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  1. Born some where in west Germany back when the wall was still dividing the communist Russia and the free west in to a American military family that was stationed there as his father was a High ranking officer. After the collapse of the Berlin-wall His family moved about from base to base, until he become of age and enlisted in the army Him self since it was the only life he has ever know. That is all that his MEMO has on him, everything after that is lvl-4 Classified. A lone wolf, a man of few words, a man that has seen a lot and survived even more. An army veteran who came in to Chennarus with the Marines who landed in Elektrozavodsk. He and his crew wast tasked to find and protect the VIP's mostly government officials and to get them out of the conflict zones. By the time they were to extract no one came, the COM's were down. They were left behind with his team and some survivors. One by one all of his friends died to those monster's. He has saved others that he has met but his hard-headedness has driven people away, maybe that for the best, friendships do not last long in this place. And they might have been a burden in the long run, not much supplies in this hell-hole.. He is set on his own ways, hunting in the wilderness avoiding the towns if possible and observing the happenings from a far, trying not to get involved with the other survivors, most of the time they are more trouble then worth. but he is not afraid to fight if it comes to it, he is a veteran after all. And taking a life is just like any other thing that needs to be done in this forsaken place, but he does not find joy in it, at least he tries tell him self that every time some scumbag tries to bash his head in for few cans.
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