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  1. also came back and died, my loot is not anywhere. Can a staff give me the kill report please. not gonna lie its pretty bullshit @Roland
  2. if only someone recorded the 5 gun salute love you guys... always fun playing with yall
  3. ADD THE KNEE HIGH SNEAKERS IN THE SHOP!!!! honestly one of my favorite footwear to have... wouldnt hurt amirite
  4. CaleHP

    S2 Topolin - Baiting

    POV: I was in the base minding my own business, I was busy moving stuff around and checking things out. I wasnt paying attention to the guy downstairs, I did see him running around.. I was rather out of range for his voice, heard a few words but nothing notable.
  5. CaleHP

    Higher FOVs?

    For some reason i can't find my DayZ.cfg file so i cant really do much about it...
  6. CaleHP

    Higher FOVs?

    Hi! Thx for responding, When I look at the DayZ docs, I only see the fov setting not the fovtop or fovleft
  7. Is there anyway to make first person FOV higher? i've tried going to the docs and changing the FOV but it always seems to revert back to 0.95993 .... Since i play first person all the time i would really appreciate being able to increase the FOV higher than the slider, dont wanna go puke after a 5 hour long DayZRP Session
  8. Grew up in Singapore, Studied at ITE College East in Electronics Engineering. STORY | Before the outbreak, My father and I came to Chernarus for a business trip. My Dad was a world renowned veterinarian who was called for by the U.N. to study the anomalies of the wildlife in Chernarus. I, in the other hand, am just a teen just finishing up my highschool. When my mother died and I was still a minor back then, I had to follow my Dad to Chernarus as i had no other family. Then, the outbreak happened. I've been trying to get in contact with my Dad ever since, all my Dads known radio frequencies were silent and i had no where else to go. All i can do now is to seek shelter and stock up on food and wait for my Dad, I have some papers written by my Dad that contains all his notes on the anomalies. Since I'm all alone now, i can only read what he wrote so i could learn what he did on the field. Maybe i could find a cure? maybe i could make a drug that slows the spread, but who knows, after all i only have so much expertise back when i was being taught in Sinapore at the Institude of Technical Education. If i could find people like my dad and im sure i can as the U.N. probably sent a number of scientists including my dad. I could probably put a end to this, or maybe Chernarus is already too far gone.
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