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  1. Riggs was just a child when he had to grow up. Riggs grew up in an abusive household, his mother a prostitute and a drug addict. His father was barely in his life, and when he was he was probably completely fried. Riggs, at the age of 8 years old saw a construction worker come into the house. Riggs asked "Who are you?" The construction worker looked at him and said "F*** off" the construction worker kicked him to the ground than stomped on his face. For the following week Riggs had a giant boot mark on his face. When Riggs turned 12 he started hanging around with some people from the Blood set Brim. He got jumped in randomly one day on his way back to his house. Riggs started out doing the dumb stuff. Car hopping, selling fake drugs, shoplifting. One day 5 years later, Rigg's friend "Dub" asked him to be a middle man. Riggs blindly agreed, knowing nothing about the meet. Dub handed him a black backpack which weighed about a pound or so. Riggs thought this would just be an eighth of weed. Dub told him not to look in the bag. Riggs said alright. Before Riggs could get in his car Dub handed him a baby 9 and said you might need this if this goes to s***. Riggs laughed thinking nothing of it but in the back of his mind he knew this wasn't a good idea but Riggs ignored it and manned up, he got in his 2008 328i Beamer put the gun under the seat and set off to a nearby town called Carbondale. He was supposed to meet on 12th avenue nearby to a park. Riggs looked at the bag. He was so curious as to what was in there. He looked and saw a giant bag of weed, had to have been about a pound, he looked under and found a scale, and an eight ball of coke. "What the f***" Riggs said to himself, he didn't know he was bringing someone some coke and a ton of bud. He started to panic, what if he got pulled over? Or these guys can be some bosses. He collected him self as he pulled up to the car behind the park's bathroom buildings. It was a newer Mustang. Riggs got out of the car and grabbed the bag on his way out. The guy in the drivers side of the Mustang daped Riggs up and said a single word quietly and softly "bathroom". Riggs walked into the bathroom and saw 3 guys, they said wassup and daped him up. Riggs says "You got the bread?" the guy in the middle said yeah and the guy on Rigg's left whipped out a pistol. He said "Drop the backpack." calmly. Riggs was thinking "I knew this wasn't gonna be good". The man on the right grabbed the bag and pulled the massive bag of bud out. He says "YOOOO, this is more than I expected" than smiles at Riggs. The guy in the middle says to Riggs, "Go, now" he goes to walk away, the man in the middle says "Wait, gimme your phone." Riggs gave him his phone with no words spoken. The guy than smashed the phone on the ground. Riggs left the bathroom. The man in the drivers side started the car, made eye contact with Riggs, and looked away with a smile. Riggs got in his car and drove off. He was pissed, not only was Dub gonna be pissed but he had just made an enemy. He said whatever and turned the corner to loop back around to the park. He cut off his head lights, than put the car in park while still running. He reached under his seat for the gun. Grabbed it, flipped the safety, and cocked it back. He ran up to the man in the driver seat, shot him in the head and than shot the tire. He ran for his life. When he got back to the car, he peeled off. He got out of there as fast as possible, when he got on the highway he was going the speed limit to look casual. He got back to his house, he looked at it, and thought about his mom. As much as she abused him he still loved her, he didn't want to drag her into this. So he got out of his car and ran to the bridge which was over a river, he threw the gun into the river and ran off to Dub's house. He didn't know where else to go. He explained the whole thing to Dub. Dub told him he had a plane ticket to go to a place called Chernarus. Dub had been able to get enough money to go on a "get away" to relieve some stress. It was 2016 when Riggs went to Chernarus. Now he is 20 years old and surviving by any means necessary.
  2. Just a quick question. This is completely OOC as me and my friend are looking to just wear some armbands that are not already taken so we don't get mistaken for a group. What colors/patterns do each group wear?
  3. When Wesley Jackson was 18 years old in high school he took the ASVABS and scored a 95%. The military had always been an option but he always planned on become a therapist. Until his parents went broke. He was living with his parents at the age of 19, had no job opportunities. He got a letter in from the US Marines. Again encouraging him to join the cause. He decided he wanted to. Fast forward 4 years, his training was complete and he was deployed in Chernarus. After his entire squad was wiped out by zombies in front of him, he started to go a little crazy. He self diagnosed himself with PTSD. Ever since than he will do whatever it takes to survive.
  4. Damek is a adopted chernorussian. He grew up in Bor on a farm where he always spent time with his brothers. Him and his brothers were inseparable, always hanging out together. He is the youngest of the brothers. Damek always aspired towards his brothers. When my brother Milan left for the CDF, he told me "If anything ever, and I mean ever gets bad, meet me at the farm." Fast forward a couple years and the worst day of Damek's life was here. The apocalypse struck. Damek ran as fast as he could. He found himself at an old tree he always flocked towards as a kid. His old safe place. He remembered what Milan said. He ran back to the farm and found Milan.
  5. Lucas just got out of high school when the outbreak happened its been 2 years. Lucas was a honor student in high school and he also played high school football, he sounds like the average preppy high school star quarterback but he's not. He actually hung out with the odd kids. The ones that were depressed and always made fun of. He liked to stand up for them. And being the star player of the football team all the bullies stepped back from him. His team had respect for him but they often didn't hang out with him other than the games. They were friends but not the type that he hung out with out of school. One day Lucas's friends told him about this mission project this summer (2017) in a place called Chernarus. He's heard the name, but never actually knew anything about it. All he knew was there was a civil war in 2009 and they repaired most of the country but the not so popular spots were still a bit rundown. He decided he would go to Chernarus to help out. He was having a great time that summer in Chernarus. Until July 4th. They saw a bunch of creatures running at them so they all scatted and he lost his friends. 2 years later October 23rd 2019 he was robbed. He lost all his food, water, everything. All he's managed to find is some clothes and some basic gear. Where will Lucas go next?
  6. My characters name is Wesley Carpenter. He was a petty thief. Wesley grew up in an abusive household in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His dad worked as a construction worker, his mom a fast food worker. Every night when they got home they would fight and fight. Wesley got sick of it, he ran away to his grandfathers house, Wesley and him were always close to each other. Him and his grandfather fought for his custody, they ended up winning and he lived with his grandfather. Wesley's grandfather put him in therapy and he was diagnosed with PTSD. Fast forward to when he was in high school he scored a 96% on the ASVAB test, at that moment, he knew he was joining the military. At the age of 20 Wesley had joined the Marines. Wesley and his squad leader had made an immediate connection. Throughout Wesley's training his him and his squad leader, Henry had always talked as Wesley had just gotten out of therapy. Fast forward to July 17, 2017 and they deployed him in Chernarus. While in Chernarus their squad was attacked by a horde of zombies they held them off for as long as possible. Henry looked at him and yelled "GO NOW GET OUT OF HERE!" Wesley froze, he didn't know what to do. Henry looked at him and screamed "NOW,GO THATS AN ORDER!" Wesley ran. He ran and ran as fast as he could go. Wesley was alone. He had no one he always had wondered what happened to his squad and to Henry... Now Wesley is on the hunt for Henry and his squad. Until he finds them, he's all alone...
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