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  1. Leon after collage wanted to travel the world, to figure himself out and to help cope with his depression and lack of motivation after school and the lose of his parents to a car crash. Leon's parents showed him the ropes growing up on basic survival skills as they're both retired Military, he was very close to his parents as it was all he had growing up. Turning his back to American to find him self he started his journey in Chernarus as it was known for beautiful terrain and hiking trails. Leon had no clue about the out break until he met a young women named Alys (22 years of age) who was running away in the woods before stumbling across Leo's camp for the night. After explaining the situation to Leon they begone to work together to survive and find a way back home to the US. After many weeks they had grown close, giving Leon hope of a future he always dreamed of with someone, but all to soon, during a early morning scavenging in some cabins north, a Zed got a hold of Alys and bite her on the right leg deep. It was to late for Alys as Leon was standing there Alys begged Leon to put her out of her misery as the fever already was taking over. Leon was in shock and didn't know what to do, he had a choice to end her life and stop the suffering but he ran, and didnt look back as she screamed at him, his eyes red with tears and body shaking with fear. This moment would change Leon's life as he learned never to get attached to anyone ever again as the pain was to great for him to handle, Leon still wakes up in the middle of the night screaming with the nightmares of Alys face as she sat there dying and he did nothing about it.
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