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  1. ggvix


    You know what, nvm. again, I don't think you guys understood me well. lock it up and keep it laggy
  2. ggvix


    Lol.. I don't think you understood what I've suggested here.. please read that again.
  3. ggvix


    Where ppl use to store weapons and stuff. Sorry for not being specific.
  4. ggvix


    I agree with the modification. But the bottom part is useless right now. Why not make it able to store more wood then?
  5. Since the last update (Livonia release) I've been experiencing difficulties to place items in lockers, cabinets, barrels, etc. I wonder if I'm the only one facing it and if there is any fix for it. Thx
  6. I noticed that the woodstorage was modified few days ago and now you cannot place anything but wood planks, wood sticks, rags, logs. I see that now it's a waste not using the bottom part to store anything. So my suggestion is, use the bottom part to store at least tools. Or whatever I just mentioned above. note : I had to craft lots woodstorages just because I couldn't store more planks at the bottom part. I belive making it possible would prevent everybody crafting tons of woodstorages on the server this way preventing future lags.
  7. ggvix

    camera lock

    Again, I am only giving an idea. I just wanna make sure some ppl here understood that. I respect others then I would like to get the same back. Sometimes it seems ppl get offended with somebody's opinion.
  8. Hi. I would like to make a suggestion about the game-play of our server about the camera. I personally don't really like playing in third person, because first of all (it`s a RP server, so it`s supposed to be as closer as possible to reality. So third person would be considered unreal). second, third person make ppl able to be looking thru the walls and this way getting sometimes some advantage over other players. So, I`m not really here to ask for locking the camera in first person because I know it would radically change the server game-play and a lot of ppl wouldn`t like it (unfortunately). So today I will be recommending something different, instead locking the camera full time on first person, I will recommend locking in third person only when you have your guns out. I believe this will help improving RP, also avoiding meta-gaming when ppl are raiding others looking thru the walls, and make it more realistic, because in dangerous situations when you need guns out you will be forced to be in first person. I hope you guys like the idea ! Cheers !!
  9. Sure. Curtis posted the video evidence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=3168&v=7exFUcbf6eU&feature=emb_logo So, I have already exposed my POV before and I'm not posting anything else anymore because I think I would be saying the same thing but maybe in different words. Anyway, I'm willing to go at help desk to talk about this if needed. you guys let me know. Thankyou
  10. Do what you gotta do. I'm just explaining you what are the facts and attitudes that made my group end your character. if its not RP, you tell me what it is. maybe you don't like the way we have done it because you liked your character so much or you just don't know what is going in the story of our group. nothing is a chance, there is a lot going on.
  11. Listen, we are accused on the server, for a misinformation that we take ppls blood and we are creepy and blablabla, and we get killed pretty much everyday because of that, and guess what? I cant see it in the rules too!!! and we don't open reports because of that. we are stopping ppl that is spreading that kind of information ahead, because that's not who we are that's completely FALSE. In game, our group were there for helping an ally, and your character looked very, very suspicious. ( walking inside the base, looking inside every single tent, log storage, everything I was afraid of you find a better gun and do something stupid honestly... I would say that, for me, your character looked pretty much like a spy. because if I were you on that situation, I would have stayed pretty much static because and being super humble fearing my death with all that ppl surrounding me very well armed. Other fact that made myself take that decision, was when you took the zucchini and trowed on the floor. that very was rude! So yes, I had eyes on you all the time. We executed you because your character looked very suspicious, acting like a spy as I said before. and he was disrespectful too, remember when you criticize my accent at the woods and the other guy accent at the base?! you were making fun of him! Joe hated that! The way you act in game may change your future. about it was happening a bit fast, We were at the woods, nearby where ppl was trying to raid few moments ago, we had to take care of the situation as fast as possible to leave that place. You were delaying us and we couldn't let you go, because the order to fire was delivered to us, and the other facts that I've mentioned previously. Another fact is that you still had your radio! That's one more reason because it was kinda of too fast. and yes, for that. I apologize too.
  12. I understand. So please, consider that some ppl wouldn't enjoy being at the range of your voice in-game listening to music. because they are looking for some different kind of experiences. 1: considering that zombies are pretty much attracted to sounds and whatever they can see your character shouldn't be playing that much loud otherwise that could cost your life and whoever is with you. 2: Coming back to the point that some people wouldn't enjoy being on the range of your mic, you can always change the range of your mic ( I don't know if you are aware that you can really do that) if not, you can google it, so you will be able to listen to your music without reaching inside our compound for example. 3: We don't like music in-game. me personally, Even the Game menu music is muted. so I would appreciate if you could kindly not blast music to my ears. I have my ways to listen to music when I'm on that mood, but personally, while I'm playing I try to explore RP differently. on the top of it, you are the ones the approached us, not the inverse. just in case you say you free to play your music anywhere. All I'm asking is fair play and respect. Otherwise pretty soon you guys will go to that summer camp and will not be able to see nobody that to really interact with.
  13. I'm sorry, but I don't really think you are right. because after few nights interacting with you guys I realize I was dealing with someone who wasn't even giving significant reasons to get into a fight. Your characters just approach a HUGE base, having no idea how many ppl were inside and decided "from nothing" to scream from outside, "Hey you inside guys inside the compound, hands up!" .. dude, nobody in sane mental statement living in a zombie apocalypse would not fear a situation like that. I would suggest reading once again server rules and think twice about your character attitudes. I'm pretty much waiting staff position to decide if I'm coming back to the game or not, because you guys pretty much ruined my experience here.
  14. POV: Repeatedly come every night spewing racist and homophobic comments as well as spamming music in their mics. They never have came up to us willing to RP and everytime they run around ruining our experience. They make me feel like I'm playing on a normal DayZ server. I came here for RP and to interact with people, but instead we have trolls running around attacking us. The boosting inside is unrealistic,(3 ppl one on the top of the other?! that's insane! I don't think ppl in real life would be able to do that wearing all that gear specially considering they were on the top of the other jumping over a tall fence. that's way too much weight!) and the fact they are saying OOC things such as references to Call of Duty Modern Warfare, and Donald Trump news. They said racist things about me too considering I'm from Brazil that unfortunately we never recorded. As a newer player I can say this makes me not want to play anymore and same with my friends because of the trolling. I want character development, not people trolling like on PVP server that btw I'm already looking for a new server because after looking their profiles I noticed they have so many warning points and they are still around here, which makes me think they could be one more time just warned. But just to let you guys know, It was really frustrating trying to speak with my team mates and having a fucking loud music coming from outside. when we argued they said they were lucky finding a "walkman" in a zombie in the town next to us. then my friend asked how were they making it that loud, he ironically asked if they connected that to a modern Bluetooth speakers and they never answered. there is no such items like that in game, so I believe it could never happen. that's a huge Fail in my opinion, sadly.
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