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  1. Vandire


    @Georgia Banks
  2. Vandire

    The Life of Jacob Antone

    A compilation of events or incidents following the life of Jacob Antone.
  3. @Georgia Banks Absolute top notch RP. Sad as hell, but superb emotion and feelings behind it all.
  4. Much love my dude! My boys are @Fuhqnugget and @Peasant ! Thanks again!
  5. *Jacob would be sitting at thee kitchen table at base, curious about who stopped by. He woulds then press down his PTT.* "This is Jacob of the Grizzlies. One of my men informed that two gentlemen stopped by with bags of ammo and guns for myself and my group. He was unable to catch your names, but I give great thanks to whoever it was. Stop on by soon and i'm sure I can repay such a gift." *The PTT is released.*
  6. Vandire

    I'm Seeing A Ghost...

    @MasonWB Possibly my best screenshot yet.
  7. Vandire

    One Odd Reunion

    @MasonWB @Johnny Navid
  8. Vandire

    So Long, Vybor...

    Bro when Jacob had heard you were still alive and up North, the RP that came out of it was insane cause it was DAYS after the attack in Vybor. Same goes with Martinez, when he was in Stary.
  9. *Jacob would finish wrapping up the meat of the excellent hunt he's had the last two days, wiping his forehead, he would then reach for his radio, pressing down his PTT* This is a message to Ali, Julian, Marty, and Alex. I didn't forget about my promise to you boys. I got that food you were looking for. I also heard you boys ran into one of my men, and how urgently you needed it. Well, wait no more boys. Hail me on a private frequency and i'll tell you where i'm at. Jacob out. *the PTT is released.* (CC: @Scrxts, @nathancavvy, @Johnyeh, @Baallx)
  10. Vandire


    This is a mix of Del Toros, GMC, Grizzlies, and others who dont have any group yet.
  11. Vandire

    How many ARE THERE.

    I'm pretty sure it kept running up the hill!
  12. Vandire

    The Life of Jacob Antone

    @Tobascosauce @Yeetera @Fuhqnugget @Peasant @EdgarEMS
  13. @Yeetera @Tobascosauce @Peasant @Fuhqnugget ABSOLUTELY a sick day of RP and such a peaceful sit down and the breaking of bread. Thanks, boys. Lets hope for no more helicopters, right?
  14. Probably gonna be one of the most intense sit downs i'll ever have. Well fucking done, boys.
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