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  1. Idi’s family was killed in a village fire when he was about 8 years old. The only reason Idi survived is because he went out with his friends to smoke drugs, crack to be exact. They would roll it up in tin foil and put the crack at the end and use it as a makeshift pipe. When Idi returned to his village 5 or so hours after the fire, he was in shock. He immediately ran into the village, looking for his family. And low and behold, he saw his whole family. Burnt to a crisp on stretchers. They were gone. He would never see them again. Idi’s father was a leader of an African tribe located in the Zulu of South Africa. So Idi decided to go to his father’s tribe encampment. He had followed his father there before out of curiosity. The tribe members / soldiers knew Idi since he was first born, so Idi went to them, hoping to find himself a new family. When he got to the camp the soldiers were wary at first, but Idi explained to them what happened. The men immediately looked at each other. They knew something Idi didn't. The men told Idi an enemy militia wanted his father dead. They must have come to the small village and burned the house down. Idi, filled with rage, knew what had to be done. “I want dem dead ay? You understand?” The men laughed at first. Idi picked up an AK that was on a tree stump nearby. The men were immediately spooked. Idi said “Fine I will do it myself ay?” Idi walked off with the AK in hand when he was grabbed by a soldier. The soldier said “We shall fight for you brudda. Your fadda’s death will not be wasted.” Idi smiled. 9 Years later Idi and his tribe had finally found out where the man who killed his father was located. Chernarus. Idi went alone. This was personal. This was before the first outbreak, when Idi got off the plane in Chernarus he was told to go to Bor where the man was located. Idi didnt have a gun, he planned on doing this with nothing but a rock and his hands. Idi got to Bor and found the mans house. idi threw on some shitty gloves he had brought. He made sure no one was watching and bursts into the mans home, ready to attack. He sees the man and chokes him to death. Idi felt good. Better than he ever has. Idi decides to stay in Chernarus as it was a nice break from the constant conflict in Africa.
  2. It all started with a traveling Pastor who goes by the name of Father Paul Olsen. Father Paul was a famed pastor in the States, while traveling around from country to country he found himself in a place called Chernarus. He absolutely loved the country, everything about it was beautiful to Father Paul. He had been thinking about settling somewhere, after preaching in Chernarus, he continued around the world, inspiring many. After about 2 months of travel he decided to settle down in Chernarus. He sparked an interest in religion to many people around Chernarus. Father Paul preached there for years to come. Then the first outbreak happened. Paul had quarantined in his Elektro home through the first and second wave of the outbreak he would only go out to buy groceries. The third outbreak hit and Paul doesnt know what to do with himself at this point.
  3. Me and @Krullix aren't going to be able to make it. I hate canceling last minute
  4. Team Name: Super Ultra Blast Off Player 1: @ImAtrix Player 2: @Krullix
  5. This my friend, is comedy gold. Thank you for sharing this masterpeice.
  6. Absolutely pumped for this! +1
  7. Loving the new look man! Its classy! Love your taste in music!

    1. ImAtrix


      Thanks man! Looked cute might delete later...

  8. The group looks awesome! Slava Chernarus! Just a quick word of advice though. I would try to keep unnecessary comments out of the group page. Makes the whole group look kinda bad. Might just be me though. Best of luck!
  9. mega cringe big yikes Also. Will this be the group theme? @CJBB I know you love this song.
  10. If its Stella Del Mattino your referring too your facts aren't straight. The 5.0.3 and Stella Del Mattino were actually against each other. Also while Stella del Mattino was around we never got in a fire fight with you guys... I don't even think we met as Stella del Mattino. If I'm not mistaken, this raid your referring to was done by The Nameless, who paid Stella del Mattino to help raid the prison. The point of this isn't to cause OOC issues. Its just to clear up some stuff regarding Stella del Mattino. Dont want it to get twisted haha. Other wise, the graphics are nice, and the roster has a great set of roleplayers! Good Luck!
  11. Damn Jackfish these videos never fail to give me the fucking chills. Always so well produced! Good job!
  12. From my understanding you never initiated and you had no rights because I used defender rights which I gained from @SassyRP shooting @RiZ who I had role played with. I used those to kill @SassyRP. Quoted from RULE 4.2 If you are not a part of an approved group, attacker rights can not be shared and apply only for your character. There was no approved group you were apart of. You were dynamic. For you to have rights you would of have to initiated. But you didn't.
  13. Lucas Stevens POV: Some random guys rolled up to the WP prefab demanding a car from a previous encounter with WP. I wasn't really sure what the previous encounter was all about so I stayed out of the situation. The two men trying to negotiate were on their way out of the door when someone said something that they didn't like so they come back. @SassyRP suggests that @VegasRP should "beat his ass". So what @VegasRP decided to respond with was smack with a heavy hit from a shovel on the man. I see @RiZ draw his weapon after @VegasRP hits the man with the shovel and spray @VegasRP down. I see @SassyRP start to shoot @RiZ and immediately gun him down. I turn to @Shroud and start running toward him with the intent to initiate. Before I can even say a word I start taking shots and I shoot back. I had not even shot at you, you shot at me first so I shot back. You didn't have rights on me.
  14. When is the "bear" knuckle boxing montage coming out?
  15. Link to the situation: N/A Any supporting evidence or notes:N/A Feedback: Been in help desk numerous times with Eddie and every single time has been a pleasant experience. He is easy to talk to and is super helpful. Keep up the good work and congrats on GM! Suggestions for improvement: Keep doing what your doing!
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