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  1. Born and raised in Lousiana, the good preacher grew up praising the lord. A high school dropout, with a penchant for the good elixir, he made his living giving sermons on the sides of highways. Barely scraping up enough cash a day to replace the ol' elixir. However, one day, a group of travelling missionaries spotted the old drunkard preacher, and offered him a chance to follow them in spreading the word of God. With slurred words, the preacher accepted, be it for more booze or to spread the word of God... only the old man knows.
  2. Saul was born in Virginia, growing up with a pretty solid life. Straight A's throughout school, and graduated with honors. From there, he went forth to study law, and criminal studies. During his second year of college, he got a job as a police officer. From here, his career in government was seeded. He got out of college with a master in criminal justice, and criminology. From here, he was moved up to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, where he worked for about a decade. After rigorous training, and multiple screenings and hearings, he was admitted into the CIA, as an operative. He specialized in covert ops, and infiltration. With years experience, and many cases under his belt.. his latest was going to be one of the largest he had ever undertaken. He was to infiltrate Chernarus, and impersonate a Chernarus official to gather intel. However, with a freak navigational accident, the plane had ended up being over Livonia. Whilst flying overhead, an odd mechanical phenomena occurred, causing the plane to crash land in the dense forests. As the only survivor, Saul was now forced to survive in this foreign and overall hostile environment.
  3. Please fix the gear damaging, it's actually ridiculous. I get hit once, and my shit is instantly damaged. I cannot POSSIBLY find enough leather and normal sewing kits to keep repairing the things I have, it ruins any kind of armor nigh on instantly in any zombie encounter. I like the increased damage to health, but the apparel damage is just too much.
  4. NukaRuka

    Gun racks.

    Absolutely add this.
  5. *Laughs in Horrigan* Good luck with this group, brother.. I hope to see you out there.
  6. I have had a tremendous experience with hostileRP on the server, in all honesty. My first day, I was held up by The Corporation, shoved in a closet with my blood taken, then took a beanbag in the back of the head, with my friend taking this as a chance to sprint off into the night and escape. Then another where I was hooked up to a damn car battery, and got my damn balls shocked off. All of it was great fun, and honestly some of the best hostileRP i've had. Sure, I lost some guns and gear to both of these scenarios, but they were interesting to me and gave me a better experience than loot ever could. However-- there are some absolutely abhorrent roleplayers out there, I'll just say it. Saying a few words and taking everything ya got, leaving you with hardly anything, and a terrible experience. Personally, I feel those people should be banned no questions asked, if caught on video, and should be forced to reapply. I'm not really adding anything new to this discussion but, I wanted to put my two cents in. I enjoy hostileRP, and it should definitely always be around, but it needs to be high quality, even if it's just a loot grab... let's add some spice to it.
  7. Not much seems to stand out about Frank at first glance. He seems to be just another ordinary guy trying to make it in the new apocalyptic world. Growing up in a normal, blue collar working family in rural America. He spent most of his life working the fields, and helping his parents tend to the land. At the age of eighteen, he left out on his own and got a job as a police officer. He continued this job throughout his entire adult life, up until the point he lost his wife. With this, he has now ended up in Chernarus for a purpose... to lay his wife to rest.
  8. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Steam Why the verdict is not fair: I was given this ban 1,762 days ago, due to a cheat I had used when I was younger on a TF2 matchup. I feel it's pretty unfair given that I was way younger, as I am 18 now. I would really like to be given a chance to play here, and not be restricted due to a completely unrelated event. My roleplay is not affected by this, and I would like to be given a chance to show it. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: None other than what was stated above, I just want a chance. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: All I would like is to be given a chance to put in my application for a whitelist. What could you have done better?: Not make a stupid mistake as a child. Accounts: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198056802151/ https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198056778129/ (My ALT that I gave away to a friend a while ago, but felt it was still relevant.)
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