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  1. Night 1, 2 and 3 of Operation Valkryie // Operation Valkryie - communication networks have been established between some members of the 22ndSAS regiment in Chernarus. Operation Valkryie is the campaign operations name given to the regrouping and consolidation of the regimental forces.



    The first 72 hours of Operation Valkryie were rough. Lt. Michaels desperately made his way to all known stashes he and the other members of the 22ndSAS had set up prior to the out break.. these stashes were only supposed to be used as sites to recoop~ eat, drink and grab an extra mag. We had no idea of the outbreak we were going to be dragged into..

    After gathering some basic supplies and equipment Michaels managed to witness a miracle.. at 18:00 hours Captain Josh Price made his daily radio broadcast calling the attention of any and all members of the 22ndSAS.. Lieutenant Michaels hadn't heard his voice in over a year and almost became quite emotional-
    Knowing that the communication window could close very soon he contained himself and informed Price of his location near Vyshnoye. Communications between the two were quick and effective, like they had been years prior in their operating days. 
    Knowing it was important to find a landmark, Michaels' called for them to meet at Green Mountain.

    A dreadful storm passed over the region during the team between the two meeting, causing Michael's clothes to become drenched, hypothermia began to set on with Michaels being unable to find a place to get warm or inside in the forested area between Vyshnoye and Green Mountain.
    Michaels was under the impression he may not make it to the mountain... water and food was becoming scarce and the sun was going to be setting soon.

    However... Michaels dragged himself to Green Mountain where he encountered two other survivals of the outbreak, quickly they offered Michaels assistance and nursed him back to health before sunset.. as the sun set the gentlemen set up a campfire and continued to warm up. The band of survivors shared their stories and origins. The younger lad gave the name Billy Biscuit and the Chernorussian national simply responded he was a trader. Billy opted to name him "El Trado" and Michaels gained the name "Johnny Bravo" from the younger lad.


    As the sun began to rise the next day a gentlemen named Deacon arrived, wishing to trade with the settlement known by some as "Charity" a-top Green Mountain. As the sun rose in the morning, the settlers turned their lights on and offered the band of survivors food, water and warmth.

    Deacon supplied the trade village and survivors with stories of his own and the pain he has been through since the outbreak in 2017, and as the sun set on the second day Captain Price arrived and Michaels and his CO embraced, warming the hearts of the survivors in "Charity". The first words spoken to between the two being "Captain.." and "Chief.." - trying to hide their sheer disbelief that they would see eachother alive again.

    After wishing all the fellow survivors the best of luck on their travels and survival, Michaels and Price with Billy in Tony in tow left to attempt to find more equipment to better prepare themselves for the continuation of Operation Valkryie.

    Heading North East the trio made their way to Pogorevka, then through to Rogovo, where they encountered a once Cypriot National Guard member named Christos. The trio became four as they continued through to Vybor Military Base, where they encountered two other survivors looking for their friend, only god knows how long they'd been looking... They looked starved.

    The 22ndSAS offered food and water to the survivors, tested their blood types and wrote it down so they can be helped if the troop encountered them in the future. The duo of survivors moved on to their next search destination, Michaels' wonders every day if those two ever found their friend.

    The troop of four continued North to the airfield, hoping to use the communication equipment in the ATC to try and assist them in locating more members of the 22ndSAS...
    Captain Price and Chief Michaels were shocked to recieve a response from the Sergeant known as "WhiteHouse" on the net... 
    Absolutely ecstatic at this news, The group of four moved to Grishino, a known trader town to rest up... acting as impromptu security while there before sleeping the night...

    Who knows what the future will hold for the Ladies and Gentlemen of the 22ndSAS. After all; τοῖς τολμῶσιν ἡ τύχη ξύμφορος



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