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  1. Atrix17

    5.0.3 Media Thread

    LMAO u sure about that? Edit: Also thanks to Atrix for writing it and signing it with my name What do you mean? I didnt write anything?? All I know is you wrote a lovely love letter to @Phoenix In Character. Its okay to express your feelings...
  2. Riggs's POV: Riggs and the boys got word of some people at the church so we decided to go up there and have some RP. We were role playing when @C-J throws out our super secret initiation code word. I had an idiot moment and initiated on the group of people rather than just @Aron73. The boys caught my mistake and quickly corrected and initiated on @Aron73. Shortly after we got @Aron73 behind the church and started some hostile rp. Eventually I asked for perms to perma scar and carved "LIAr" into his back. I told him to get up, and then continued the torture rp by spitting and making him bend his back. He was sick and got me sick so I beat him up a little. I step away. Suddenly I hear a gun shot, turn around. and boom. hes dead. Will Upload Video after if it uploads. Hopefully tomorrow. Gonna try to upload overnight cause I wanna enjoy the game and uploading vids destroys my internet Got perms to edit out the Discord screen from a GM
  3. Completely honest I have no idea let me re upload with that in there sorry bout that. Surprised I didnt catch it EDIT: It must have been a glitch in the video or my frames just dropping, strange. I just went back into the original video and looked back and its still there. Can hop into help desk and share screens if need be
  4. I never played a cannibal but I'm pretty sure human fat doesn't give you kuru. My suggestion would be to eat the fat and keep the steak as a RP item.
  5. I'd also like to add something. The OP says that we say something about a carnival (Timestamp 1:15) He claims he was initiated on moments after we were talking about the carnival but the initiation drops at 3:28. He also claims that he was turning around to see if anyone new approached. This obviously isn't true because he clearly aims his weapon towards @Leik and even fires a shot. I'd like to call out lying in a report.
  6. Riggs's POV: @Leik and myself decide to head down to Novaya Petrovka to loot for a car radiator. I was looting at the nearby circus when I heard shots from an M4. @Leik heard them as well, so we decided to engage in some hostile role play. We approach them and start with some little chit chat. @Leik throws out an initiation, so I do aswell. I saw the man in the grass point his gun so I shot and killed him. @Leik was still trying to get the straggling non compliant when I came up and helped him out. I feel this report is completely invalid, me and @Leik drop initiations and they decided to not comply. Simple as that. They killed any and all possibility for any hostile role play. Here is the video. I had to edit it down to a smaller and less quality image because my internet was dying while uploading so I decided to make the file smaller so I could upload it faster as it took about 10 minutes for a 3 minute video. Didn't want to risk a temp ban for not posting a POV. Sorry for the aspect ratio of the video. Have an old monitor.
  7. Uploading the video to YouTube now. Will post POV when done. Might take a minute. In game and my internet is trash. EDIT: Would like to talk this out in Help Desk on discord if possible.
  8. Riggs's POV: Riggs and the 5.0.3 boys had just left Kolembrody headed towards Sitnik. We got word that a beamer was headed our way. We made the choice to initiate on the vehicle and have them get out with their hands up. We had them drop their vests, weapons, bags and radios. We put them in a car and set off to a factory where we would interrogate them because one had an An Pobal armband. After a short car ride we arrived at the factory where we took them into a building and started asking. @DuquesneLR separated the two hostages on opposite sides of the building. @DuquesneLR interrogated @Earl while @C-J and @G_DateLR questioned @Leejames123 I was told to go watch the BMW's, about five minutes into watching the car, I heard something over the radio about Voodoo magic. Later I learned that @Leejames123 had been communicating with his friends whilst not having a radio. I do not have any video evidence, and even if I did I wasn't around at the time of the said incident.
  9. Atrix17

    Baiting Sitnik

    Riggs's POV: Some boys, the 503 and I decided to pay a visit to Sitnik after visiting the Soup Kitchen for some quality RP. When we got to Sitnik the OP was refusing to let us in, so we decided to try and find a way in. We went to the side of the compound to the PD. From there we tried to boost in. After being prompted by @God to stop, we moved over towards the front gate and started to boost over the gate. @God told the boys to stop I heard an initiation from @God shorty followed with some gun shots. Saw 1 man drop dead on the roof. Than the remaining man complied till he dropped off the roof and retaliated. Also... Just food for thought. We knew the risk we were taking by jumping into an occupied base. They would gain kill rights on us, and we wouldn't unless we initiated. They were not forced to initiate, which I believe is the rule for baiting.. As in baiting is the act of FORCING someone to initiate. An Pobal gains rights on anyone trying to enter their base without permission, no initiation is needed. EDIT: A while after the fight died down the remaining decided to save @Krullix as he was still hostage. Shortly after arriving and crashing numerous times I re-initiated to gain rights. Shortly after I rotated to double brown house, peeked and was shot and killed by @Dongle.
  10. Nice addition. A bit bright on my 2010 monitor but that's all good.
  11. Got me emotional and shit @Alan Woods.
  12. @Squillium Good RP man! Was a fun time you dirty liar . Hope to see you again out there!
  13. I'd like to close the report. After thinking about it, he's just new to RP at the end of the day.
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