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  1. Lesss gooo. glhf boys
  2. Nice chimping

  3. really been enjoying the rp with these boys. solid rp'ers and great fellas. approve these boys

    1. ChewyLR


      There's a zoo kind of thing near where I live (Yorkshire Wildlife Center) and the monkeys were fucking hella fun to watch. I saw one grab a frog.

    2. Banshee


      Bro thats me...

    3. Atrix


      @Banshee i know this is from ur leaked icloud

    4. Aisling


      This was the forums after Harambe passed.

    5. ZedLR


      No Thank You Reaction GIF

  5. Actually fucking did it with the signature lmfao

    1. Atrix


      why would you ever doubt me?

    2. ChewyLR


      I was half asleep when I sent the message

  6. Graphics look great! Group sounds interesting, good luck gentlemen! EDIT: I also suggest that you put character names after everyone's forum names, just to make it easier on staff.
  7. accidently voted no. Seems simple enough, the more I think about it I dont think I've seen many around.
  8. In my personal experience with this change one thing I find very disappointing is fist fighting. Me and @Elrod had a fist fight and the fight lasted about 5-10 minutes and was practically a fight to the death, I ended up on red health at the end of the fight and @Elrod had to tap out cause he was at blinking red. I like the idea of less damage with your fists, but if there is anyway to bring up the 'shock' damage or what ever knocks you out to the equivalent of what it was, in that case, that would make this a +10000 in my book.
  9. @Mason and co: Enjoyed the hostage rp, was an interesting situation. @ whoever that trader was (Sorry don't know forum name), @Ilikelettuce: Was fun getting to know the both of you for the hour or so we were walking around @cas @Banshee @Methias @Drbeans @Poster @TZ @Ilikelettuce @Frequency and who ever else was there for our little outrage. @TZ Nice fist fight with Han Lee, 1-0 (should be 2-0) against the boxing champ Han Lee. @CormacLR nice little convo we had about the Russians, also BIGGGGG thanks for getting my tractor back @RonnieLR nice umbrella man, very strong GG
  10. You did it son, you won the day.

    1. Atrix


      All thanks to Rapid Steve 😎

  11. Just wanted to post this regarding my last post, showing that MOST OF US we truly did whiff shots on purpose. Also @Finn they werent just not following orders. They were calling her derogatory names and such. Credit to @GrimLR for the video Also https://clips.twitch.tv/IncredulousSleepyNikudonHotPokket
  12. Im not gonna go off on a huge rant here, but... Being apart of this event and watching some of the VOD as well does concern me as well. Watching the VOD, one thing that stood out to me was the fact that a lot of you were disrespecting @Franny, who was rp'n as a superior rank to you guys. Obviously in an IRL military you would prolly get in a lot of trouble for saying some shit like that. Also, during the fire fight at the island we were told to shoot to scare not to kill so we could maybe have some potential RP with the remaining rebels. Instead, we are shown tactics that would never be realistic for TRAINED military men. Just to make it clear, I am not mad about losing the fight, in fact, it was pretty much meant for us to loose, plus I lost and gained nothing out of it . I also heard some people saying shit like "Get fragged pussy" and other shit after they kill someone. Kinda yikes. Thats all.
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