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  1. Gonna shine some light here. The amount of times An pobal has done the same thing to us multiple times we never retaliated we finally do and 12v4 is completely wrong we had more than 4. And if i remember correctly 2 of us survived the entire thing. I am sorry if you feel like someone may not like you or something i can assure you nothing of the sort is involved. Like i stated we as a community took An pobals crap for so long we finally got tired of it and now that yall cant catch a break you feel exactly how the rest of the community felt. Now im more than happy to discuss this else where to try and clarify any misunderstood topics. But you are trying to stick your nose in a situation you werent involved in and its not necessary. Once again i am more than happy to work any issues out ooc with a staff member present so it is made sure it is handled in a mature fashion. Thank you for your feedback.
  2. Ok i tried not replying back to this report but its time to. An initiation was dropped multiple people in the report who were not with us heard it and one of An Pobal decided to raise a gun first and non com thus giving us kill rights. The moment all of you started dying you start crying about what you can report happens everytime something like this happens to you guys. Its pure salt. So instead of accepting the facts its just a game we are now here in a he did this he did that. As i see it right now there is alot of nit picking and we need to start being more mature about it. You lost 1 car tent and some gear. Regear reloot and move on. Because we can easily start rummaging through a video on yalls side with a lot of ooc chatter during this event about the event at hand things that were not double mic'd. Yes i made some mistakes in this situation i admitted to that also admitted to it in game that i fucked up shit happens. But to sit here and pull this kinda stuff is not called for and as players of the community we can most certainly do better come on guys. Also would like to add in the Op's video he mentions or someone in the discord mentions that callahan is going to be the eyes in the sky and clearly yesterday to my knowledge he was still serving a ban also he was viewing the stream so any knowledge he spreads would be metagaming as well would it not hes not in game. Even Zanaan mentions he has viewers in his chat giving info that he is with out a doubt using.
  3. Jack Ryder's POV.... So we are headed down to Sitnik to see what has been going on we dont ever go there so we decided we should go since my character has heard many things of sitnik but never has been. We arrive and one of our members mentions a hole in the fence so we make our way through and see a man hauling logs. Our leader holds him up and we sit him in a corner at this time skeeter puts out a radio message and i snag myself a car tent. I sit behind a pillar waiting on orders to move out and decide to move to the PD after some time passes in case anyone should miraculously wake up. As im siting in the PD i hear movement and i call it out to the team and it ends up being one of us. Shortly after i hear more voices a good rp session takes place and then an initiation is dropped i hear gunfire i hurry to the roof and see someone holding a rifle i began to fire and during this i notice theres a group of individuals the i couldnt tell had only a single hand up so i swiftly start to apologize and explain what happened. On an off note i did reach out to one of those guys and explained it to them once more and we worked it out as well. Anyway back on topic. I back up on the roof and go prone and start to hear someone climbing the stairs he raises a gun and was put down swiftly. Moving on from there i realize that its only me and one of my guys left so we start to make our exit. We get clear of the compound and haul tail to a secure location to lay low until the dust settles. Video will be added once uploaded to youtube in the next hour or so. Also i will not go back and forth with anyone if staff has questions for me that is the only time i will reply would like to keep this clean and wait for appropriate verdict thanks.
  4. HDragon mentions in his POV I had a weapon drawn I would like to state this is false. Moments after the event zanaan loots my body and you see both my weapons on my back. If you one was in my hands drawn it would’ve went to the ground if I’m not mistaken. The time stamp for this is 3 hours and 5 minutes 5 seconds. I would also like to add how he states he sees a weapon drawn is a lie. When you draw your weapon you are aiming at someone. I had no opportunity to do so if I really wanted to I was in a load screen and then was in a dead/respawn menu.
  5. After a discussion in the help desk i had to end up changing my mind as i feel like there is a rulebreak and also i am puzzled about the situation. With this being said if staff has any questions for me please ask away otherwise i will be on the sidelines.
  6. No unfortunately I did not know that we were under attack. If I had known I wouldn’t have logged in due to the fact of where I was in fact logged out at was a terrible spot to spawn at during a raid and for 2 I also didn’t have ammo I maybe had half a clip for the ak on my back and the sniper neither had ammo nor a mag. I woke up late last night and figured it would be a good idea to go out late and go loot places while no one was really online and that was brought to a quick end.
  7. Server and location: s2 Livonia the prison below gliniska Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2020-02-03, 09:49 Your in game name: Jack Ryder Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: N/A whoever is breaking into prison Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Geforce needed an update so it didnt save my shadow play Detailed description of the events: I woke up IRL and decided to log on to go regear from being robbed yesterday. I am in a loading screen and then i hear gunshots before im loaded in an my screen just says dead. No initiation was dropped what so ever like i stated i was still in a load screen but could hear audio. And when i logged out earlier i did not have a weapon in my hand.
  8. As sad as it is Mikey Gallo's life was ended {my now dead character}. But i couldnt be more pleased with the way it happened. This group showed great RP during this sad event. I didnt plan on ending his story line so soon but couldnt pass up a great RP session like that. Thanks to everyone involved.
  9. Loved the rp I’ve always gotten from you bud I really hope to see this group come to life and look forward to meeting you guys in game. Best of luck!!
  10. Def wont hear a complaint from me guys great RP def a instant karma thing was played out great
  11. @Rover if I may unfortunately my shadow play didn’t save for me to have video due to the fact I have almost zero disk space on my computer. I would like to request a full video if possible from the accusers uncut from the scenario. I clearly remember as santino was being tied up Callahan mentioned to us that he was taking us away and stated that we would die today. Long before anyone came to attempt to save us. And also would like to know in this situation how would one know he’s apart of our group and not just a random person in game of course due to the fact he’s an associate and doesn’t wear a suit and nobody in game actually knows he’s apart of our group.
  12. Mikey Gallo's Pov..... So we were riding around the beautiful country and we see 2 people running in the road we slow down to not hit them and have a different issue. Me being the clown i usually am i say top of the morning to you. Just so happens the people i say that to just had to be callahan and friends. So they initiate and we keep driving because we were in the process of finishing moving away to get away from him and his people to lay low and end the endless hostilities his dynamic group provides everyday even though ooc and ic we have talked about it multiple times that alot of players are tired of being harrassed and feel like their gaming experience is being tarnished by them. Anyway as we are driving away i notice we are being followed its obvious to me at this point that the people are looking for us to create more havok. In the middle of driving our car completely shuts down and i am not able to get out and @Skeeterbolt informs me he cant see or hear anything going on at this point the agressor is shouting commands and im trying to type to him that we are having issues. Which he understood. I get permission from Kirby for moretti to relog. After his relog he spawns on the car. Kirby gives demands again and skeeter complied once fully loaded in. Callahan pops up and at this point moretti is handcuffed and callahan exclaims to us that we will die today. They ask if im holding a weapon before i get out the car and i say yes dont shoot me i will drop it. They tie me up and the swarm of questions we've answered many many times before start once again. Keep in mind these questions and answers also have been asked and answered ooc and ic on multiple occasions. So me and moretti are kinda over trying to explain to this guy the same thing over and over. During the conversations he tells us we are to get into a car which i comply and do. Skeeter informs me once more he is lagging out and is having isp issues. Once his issues died off he was instructed to take a few laps around the car at his second lap i hear a bang and mr kirby is transformed into a sprinkler before my very eyes. The aggressors frantically run away and handle the business. Callahan comes back screaming at Moretti. He stated we are going to die today and Moretti tells him well if im going to die do it now. No matter what was going to happen Callahan made it clear multiple times we were going to die. Moretti in the heat of the moment is built up with anger, hate,sadness,and no hope that all his emotions pour out and only anger shows and he was killed before my eyes. Callahan runs over to me and ask if i wanna die to and i say no. He tells me he wont waste anymore time with us and tells me to get out hes just gonna kill me on the side the street. I comply and kneel where i was instructed. He ask for my last words i just simply told him i have done every thing you have told me to do you have no real reason to kill me and if you do you will regret killing a compliant person. And that is when Mikey is shot. So to the execution rights claimed to be had. I have been apart of many convos about execution rights and none of the rules or conversations ive had say anything about a dynamic group being able to obtain execution rights on an official group. If anyone had execution rights it would have been our official group since we have only been at the receiving end of the actions they have done. Our group has never raised a gun to the dynamic group. So if a GM could clarify this for us it would be greatly appreciated. There are other points id like to make regarding the accusations @God has listed above but will wait appropriately to do so by waiting for staff to ask me to elaborate.
  14. More rude behavior doesn’t help situations things were taken into a private discussion at this point it’s making it clearer to other people exactly what they are talking about in and out of character. I am editing this as well bc I have further to say I do believe this group has potential. But the more and more of the toxic responses from some of the people on here like I said make the points players are putting out their show in your true personal character. Threads are meant for feedback it’s nothing personal. It’s how others feel and the way people feel should be respected. I believe we shouldn’t argue rather than try and solve the issues in a civil manner and start off on better terms as a player community.
  15. Your RP has been great personally it’s the other guys one of the guys in your group consistently baits hardcore every encounter for a reaction. But once again the Corp thing is an excuse to pvp and force an issue when y’all know the truth that they have dissolved elsewhere. We’ve asked multiple times for the harassment to start. Y’all have created a rp hub just as we did and still find a reason to harass ours as a community we aren’t going to give y’all what y’all want we aren’t children. I waited for more and more reasons to post this I gave benefit of doubt but as I walk amongst y’all undercover I see exactly the type of group y’all are and it’s quite sad to see such potential with a group be wasted just for pvp purposes yes we the morettis are a hostile group but we help people specifically we don’t do it for pvp we hardly have pvp nor do we want it we give back to our community we have and everyone will tell you this. We patrol the city and stop robberies as you’ve personally seen.
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