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  1. ouglas MacKenzie is a 26 year old Scottish Black Watch veteran sent to Chernarus to help in AID operations providing food after a famine had ruined local farming towns. While stationed in Chernarus a epidemic had begun to sweep the country unknown to Douglas and his team. During a routine scouting operation the squad of 4 were attacked by what seemed like a 'crazed' local who appeared out of a side alleyway. The incident was dismissed as hunger enduced rage but was reported to HQ regardless which like the team was dismissed. Days passed the 'hunger enduced' violence became more rampant till the team of 4 watched families tear each other apart limb by limb trying their best to hold down HQ Alpha. All three of Douglas' team were killed during the besiegement until Douglas was forced to the coast in search of rescue only to see nothing but ocean. As night began to set in after spending the day trying to reconnect with some of the Czech Republican army the screams from near by villages filled the air like a audio poison, thus causing Douglas to take shelter in the near by woods. Fire crackled by his side as he began to slowly drift off with a picture of his wife and kids by his side for comfort.
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