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  1. The only reason we decided to report this was due to the fact on the last time our storage units were stolen to. And correct me if im wrong but some days ago i did ask on the discord about offline raiding and the only thing that wasent allowed if people took away storage units from a base thats used actively by the owners and considered grieving. And on which i personaly do feel taking storage units away from bases to goes abit to far. The gear, guns or building matrials and such isn't the problem at all here.
  2. Approximate time(s) and date(s) of the incident: 1st offline raid 4/11/2019 between 4am and 3pm Eu central time, Lock removed some replaced with different codes 2nd raid 6/11/2019 5am 5-6pm EU centeral time, 2 lockers stolen 1 wood storage. (Edit a side fence was turned into gate which wasnt placed by us.) 2nd edit, the fench gate placed by the offline raiders just been removed by myself. 23:00 pm EU central time 6/11/2019
  3. T Bolgard


    Hello there! Joined the community past day. Roleplayed in World of Warcaft and Life is feudal before. Hoping to find and fun new experiece here on DayZRP with you guys ^^ Should you come across me I be called Travis Bolgard ingame, see you there!
  4. Travis Bolgard worked for a constuction company. Trough rebuilding Volenteer projects he and a small crew were send to Chernarus to work on a construction site. Along with a constuction crew from diffrent nationalitys on which he became tied friends with over the few month Travis worked in Chernarus. Trough a serie of unlucky events Travis and his crew gotten stuck in Chernarus when the out break happend. He stayed on the constuction site for long untill he ran out of supplies and his construction crew either missing or infected. Travis now travels trough Chernarus hoping to find his missing crew or a way out of the country. Mainly sticking to his own with a trusted sledge hammer to maul trough the infected.
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