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  1. Thanks again for the help Fae, hopefully i can actually get into this game as fully as i want now!
  2. Thank you for the double tap on replies! I only had a knife when i encountered the fence before so that explains why i couldn't attack / destroy it. And nails.....something i have not found any of in game as yet. I played around with the lock and was able to change the code easy enough with left mouse button but that was all i could do - so until you are in front of a lockable door/barrier no other action (like place/lock) will display then, do you need to re-scramble the code after you lock a barrier?
  3. Hello to all, Firstly i am still very new to this but i have enjoyed the brief encounters in game so far. However there are a few things I am unsure about specifically relating to game mechanics really. I know i could likely google but i believe in going to the community first. 1. While exploring i have found fences inside doorways - are these build-able by anyone or do they require a specific mod outside of the 18 listed in the Workshop on Steam for dayzrp. I couldn't interact with them. Are the destructible? 2. Watching Mr Moon's video about 10 minutes ago i noticed a completely different inventory layout - again is this a mod that he uses? Is there a user friendly one people generally prefer to use if so? 3. I found a 3 pin combo lock on the floor as loot spawn before - are the default codes random or how do you set a code? Apologies to anyone that think i should be googling this but as i say i am very new and want be involved here Thank you Joe
  4. Thanks for the replies - just waiting on getting whitelisted at the moment. Pretty much shaped a character idea around myself - i figure that i can ease into the RP side if i am basically acting as i would in RL and then can develop from there with more unusual ideas or just plain madness. Either way i will be that character stood around randomly trying out gestures to a wall or bumping into doors because i am out of practice with WASD and F action
  5. Hello all, So as the title says new to DayZ but it has been a game i have had my eye on for some time (the constant reports of bugs and camping snipers put me off buying). A friend linked me to this site and so far i am still blown away by the amount of detail and work that has gone into making this a fully fleshed out server and community. I am also very new to RP but i have an active imagination, very creative in literature, but less so with voice confidence. So this might be a steep learning curve for me but i want to give it a good try. Anyway, just saying hello, hopefully i can add to the DayZRP experience to the best of my ability. J
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