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  1. Names Eric, you can call me "black rat" or "rat" for short. I was a Fourth engineer Ship Crew member aboard the APM-Maersk before the outbreak happened. While we stopped to drop off some goods at the port about 400km from Chernarus. All was well before we left the port couldn't ask for a better day at the time, we ended up shipping off to our next destination passing Chernarus along the way. i had taken a break form my daily checks and needed a smoke break and some air. before i was able to get topside i noticed a lot of people in the sick bay looking rather pale and lifeless, was a little worried but then again i wasn't to worried because we were sailing into a storm and when the storm rocks the boat people got sea sick so i didn't pay much attention to it. managed to get some air and went back to my station, i passed the sick bay again and noticed the room was packed with people had to be about 40 people in one room which was now making me worried. once i got to my station i heard some one say that a plague broke out and people are getting sick left and right. Now i was worried that i caught something from this so called Plague just by getting some air but then i had heard something happen in the engine compartment the engines were roaring out of control and no one was answering my calls on the radio, then that's when all hell broke loose! these screams. I managed to get a peak out side my door and noticed blood was everywhere, screams got louder and everyone was sprinting all over the place. I managed to grab a crow bar and defend myself from what ever comes through the door. once the screams died down i manged to sneak my way to get topside again and to see what the hell is going on and of course i had to pass the sick bay, i looked in and all i can see where these people, no they were no people these were monsters eating dead people on the floor, i just about barfed my brains out but then i realized i need to get out. After getting top side all was quiet way to quiet, was so windy and rainy out you couldn't see 15 feet in front of you. i manged to get to the door that leads up to the Bridge but before i was able to open it everything went black, i came to soaked and on a beach, i had to get up and figure out what the hell happened sure enough our ship had run aground and was split into 2 pieces. once i had seen what happened on the ship i knew this wasn't a plague this was a damn out break, i managed to grab a few things that had washed ashore and had to find the nearest road into town but the odd thing is no one is here its all dead as it was on the ship. so now here i am soaked with some gear and a welcome sign that says welcome to Chernarus, i need to see if i can get a boat or see if i can get back home to see my family, or at least of whats left of them....
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