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  1. A sigh comes over the radio How you gonna take this shit slaver shit outta context dog. funny how people so quick to make assumptions against the opps. pray on their downfall and twist words. Thats some fuck shit get your facts straight, long story short, Mickey McCoomer used to be associated with some slavers called 'The Pedlars' he claims he doesn't know about what the Pedlars did but who knows. he was a higher up, after all. glad to hear you're alive Mickey
  2. honestly great idea. Livonia is a pog map and on top of that we can actually monotize it.
  3. tbh ngl @Nathan the Forum Bot is best admin


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    Dead ass about done with all this dumb shit. No one loyal nowadays. Im finna just roll on em and start on my young bull shit again 🤷‍♂️.


  5. Correct me if im wrong, but the RPG doesn't show who is doing the killing in the kill logs making the RPG an ez tendie weapon. Remove them like we removed grenades pls thx.
  6. Riggs' voice would come over the radio, with a slight chuckle. "Oh, so I see, Mr. Vasilly did nothing. Well I can assure you that Mr. Jan of your little cesspool informed me the night of the robbery of not only the bar, but the people of Cherno. You would hear a lighter spark and a couple audible deep inhales and exhales You guys stole the bar's car and used it to attack Cherno, which are people you claim to be protecting. The same day your men were caught with their pants down in Cherno talking to the nice people. Vysov came and shot every single one of the blue armbands that
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    Dirty sprite da best 🤤


  8. good luck kind sir i know you'll do well Kase
  9. pretty sure thats cheating but sure its me. preacher?
  10. -1 I disagree with this simply of the fact of if you kill the character and the perm'd player came back to the community the player's stories would all be gone and they would come back on final with a fresh character, even though they might have had some dope storylines and such.
  11. Good luck roleplayers. Remember to always prioritize having fun and don't let people stop you from having fun. With that being said, I hope to see you in game!
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