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  1. We had left the area, I personally realised the timer was around 25-27 mins so I realised for me it would take around about 2-3mins to load up (bad computer) so I just thought that would be fine for the 30min timer because I had to logoff afterwards anyways. It's not like I logged while they was chasing, still in RP or anywherer near the area that the RP took place.
  2. Im unsure why I'm on this report as I'm not the member he was talking about. I was there an saw everything happening but don't think it was a breach of the rules as the guy was restrained and also under threat of his life if he didn't do what we said. If im misunderstanding the reason/ruling for this please do let me know. We'd never force somebody a illness, disease etc. that would lead to the death or massive strain on a character as that would be causing a un-needed RP experience.
  3. we raided it, put the hesco kit to peak over the fence to see what they were packing. We didn't realise it was over the lock so personally I tried to remove my hesco after but it wouldn't allow me for some reason thats the shovel, axes and other tools on the ground. so we knocked down the wall and raided. We was telling each other to grab stuff from the floor and then we heard somebody outside then went on to kidnap them (Sir. Donald Beckett) quickly. I assumed that every body else thought the other people grabbed the loot.
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