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  1. sonytrio1234

    This is why I play MOD.

    The feels...they are too strong!
  2. I had to combine my Arma 2 addons with my Arma 2 OA addons due to me getting a ".chernarus" error and i was told this was the main fix. It is strange as it mixes the two overlays from the both games and it looks like Turd. This may be the problem and i am gonna look for a fix!
  3. Every time i log from the server and rejoin the items in my main bar disspaear (eg Food Primary ammo) and also my bandages and pistol ammo but nothing in my bag does. Is anyone else having the same issue and if so is their a fix? Thanks
  4. sonytrio1234


    No flak, but this kinda reminds me of Point Lookout in Fallout 3. Without the mutants and all, but just the eeriness and the church hanging over everything!
  5. I could be wrong but Moon engaged Nathan while he was in the house, that happened right before he got shot. Nah he said don't come any closer or I'll fire - Nathan complied and did not come closer - then some time later moon just shoots him without any communication from an even greater distance - that's a KoS surely?!!!???!?... I was next to Nathan we he got shot. I alerted Nathan to Moons presence on the hill (was quit obvious tbh) and Nathan had his weapon out and seemed to be looking for Maverick (in general). Going on the fact that Maverick didn't kill me -due to me holstering my weapon- he took Nathan actions and lack of compliance as the final straw. *bang*
  6. I was driving the truck. I also was also #1 when he pointed out there was 8 of us at green mountain. I talked to him there outside the gate. I wanted to go down the hill to catch up with them and they thought I was sneaking up on them.. Thats when all hell broke loose. I ran and found the truck per the story a few posts back.. Brilliant, nearly hit him and me!
  7. I want to know ho was in that truck? He nearly ran me over, i had to hastily move foreword with my hands on my head. His rp was 10/10! X)
  8. The real sad thing is, we couldn't loot his body. So no Akm for me! But nah was amazing ending and story as a whole! Got kos'd a few days later and much better rp than Lewis
  9. sonytrio1234

    Best RP ever!

    I was the guy that seen Nathan get shot. I put my hands up, but i didn't know at the time it was Maverick obviously!
  10. I was the guy that said the prayer at the end; no offence meant, was for complete effect. But i would love to meet up with Joe again! I never caught his second name! I loved it when you said like putting a needle in a sausage! That was brilliant X) (If you were the doctor)
  11. Without names the chance of finding them is near zero. I wouldn't have cared for the OOC voice if they did it once, but the KoS would have made my blood boil Yeh man had been on that character basically since the standalone server started! I could tell he was a complete noob
  12. Date:06/01/2015 Time: 4:30 ets Location: North West airfield Suspect info(if any) Two guys run over to me well geared. They give me food upon my request and decide to go OOC but in voice. One rule broken already but not my main focus. They then go onto to say if i would like to join their group i kindly decline and tell them that i am trying to repair the ATC tower. So off they went and a few minuets later they rock over and ask if i need anything. I tell them i could do with some tools they alert me to the presence of tools in the hangers. I catch the guy pointing his gun at me out the corner of my eye. *Bang* 'You are dead'. I then hear one of the players saying "You cant just shoot them like that" followed by laughing. So i can confirm that the player that shot me has no firm grip on the rules due to the fact he broke around two of them in all under ten minutes. So is this the level of people we are letting in? In my first week i made sure i had a firm grip on the rules. I was not engaged or told to drop my weapons! Anyway they were ont he American server. One had a mosin with a psu scope and the other an sks -The one who shot me and asked for ammo ooc in voice. One had a gas mask. The other a black face mask and beret and in general dark or green military clothing. I'm sorry but this is all i can say. Another thing is they may ask if you want to join their group.
  13. New Ghillie suit is looking mint! I just wonder how rare the netting required will be because i know that burlap sacks are very abundant on the server! http://www.dayztv.com/video/dayz-0-51-ghillie-suit-how-craft-showcase-exp/
  14. sonytrio1234

    [SA] Show us your character!

    Here i am as of 22/11/14