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  1. AtrixLR


    1. Rapid Steve

      Rapid Steve

      well thats another pair back on the loot rotation for me B)

    2. Rapid Steve

      Rapid Steve

      @Roland please let it end all I want to do is be able to enjoy the server without having look for something as basic as an article of clothing that could otherwise be easily spawned in. I dont even care if its a new item and I have to buy it again I just want to play the server without the hassle of looking for clothing items, its not like Im asking for T-72B to be put on the item shop. Please ?

    3. sac


      The ride never ends

    4. Peril


      I don't even fancy capri pants that much, but this just feels... wrong...

    5. Roland


      Hahaha, good job Atrix!

    6. AtrixLR


      Appreciate it @Roland. Would give you a bean but I dont have any. Looks like I'll steal my bean back from @Banshee since he stinky

    7. Rapid Steve

      Rapid Steve

      Appreciate it @Roland. Would give you [money if you put it on the item store but you wont for some reason] [2]

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