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  1. okay well on my behalf this is resolved and im sorry for any inconvenience caused
  2. @Conor like i said u really whooped our asses there if you dindnt turn around to me to fast you could have got us both so im really okay with that i got unsafe by taking the cuffs out because i never thought you would try to pull a gun on us in that situation well it is how it is. just wanted to make sure that there was no combatlog i thought too at first but the video dosnt lie.
  3. @Conor na im really okay with that you kinda whooped our asses there, im just saying i wouldnt pull out a gun if someone is aiming his gun at my head and im on the ground. still dont want to hate against you in any way nice situation there even tho.
  4. This is the Video Recording i got for that situation unfortunatly theres no mic sound of me but still im gonna have to confirm what @Conor is saying in the video you can defenetly see that the truck was empty in the beginning and she spawned as soon as i got in however my personal opinion in the end of the video you gonna see me trying to handcuff her and even tho my buddy aims his gun at her head at the time shes pulling out the mp7 and shoots at us so this to me does not seem like valuing life but thats really everything i can say negativly about @Conor from my side sorry for the bad english and the inconvenience
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