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  1. Character name: Timothy Green Who he is: Timothy Green Is a 28 year old man born and raised in Macon,GA. He lived his young life on a small farmhouse with his father, mother and younger brother. His father a farmer, worked for the SFA (Southern Farmers Association) for minimum wage to provide for his family. His father and him made a bond through fishing and hunting regularly sometimes just to feed the family when money was tight. After graduating high school Timothy began to have thoughts of joining the Marines. At the age of 19 Timothy joined the marines in the fight against terror in Afghanistan. He made brotherly bonds with men in his squad Delta-FC. Four years later, Timothy made a name for himself in the marines joining a top secret task force to take out high bounty operatives. After 3 more years of doing high risk mission and killing lots of people Timothy at the age of 26 decided to retire earning 2 purple hearts, all gold medals for rifle competitions, honorable bravery award and a medal of honor. What he does in real time a year prior to the outbreak: At the age of 26 Timothy retired from the Marines and decided to go back to his normal southern style of living. He began to write about his time in Afghanistan a later published a book on it. Outside of writing and working Timothy still hunted and fished as daily hobbies. He hunted and would post pictures of the big animals he would kill (and eat), and became quiet the talk in the hunting community. He began to enter big game competitions and won 2 competitions. So he decided to make a career out of hunting. He starred in hunting magazines, got sponsors for hunting gear and took full paid hunting trips with friends. How he ended up in Chernarus : Timothy and his friend Ben wanted a massive animal for the May, 31st 2017 Big Game lovers award. They planned a trip a month prior to give it a shot In Dubrovka on the east side of Chernarus to hunt massive Siberian Roe Deer. They arrived there the 30th of May, they hunted the entire week, were happy with the trip and managed to kill a couple Siberian Roe deer. There flight left on July 7th 2017 to head back to the states. They woke up packed and headed off to the airport. When driving to the airport they were greeted with a checkpoint formed by the Chernorussian military. They were told to go back to there home and stay inside until further notice. Before all power and electronics went down they heard of multiple attacks in Severograd. That's when Timothy knew there was no going back to the states. Timothy's only goal now is to survive and get back to the states and try to make things go back to the way they were by any means possible. What are they trying to accomplish here: Survive by any means necessary.
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