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  1. Maybe as a shooting range kind of thing, with targets set up at pre-defined distances... Then you could do iron sight, scope, pistol, etc events... and more importantly: No one shooting anyone else
  2. fistymus

    A guide to the DayZRP crafting system

    Thanks Tamaster
  3. The AK is regarded as one of the world's best weapons. It's easy to repair, will fire under any circumstances (After immersion in water,mud, sand). Cheap to manufacture. Relatively accurate over distance and takes a wide range of ammunition. This is why it's still the choice of most guerillas around the world. Plus Somalian kids love how cool they look blind firing with it
  4. My personal favorite: "It's a boomstick"
  5. Also don't forget if you're out in the open they can't get you if you stand in a big fir tree but you can melee the daylights out of them... or hunch down and they'll lose interest and walk away from the tree.
  6. There's always the backstory that he was a famous movie star before the breakout, but he'd still be breaking the no famous names rule.
  7. Name: Robert 'Bert' Williams Age: 40 Height: 6'2" Weight: 256lbs Hair: Brown Eyes: Green Pre-Outbreak Profession: Fitter Demeanor in three words: Weary, Adept, Quiet
  8. I travel out to the US a lot as I work out there and I often bring back goodies with me. Just put it in your checked suitcase and you'll be good to go. I fly back into blighty via Manchester and you could more-or-less carry anything through there. Oh if you want then the "I take my graphics card out to the US for LAN parties" always works, it left the UK and it's returning there :wink:
  9. Why hello there. After seeing how well played the RPers were on a well-known YTer's video I thought I'd like to join in with your community, as it certainly beats the brains out of the usual plethora of spawn/die/repeat servers out there. I may even get chance to do some YTing/Twitching myself, as I've held off up until now, due to the huge amount of "identikit" YT/Twitch DayZ channels and didn't want to add to their number. I thoroughly enjoy a good RP, and have been involved in plenty of others for different genres of games throughout the years ( I started gaming back in the ye olde days of the original "Wolfenstein" ) Looking forward to hopefully becoming whitelisted and enjoying a can of beans with you all. fistymus