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  1. Max Riker was born in Gorka on May 10th of 1982, His father John an American ex soldier in the run and his mother a Russian village woman named Vetkisa Darr. His father a drunk and always abusing his mother, max had a rough childhood. One day max's father was beating on his mother and when max tried to stop him he got hit, causing max to grab his father 1911 and shoot im where he stood. This caused Max to grow cold HIs mother then passed away and Max decided to join the military, he served 9 years till being honorable discharged. Max met a beautiful Russian woman and fell in love. They had a son and life was great. Until the out break occurred. Ma got home to see his door broke in. He ran inside to find his wife and son ripped apart on the floor. Max heart shattered and he became a shell of the man he used to be. He developed PTSD and night terrors that drive him mad. maybe on this road ahead Max will be able to heal forget and love. "Only the road will tell and that is where I head"- Max Riker
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