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  1. Amazing RP from everyone at the HARO event Especially @Banshee. Some bomb rp from you specifically lad!
  2. GG cant believe I really fell for it tbh.
  3. Was fun ladies and gents. Thanks for having me on this journey! Please take me off the roster.
  4. Damek Burnek Damek grew up in Vybor city with his brother Jaroslav. Their father, Alexi Burnek fought as Chedaki for many years. He died in combat at the age of 35 before both Jaroslav and Damek were born. Both Damek and Jaroslav wanted to enlist and fight for what their father believed in. They both wanted to live on his legacy. So they enlisted with the RAC after they reformed from Chedaki in November of 2012. After Lovpotev's assassination they were deployed to fight against the former CDF. 2020 When the Frenzied Flu hit he was put as the 2nd wave to come in incase anything went bad. Now he is sent into South Zagoria to try and help control the situation
  5. Does that mean we can power game that someone has the infection if they dab?
  6. Looks awesome, can't wait for more to come! Maybe ask @Craig about dem children of Black Lake
  7. HAHHAHA. on that note, y'all want some W H I S K E Y
  8. Looks good man keep it up frfr! but pls no more catgirls put your effort to something that doesnt make eye balls bleed.
  9. Looking good lads! Good luck with this!
  10. "I dont like people who say...... Hands up or die, I'm going to shoot you and then say goodbye" Bar of the year 2020 Funny ass video
  11. image.png.b6e1f01c3cd781b7f3aa0e7617f89c74.png

    1 year, damn. Where is this mans legend rank?

    1. Saunders


      Damn this is huge Eagles, I remember you being at 70 odd days and just behind me on the leaderboard.. Now look at you!

      Congrats on MvP for your playstreak too!

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