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  1. Ayyyy we got that Dedicated Player template! Looking mad spiffy 👀👌

  2. Notes and sleeping bags, my RP just leveled up PHATTY.
  3. "In brief, the four HESCOmen of the apocalypse..." - @APositiveElmo

    💀💀 God DAMN it 

    1. APositiveElmo


      You love it

  4. -User was cautioned for this post-
  5. Vandire

    The Life of Jacob Antone

    A compilation of events or incidents following the life of Jacob Antone.
  6. Vandire

    Wynne and Jacob

    AHHHHHH This turned out so well!
  7. Bout to run through the whole ass album now btw, lemme know what you think when you do too 👀

    1. Dongle


      At first I wasn't feeling it cause of scope set gave me some 2016 vibes but after a sec I really am starting to like this different shit tbh. I'm super basis though, like they could release a some garbage and I'd still like it lmao couple songs not great 

    2. Vandire


      So far, im only really digging:

      All Dogs Go To Heaven
      Putrid Pride
      Fuck Your Culture
      That Just Isn't Empirically Possible

    3. Dongle


      @Vandire definitely after listening to this for a bit my favorite song is One last look at the damage 

  8. @YourLeftHand @XD as well! RP was sick, you and Caboose had me fucking DYING half the night, laughing my ass off. Legit glad we met on good ground and really formed something between the communities.
  9. "I'm willing to move forward as long as we stay out of each others way, and that's it. And..."Mary"... same with you. Let's bury this shit and be done with it. For all of our sakes."
  10. *Youd hear a long drawn out sigh as the transmission comes to life* "What's done is done. It seems any faction or party on this frequency wants nothing to do with each other. I'm ready to let this shit die down, as I've been wanting it to for days now." *The PTT is released*
  11. *Jacob laughs at Wynnes response* "Atta girl. Speaking of young Valery, if he comes into my line of sight, he's a fucking corpse." *The PTT would be released*
  12. @YourLeftHand, I can say without certain our talk will go down as one of the best RP moments i have had. Raw emotion and confessions and lesson learning. Means so much not only IC but OOC, too. Thank you.
  13. Just going to throw my two cents out here. While they may have been looking around military zones, it was brought to my attention that they had seen the place due to clips from @YAKMOUTH stream, and two individuals which will remain nameless came to me specifically stating that they had meta'd the location of our compound. There is a strict rule that the place is not to be discussed IC(due to many people being in danger) or even OOC(for metagaming purposes). This place was not found on a whim by any means.
  14. Vandire

    A Sense Of Normalcy.

    Almost 2 months now!
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