firstly I was attacked by @Squillium and they had effectively gotten my character kicked out of the group reacting to their hostilities and provocations, while (Arvo) had to grin and bear it and nothing about that would make my character not go after someone who has stripped them of their duties, their pride, and their sense of community. I hope you understand this isn't any OOC dislike of you, your character was actually really good at doing his job lol. Hope that explains it, as a side note did not see you log in or out at the time when I returned to Green Mountain.
  3. sanddoggo

    It's Not Called "Green Mountain" for Nothin'.

  4. sanddoggo

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Some blood crazy guy pretending to medic hung around Green Mountain for like five hours asking people for blood, gotta admire the dedication in that dude
  5. sanddoggo

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

  6. sanddoggo

    Arvo Chernov's Diary

    [A bloody thumbprint can be seen on the corners of the pages, scrawled writing accompanying the text.] My god. The blood is everywhere. I... Jesus Christ. I killed him... I've never killed anyone before. Don't know if it was the right thing to do because it felt so WRONG. He just looked at me scared, the same expression frozen onto his face after I took the mask off his body. Dear god, please forgive me... Please forgive me for what I've done... I saved him from being eaten alive by zombies in that godforsaken town, made sure he didn't die from starvation and... god... He had the opportunity to kill me too, without a single word. But he didn't and... I ended up being the monster. All along I was so scared of someone befriending then killing me and... now how am I any better than the rest of those anarchists and thieves? God, I look at the dried blood on my hands and all I can think of is WHY! After he asked me for a vial of my blood, he then admitted he was with a group that has been going around forcing people to give up their lifeblood. As I stared down the sights of the rifle so many things raced through my head. What will happen if I let him go and turn around. I... I just was so scared. So afraid... and I took the shot. As the sun comes up I think about just ditching this in the road. Letting some poor bastard hear my cry for salvation. May god have mercy on my soul.
  7. sanddoggo

    The Caravan to Grishino

  8. Arvo Chernov- A twenty-year old male from a Rozhkow, a remote village in the Russian Caucasus mountains, had been a simple grain farmer's son with very little practical knowledge or experience other than shoveling pig manure from the stables and hunting with his father every so often. He was taught how to read and write by his doting mother- who kept a vast library of Russian and Georgian literature. From the works of Turgenev to the deep philosophical thoughts of Sholokhov, he studied deeply and tended to neglect his regular duties. This got him the occasional beating, but thankfully it seemed to get through to the little lad that living out in the wilderness, one can not afford to slacken or tire and must be vigilant with his skills. This led him to camp out in the forests every so often, contemplating under the stars about a better world. From the stories he heard from the cities, there had been many wars since he was born. Who fought them, he knew not, but the strangest thing he could remember was the news about a sickness going around. After this initial report, he remembered, the post stopped delivering mail. It was only until weeks later, when he was ordered by his father to purchase animal feed from the nearby city that he found out society was fractured during that period. Barely holding together by radio contact and in constant fear of demons that wandered the countryside, devouring anything they came across. Then too, the radio signals stopped transmitting completely a few months later. At home for Arvo things were not much better as his mother had passed away from an animal bite, antibiotics all but gone in their region. Pilfered from the little stores that were left. Shortly later his father, unable to cope with the loss and the news of the world's devastation, took his old rifle to the field and committed suicide. This was the last straw for Arvo, who buried him next to his mother outside the homestead. He grabbed his hiking pack and what little he could take with him from the home, mostly food and personal mementos and books. He recognized a map of Chernarus, a region just a bit to the west and pondered if he could make a new life there. The only way he could possibly go was south into the mountains, most likely to be lost forever before he ever reached any permanent destination. The amount of food he could carry was just enough to make the journey, provided he scavenged along the way. But he eventually made it to the vast province, astounded by the rolling hills and easier landscape then he was used to. Here, he thought, maybe a difference could be made. The towns he had seen on the way were absolutely abandoned, few survivors fighting over cans of beans and scraps of meat. It couldn't be the same way in this region, in a place so plentiful! Surely, something better can be made than the warmongering societies that came before. In his mind, Arvo knows that humanity cannot prosper and thrive if it will not cooperate and work together to create a better way of living. Maybe if he shows this kindness to strangers he thinks, they will pass these ideals on and make a change.
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