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  1. My name is Ellis Strickland, I was born in North Carolina, USA. I was born into a rural family on a farm, I was raised by my father Larry Strickland. Once I completed high school I learned directly from my father how to invest in stocks. After a rather major Investment in a cargo port in Chernarus, me and my father traveled there to witness first hand the potential. We stayed for a couple months even getting jobs on the port. Sadly my father fell ill and had to return home to get the medical care he needed. Time shown how wrong it was to come to Chernarus and once I was locked in the borders of this living hell I stayed low and lived away from any towns to avoid trouble, recently I have sustained some injures and lost alot of gear I must come into the light to find some necessities.
  2. @MASONNWB so you arent interested in resolving an issue cause u believe there is none? Dont be childish
  3. @MASONNWB you only debunked yourself here! Lol Lets wait for someone to pull us into discord chat to talk so we can explain actively not this childish back and forth you are attempting with us.
  4. @MasonnWB You used a 3rd party system to communicate where we couldnt hear to hold us up. Also you dont get defender rights for someone who isnt in your group! You guys were the aggressors on us and initiated first on us after we were initiated on someone else not in your group. Also the random (Aiden) was the one who pulled his gun on you, my friend simply turned around and backed away from the shots assuming since he wasnt shooting back you wouldnt continue to mow him down.
  5. After they should up to us breaking down wall in Svet they approached my friend while I was hidden in a cargo container nearby the group. After they requested my friend James North breaking the wall to have "Your friend aiming his gun at us" to come out I thought they some how knew I was in the container, so I exited unarmed. We then jokingly stated some light banter jokes of why we were attempting to break into the base. The 3 agreed breaking into the base was in their best interests as well so we were gonna continue with the wall. Then one of their friends returns with some random (Aiden) and me and my friend James assume he might be based in the base we were busting into. So we Initiate and tell him were gonna cuff him while we bust into the base. Then the others Thomas, Jack and Noah (simultaneously btw) point at me, Aiden and James North. They then with only the one warning open fire after my friend holding a PP-19 (not aiming it) turns to face them, killing him. Also at the same time Aiden pulled out his shout gun and was mowed down too. I was only able to live because I had just put my gun away to cuff Aiden. (I also believe those in my report were using a 3rd party chat like Discord)
  6. Server and location: 1 Svetlojarsk Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 6:00 10/25/19 Your in game name: Alan Joseph Gunderson Names of allies involved: James North Name of suspect/s: Thomas, Steve (Not much time for names) Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): n/a Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): n/a Detailed description of the events: We were in Svetlojarsk breaking down a wooden fence inside of a industrial building on the docks, three people approached, I believe it was Steve and Thomas and another I didn't get the name of. My friend James North stopped breaking down the wall I came out of the cargo container I was hiding in and they questioned who were were. We answered with our names all friendly like. They were also friendly and talked calm as well. After we jokingly claimed we were the Restate agency they agreed getting inside of the building was interesting to them as well. Then one of their other friend ran off and soon returned with some random man named Aiden (I think) and then things went south. They started to question who he was, if we knew him. overall they and ourselves got very suspicious. Since I kinda trusted them and they were highly kitted I figured they werent gonna rob us. So I then initiated on the man Aiden and told him we were gonna cuff him up for our safety while we broke into the base. The others claimed to be no part of this but after I put my gun away to cuff the man, the others put up there guns simultaneously and shouted for us to put our hands up, all of them screaming this at the same time. I had luckily just put my gun away to cuff the man, but my friend who had a pp-19 turned to face them WITHOUT aiming his weapon, also at the same time the man Aiden pulled out his Shotgun and the 4 armed man and woman shot my friend James North and Aiden I of course survived this and was later released after questioning.
  7. What is I was part of a specifically powerful group and I am tasked with Killing an elected official of another group we were at war with? Lets say I pretend to be on (as in request to be gain entry or pretend to be interested in their ideals no impersonating) and once inside I am greeted with the leader I am tasked to kill. Say later that night when everyone is busy or sleeping I pull pull out my pistol (silenced) and shoot him in the back of the head without initiating? Is it legal as our groups are at war or is this considered KOS. If so what can I do differently?
  8. My name is Timothy Stu-linger I was a Aerospace engineer in the states, since I was certified at the age of 26 after completing a 4-year bachelor's degree and was hired to help work with improving Civilian Air transport. Since I worked so closely with several United State Airlines I was traveling quite frequently in and out of the country all over the world. It was years of traveling and doing my work and sleeping with beautiful foreigns. One trip I found myself in the middle of Chernarus where he was doing work with the military although it seems they just wanted me there as more of a publicity stunt. While in Chernarus I had met a women and just like in a cliche story I fell for her hard. I then stayed with her taking all of my funding from my job to buy her whatever she desired, of course my little happy ending was cut short when she was horrifically murdered, unfortunately her murder was never captured and the feeling of injustice was too much combined with the grief of her death for me. Once my contract with the military was complete I still refused to leave Chernarus no matter the circumstances till I could solved her case. Now 37 years old in the middle of this hell on earth in Chernarus I roam looking for a purpose to believe in
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