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  1. Thanks again for the help Fae, hopefully i can actually get into this game as fully as i want now!
  2. Thank you for the double tap on replies! I only had a knife when i encountered the fence before so that explains why i couldn't attack / destroy it. And nails.....something i have not found any of in game as yet. I played around with the lock and was able to change the code easy enough with left mouse button but that was all i could do - so until you are in front of a lockable door/barrier no other action (like place/lock) will display then, do you need to re-scramble the code after you lock a barrier?
  3. Hello to all, Firstly i am still very new to this but i have enjoyed the brief encounters in game so far. However there are a few things I am unsure about specifically relating to game mechanics really. I know i could likely google but i believe in going to the community first. 1. While exploring i have found fences inside doorways - are these build-able by anyone or do they require a specific mod outside of the 18 listed in the Workshop on Steam for dayzrp. I couldn't interact with them. Are the destructible? 2. Watching Mr Moon's video about 10 minutes ago i noticed a completely different inventory layout - again is this a mod that he uses? Is there a user friendly one people generally prefer to use if so? 3. I found a 3 pin combo lock on the floor as loot spawn before - are the default codes random or how do you set a code? Apologies to anyone that think i should be googling this but as i say i am very new and want be involved here Thank you Joe
  4. Country lad - born and raised in the green fields and hills of Shropshire/Herefordshire. Backpacking through eastern Europe when the outbreak happened. Nowhere to go back to so forward is the only place left. Bit of a short temper, good sense of humour. Loyal to those that i think are decent - and won't bother with those that seek to ruin others. What i miss the most is country music and Japanese imports.
  5. Early 30s guy from the UK. Served 15 years in the British Army before the Outbreak happened. Lost all of my family back home not long afterwards. With nothing left to stay for i had to leave in order to try and make my way to China. My partner was working there at the time the world went to hell. My purpose is to find out if she is alive. Whatever happens i need to then track down if my sister is still alive after that, which means getting to Canada somehow. Maybe there are working boats in Chernarus. Perhaps there are some good people left who can help me get on my feet ready for as long journey.
  6. Thanks for the replies - just waiting on getting whitelisted at the moment. Pretty much shaped a character idea around myself - i figure that i can ease into the RP side if i am basically acting as i would in RL and then can develop from there with more unusual ideas or just plain madness. Either way i will be that character stood around randomly trying out gestures to a wall or bumping into doors because i am out of practice with WASD and F action
  7. Hello all, So as the title says new to DayZ but it has been a game i have had my eye on for some time (the constant reports of bugs and camping snipers put me off buying). A friend linked me to this site and so far i am still blown away by the amount of detail and work that has gone into making this a fully fleshed out server and community. I am also very new to RP but i have an active imagination, very creative in literature, but less so with voice confidence. So this might be a steep learning curve for me but i want to give it a good try. Anyway, just saying hello, hopefully i can add to the DayZRP experience to the best of my ability. J
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