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  1. Just got kos by some guy he ran up on 3 guys that i was with he comes in saying this is a robbery without saying anything else and doesnt even give me a change to put up my hands and just shoots me
  2. So my name is jack marston and i used to be in military in the nederlands i am a paratrooper specialized in sniping SLA and EHBO i was a reserve since i was studying for VEVA to become a officer i was liviing the life being 18 years old already high up in military since the age of 16 had my own place nice big garden throwing poarty's working out untill i got a call saying im getting send out for patrol's in krasnostav airstrip where i was stationed when i first came there it was very normal we had normal patrols i mainly was at the atc observing the surrounding which we didn't know why we had to do untill we started to realize alot of civilians trying to get in to the airstrip people werent getting enough water me and my buddy who was my spotter for sniping we had no clue what was going on since no informatgion was given to us until we saw some weird looking people running at the civilians they were making weird gorlwing noises running so fast it was like they had a 12 gauge aiming at them and we realized they started to attack all the civillians they the brigade we had in the atc went out to get everything under control and my staff sergeant told me to make the call back to a diffrent airstrip in balota but before i got up the stairs the power went out so i ran downstairs to the armory quickly i put on my outfit and i ran upstairs realizing they were at the door trying to get in but my buddy was standing in the doorway holding the door saying i have to run to the backdoor and get out and run so i did that first thing i see is a car roll up with only 1 soldier from brigade 12had no clue who he was but he tolkd me to get in if i wanted to life so i did then i realized my friend was still in atc i ran to the door quickly seeing 3 things run at me what i didnt know what it was i quickly closed the door and lucky there was a crate next to the door which i put infront of it so i got in the car i thought my buddy was dead we tried to get out of the airstrip riding to the beach trying trying to call in for an evac no radio no reply's nothing we drove trough the fense boom we hear a zombie on the trunk climbing forward and he is on the frontwindow we were almost at the beach no buildings close and we crashed car flipped over i fell out and it exploded next thing i know my charactor wakes up on the coast with only my military clothing my vest ruined gun nowhere to be seen only thing i had left was my knife which i had in my assault boots i realized the car was a couple meters from me i crouched to it seeing the guy i drove dead all the sudden i get jumped by i had my knife in my hand stabbed him in the chest 7 times didnt die final strike i hit him in the head and it was dead and then i realized there is an infection going so i knew my new mission was to find a person who can get a cure and fix this sickness but i wasnt sure there were people alive at that time it didnt feel like it i felt alone and i walked around small city's hoping i wouldnt find those things started to gear up take some rest in a old house that was still in tact passing by some people making new friends i was a former soldier i decided to make a living with it being a hired gunman cause there is alot of bandits later on i realized my buddy ghost was still alive he knocked on my door in the bunker and said good old times right which is a saying we used to say to each other when we got trough some tough stuff and from there on we continued our journy as gunman for hire specialized in sniping also the reason we called him ghost was cause he would hit 1000 meter shots like it was nothing and no one would even know what happend the best shooter i have ever seen we decided to set up a team we wanted 8 people in total a full on SLA sniper team so we search around cherno gearing up and looking for people who are fit for the job
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